I’m in Love With a Vampire – the Subtle Messages of Twlight

I found an article tonight on the internet about the teen smash-hit movie “Twilight”. I encourage you read it at youthministry.com.

I was introduced to “Twilight” last year when my 16 year old son devoured all four 500+ page books in a matter of a couple of weeks. What could possibly be that interesting? Since my son is an avid reader, I didn’t think too much about it. Then, my 14 year old daughter did the same thing. Now, I started paying attention. What were these books all about? With seventeen million copies of them sold and it being translated into twenty different languages, it is something that parents of teenagers need to be in the know on. I am now in line to borrow the first book from a gal I mentor, so I can be in on what they are in on.

Please note: just because a movie or book doesn’t have sex in it, that doesn’t make it ok for our kids. Join me in being aware of what they are absorbed in. Read the book. See the movie. Check out the reviews. Talk to our kids.


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  1. Lynn the timing of this post is so God. Just last night my son was asking me about the movie because so many kids at his High School are talking about it and going to see it. Chris and his friend Stephanie (both Christians) were approached and asked by a mutual friend if their "religious boundaries" kept them from seeing the movie because of the vampires. Neither Chris or Stephanie knew anything about the movie (this could be blamed on their very busy schedules!).

    I tried to share with Chris that "religious boundaries" had nothing to do with what we as Christians read or watch. It's not about avoiding material because of 'rules', but desiring to do what pleases the Lord out of love. Would He want them reading or watching this movie? Would He want me reading the book or watching the movie just so that I can comment? Don't know. Certainly the write up in your link provided enough for me to make a decision that seems right for our family at this moment.

    Anyway, thanks for this info. I can't wait to share the link with my son later as we continue this discussion.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend!
    Love & prayers,

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