If He’ll Do it For You; He’ll Do it To You


“She doesn’t get it…If he’ll do it for her, he’ll do it to her.”

During our after-softball conversation, my daughter continued to share her concern for her friend, “She just can’t see this huge character flaw. Cheating really is just deception; a form of lying. Lying is one issue most people don’t overcome.” Madi couldn’t have been more right.

Hollywood glamorizes cheating to our girls. What a guy will go through to get “the one”, even if it means sneaking around and lying is considered so romantic. For us mamas, think “Bridges of Madison Country”. Raising my kids in Iowa when this movie set in Iowa came out, it was a box office smash.

Cheating isn’t romantic.

Cheating has the possibility of pattern.

If he’ll do it for you, he’ll do it to you.


True love displays itself through self-control. True love always puts another before himself. True love is faithful.

Teach your daughter, not to look for the romantic, but the faithful guy. They are rare, but when she finds one, he’ll be a true gem.





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