He Speaks to Me

Our verse this week is:

“My heart has heard you say, ‘Come and talk with me.’ And my heart responds, ‘Lord, I am coming.” Psalm 27:8 (NLT)

Learning to hear God speak to us. 

As women, we’re still trying to learn this, aren’t we? How do we know when it is the Holy Spirit or when it is our own desires? 

I believe that God does use many ways to speak to us, but the primary way will always be His Word, the Bible. Most importantly, what we believe He is saying to us will never, never, ever, ever contradict His Word. (Get how strongly I feel about this?)

As a teen my mother once told me, “If God wanted you to know something, He loves you enough to tell you Himself.” She gave me this advice during a time when I was confused about how He spoke.

My parents moved churches when I was in 9th grade. This was terribly hard on me as church was my life. Together, we had made the decision that I would continue to go to the old church while they went to the new.

One Sunday evening I attended church with them when a woman approached and said she had something from God for me. She told me that I was supposed to stop attending the old church and begin coming to church with my parents; I was in rebellion.

Rebellion? Really? My parents and I were in complete agreement! The real deal: she also had a child in the same position and she wanted her child to attend church with her. She felt if I began going to the new church, her child would too. She used “hearing from God” to manipulate me for her own means.

I am so glad I had a mom who helped me to see God’s heart in the situation: that I was, in fact, honoring my father and mother as His word says.

Teach your girl this week to listen for God. Listen for Him in His word, but also listen for Him in ways that she might not expect.

I hope you will listen as well. You just never know what the Creator of the universe might want to speak to you!

Enjoy your girl on this 4th of July! I’ll be taking the 5th through 12th off from FaceBook and blogging so I can invest in my family and then attend the International Christian Retailers Conference in Atlanta.

I have the posts and videos pre-loaded so we stay on schedule, I just won’t be available to respond to comments. I’ll look forward to reconnecting with all of you when I’m back online.


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