Healer or Hurter

Sunday night I went to a meeting for new students in our church’s youth group. The leader made this statement “Hurt people hurt people, healthy people heal people”. Wow. It has been two days and I keep thinking on that nugget of truth.

So many times when I have been hurt by someone, I have made it all about me. What did I do? Why did they do that to me? I didn’t deserve that. This statement turns all of that around. Instead it becomes: What is going on in them? Why did they feel the need to do that? Why are they hurting?

I think that this is not only powerful to live out in our own lives, but just think of the power that we will give our kids as we teach them this principle.

Madi came home from softball on Saturday offended. She was feeling excluded. So we began to ask questions. “Why did the other girl say what she did?” “Is it possible that she was feeling excluded so this was the way she chose to deal with it?” We tried to get Madi to look outward instead of inward.

Last week, my friend Zoe said it was her goal in life to become a Q-tip. Quit Taking It Personal. More great advice.

This week you will have opportunities. Opportunities to look at someone who is hurting and decide to be part of their healing process or decide to become another person on their list of people they have offended. Take His road. Embrace that person and become a healer!


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  1. Lynn, my Mom taught me this as a young person and it is powerful. When someone hurts me for no apparent reason, I do wonder what is going on in their life that I may not know about that is causing them pain. It helps me pray for that person instead of feeling anger towards them. I know I don’t always respond correctly, but I pray God will help me be a ‘healer’.

    I find I also have to truthfully ask myself if anything they said IS true. Truth hurts, but usually you can tell when it’s shared in love.

    Loved the quote from Zoe!!! I think I’m going to carry around a Q-tip as a reminder to “quit taking it personally”!!!

    Hope you’ve had a good day,

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