Video – I’ve got an immodest dresser? What do I do?

Dear Friends,

There are SO many areas where we need to honor God and teach our girls to also!

Today, I’m going to address dress…because it is something as women that we make a choice on every day! I’ve asked my daughter Mariah this question: “What is a mom to do when she is so tired of fighting over how her girl dresses?” I thought she gave some pretty wise advice for being so young! (By the way, she turns 17 next week. 17!!! This is going WAY TOO FAST!!!)

If you can’t see this video, click here:

Live it out, ladies! Our girls are watching us!

To help this message to work it’s way into our girl’s hearts, I cover this topic in chapter 7 of “His Revolutionary Love” – We Protect Together.

Tip for today: Don’t ever do anything you wouldn’t want to one day tell your girls you did.



  1. Sister, you NAILED it with the word {SELF}ish! Thank you for being a voice for the reality that it is our place to help protect/encourage the eyes of the men around us who truly are seeking after things of the Lord. Blessings!, Shelly

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you!! This is such a hard thing to get our girls to understand. I just threw away 3 shirts of my daughter's this morning because they were not appropriate.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i am so blessed that so far my daughter understand modesty and the principles… though i think that you explained it a lot better than i have done it. thank you, and whenever i get a chance, i'lltry my best to buy your book, unfortunally i have been unemployyeed for a little more than a year and i am a single mom, but God has been good to us and provide for our needs.

  4. Yes, Lynn! I loved this. So true, while we're teaching our kids right from wrong we don't want to play the mean girl, being critical and insulting. There is a better way. I have definitely had my girls look at me and say, "Mom, you're being so judgmental when I've made a comment like you describe. Not nice. Clear conviction!

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