“His Revolutionary Love” – Online Study week 8 – We Relate Together

Friends, now is the time in your girl’s life when she needs you more than ever!

Your teen’s tone of voice might not say that. Her body language might say the opposite. Trust my ten years+ experience, though, she needs you and wants you in her life. I can’t tell you how many times girls I have told me they want to talk to their moms, but they don’t feel they can. They either feel that their mom would judge them or that they wouldn’t understand.

Do you want to open doors of communication with your girl? Begin by sharing with her that no matter what she says or does, it will not change the way you see her or love her.

If she hasn’t already, your girl’s world will soon bump into boys and dating. Be brave! So often I see moms begin to retreat when their daughters hit this stage. Friend, don’t retreat!

Girls want their moms to be able to listen and handle the fears, concerns and thrills of their immature hearts especially when it comes to boys! We can do it, moms! We can be the type of women girls want to confide in. Holy Spirit, fill us, empower us with wisdom and the stability of heart to be there both emotionally, physically and spiritually for our girls as we tread the waters of dating.

If you are like me, you wish your daughter wouldn’t date at all during these years. I taught the “I Kissed Dating Good-bye” philosophy to my son. When he turned 16, (the age we set in our home for dating) he began to date a gal for the rest of his high school years! So take it from me, you can pour truth in, but then you have to allow them to work out that truth.

Let me encourage you again, if you did not share your story of dating with your girl during the introduction to do so now. She needs to know if you are someone who can relate to her concerns or not.

Do not think that just because you did not live a life of purity, if you share this with your daughter, she won’t either. It is simply not true. I can tell you multiple stories of women who did not and had their daughters marry as virgins. Trust Jesus, my friend!

Use the chapter questions from the leadership guide (if you haven’t received your free copy just e-mail me) as a spring board for your discussions and be sure to shoot me any questions you may have either here by clicking on “comments” below or on our FaceBook page!

Can’t wait to hear from you the doors Jesus opens for talks with your girl! Be bold!


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