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Dear Bible Study Friends,

On page 66 of “His Revolutionary Love” I spoke of my friend Carol.

“The Bible is his primary source (of speaking to us), but he wants to use all of his creation. My good friend Carol is an amazing artist. When she has a clean canvas, she turns on worship music, asking Jesus to speak to her. As she worships, she mixes her strokes with vibrant colors. I have four of her works of art reminding me of Jesus’ message of love!”

I thought today I would show you some of Carol’s art pieces in my home:

If you can not see the video, just click here:

I hope this sparks your ideas of ways that you can worship Him and listen for Him to speak to you!

Today is a BIG day for me…I officially become the mom of an “adult”. My son, Zachary, turns 20 today! That is so hard to believe. Twenty years ago today in Greenville Memorial Hospital in South Carolina while all of the hot air balloons launched for Freedom Weekend Aloft, my little man came into the world. He’s not so little any more; in fact, he is big and handsome. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for his future!


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  1. Thanks for sharing the art from Carol! My 13 y/o daughter is pursuing art and this is a good reminder to focus on the One who's given her this gift! I am moved by the piece you gave your daughter when she turned 13. I so want my girl to pursue the same character attributes in a world where the focus gravitates toward the "external". Thanks again Lynn, for giving a glimpse of the artwork and what truthes are truly important here. Appreciating you–

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