Not What I Planned

Have you ever had a weekend that is good and tough all rolled into one? We sure did! Our trek to Arkansas to see Greg’s family got off to a tough start. In our excitement to make the sixteen hour trip go as fast as possible, we woke up bright and early Wednesday morning at 4:30 a.m. We got on the road within an hour and were making great time. About 1:00 p.m. we stopped to grab some lunch and one of those yummy Sonic slushies. As I walked around the back of my car, I had to walk over some orange colored liquid. “I sure feel sorry for whoever is leaking that!” I thought. Upon returning to the car, I decided to take a peak underneath our car. The person I needed to be feeling sorry for was me! We headed to the nearest service station to find that we had blown out our water pump. All five of us got cozy in the waiting room for an afternoon of Jeopardy on the tv and lots of reading in Jackson, Tennessee. I was really proud of my kids. They didn’t even complain!!!

Four hours later…we were back on the road. Our plan to drive straight through was canceled when we decided around 9:00 p.m. to call it a day at the Comfort Suites. As I laid in the bed in the dark of the night, my heart was thankful. I wasn’t happy about my new $400 VISA charge. I wasn’t happy that I was in a hotel instead of the comfort of the home of Mom and Dad #2. I wasn’t happy that we were going to get there a day late. But I was grateful. Grateful that my kids didn’t complain. Grateful that the Lord has given us the provision to pay that VISA bill and grateful that my family was safe. That heart of gratefulness made for a very pleasant night of rest.


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  1. Lynn, isn’t it wonderful when we see the Lord’s Hand in the unexpected.

    Last night when our church was packed with 1,000 people for the David Phelps “O Holy Night” tour concert – just as he started the second half – the power went out. It wasn’t just our church, it was the entire area. It was disappointing to have the concert end early, but the way in which it was handled everyone was able to get out safely in the dark. Everyone was so gracious and understanding – it was beautiful.

    Maybe not what we planned, but it wasn’t a surprise to the Lord. He allowed it and provided.

    Thankful the Lord enabled you to notice the leaking liquid when you were stopped and God kept you safe.


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