“His Revolutionary Love” – Online Study week 1 – Introduction

Friends….to get this study started, I want you to read the introduction with your girl. For some books, maybe the introduction is not that important, but in “His Revolutionary Love” if you don’t read the introduction, you and your girl won’t connect with me! The introduction contains much of my story. When I wrote HRL I wrote it with a picture of a teen girl in front of me. I named her Samantha. My heart was to write it in such a way that it would feel as if I was sitting down at Starbucks with Samantha, sharing my heart. I hope that is how you and your girl will feel too!

This week, after reading the introduction, I encourage you to share your story with your girl if you have not. I know that for many of you this is terrifying! I am not saying you have to tell her all of the details, but if your heart is to truly connect with your girl, that will happen so much more if you are willing to be vulnerable.

As I did in the introduction, share with her what your biggest struggles in school where. Did you struggle with boys? Your parents? Finding a group to be a part of?

Share with her how you found Jesus. Did someone share Him with you? Where you in a desperate place where you simple cried out to Him?

On pg. 20 I encourage you to invite a friend to join you. Can I reiterate this again? I am going through this study with my 16 year old and her very good friend. I will also be going through it with my 14 year old and 5 of her friends after I complete it with Mariah. This is a really good thing for two reasons: 1) You are pouring God’s truth into another girl and 2) When this study is over, your girl will have a friend to live out this truth with; this is something she will really need in the years to come.

This week is just what it is called…an introduction. A time for you to ease into the study with your girl. Finish the time by talking about some fun things you would like to do together this summer; time where you will intentionally give your girl 100% of your attention.

Let’s finish up by praying our prayer for our girl for day 8:

Dear Jesus,

A few weeks from now my girl and I will discuss dating. Please do a work over the next few weeks and soften her heart. Lay a foundation so she will be open to hearing what you have to say about guys.

Give me the wisdom I need to know how I can share your perspective based on my own experiences. I really need you to clarify for me what I should and should not share. Use me Jesus!

Jesus, I pray that my girl will really get deep in her spirit that she is yours and you live in her. May this truth give her the strength and confidence to make the hard choices when she is in sticky situations. Give her the understanding that guys were never meant to fill up her heart and when we do it smothers them; often causes them to run.

May my girl run to you, Jesus for everything her heart needs.

Holy Spirit, I pray that I would sense your presence and your leading each time my girl and I go through “His Revolutionary Love”. Ignite a fiery love for you in her heart that lasts her entire life time.

In Jesus’ Name,




  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I was just led to this website via Lysa's and it caught my attention. I have a daughter that will be turning 10 years old next week. My husband/her father just left us in October and as I struggle with this rejection/divorce and find my true identity and love in Christ, I was wondering if this would be a good study for us to do together or would she be too young?
    PS He left for another woman who he now lives with him and she has 2 little girls…I would love any advice you may be willing to give.
    Thanks, Bethany-OH

  2. Hi Bethany,

    My dear friend…I can never begin to understand the pain you and your family must be feeling. I have gone through this with my dearest friend and have seen the heartache first hand.

    You know your daughter and maturity of your daughter so much better than me. I have been teaching the truths of "His Revolutionary Love" to my two girls from as early as they discovered there was a difference between boys and girls. I really think that the key to helping our girls find their true identity in His love has to begin early.

    I encourage you to get a copy and read it first. You may find there are just a couple of chapters you would wait for later – the ones on dating possibly. But again, our girls are confronted with too much too soon. Rather to be too early than too late.

    I hope that helps, Bethany!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much, Lynn, for your response. I have been praying and will get a copy of the book as you suggested and go from there. My heart's desire is for both of my children and myself to use this heartbreak and allow God to mold us into His image and instill in us a passion for sharing His love and faithfulness.

    Thanks, Lynn,

  4. Anonymous says:

    We have a 15 yr old daughter who lacks good friends. She has attended a Christian school her entire life, up until this past year as she just completed her first year of high school. It has been difficult for her finding friends who don't drink or do drugs. She has high stanards and morals and it appears she does not compromise her beliefs. One positive thing that happened this year was she was voted MVP by her volleyball teammates. She has 1 best friend from her other school but she doesn't attend the same high school as our daughter. She has been stood up and rejected by girls this past year and it has been very hurtful. I have various feelings…anger at God that he hasn't brought a good friend into her life, angry sometimes as our daughter because I wonder what these girls don't like about her (this is hard to admit to). Some days I cry and plead for God to bring someone into her life that she can have fun with. So far this summer, she has not been asked by anyone to do anything. We have a jet ski and we try to encourage her to ask someone to tag along w/her. She has asked girls to go workout w/her but nobody does. She does things by herself and it hurts me. After reading your Proverbs 31 devotional today, I feel I need to build her up in what God sees in her and not the world. This is so hard to do in todays' world. It appears that the girls who do bad things have all sorts of friends. Thanks for listening.

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