Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Silent Night. Many of us need a silent night after the heavy days we sometimes have. This week has been one of those weeks for our family. We need a night of sleeping in heavenly peace.

In Priscilla Shirer’s book “He Speaks to Me”, Priscilla says, “The enemy’s goal is to keep our minds so occupied that we don’t hear God’s voice.” I felt that pull this morning. That pull to fix, to work on, to make right.

“When I purposefully fill my mind with the Word of God, particularly before retiring for the night, my thoughts focus not on my day, but on what I’ve just read.” I have begun to talk with the Lord at night as I lay my head on my pillow; reflecting back on what took place in the day and what I can be thankful for. Sometimes, it may not be apparent what I am thankful for in my day. But as I purpose to thank Him for even the things I do not understand, my heart becomes lighter; my mind peaceful and I can truly sleep in heavenly peace.


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  1. I can so relate to desiring quietness and peace within so that I can hear more clearly God’s voice in my life. I must admit that I often fall prey to the enemy’s ploy of keeping my mind occupied and pulled away from the things of God.

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