In the Know – Comparison vs. Confidence – Give Away!

She Makes It Look Easy, a novel just released today by Marybeth Whalen, was an added bonus to my already great Memorial Day weekend. In this can’t-put-it-down novel, Ariel Baxter has just moved into the neighborhood of her dreams. The chaos of domestic life and the loneliness of motherhood, however, moved with her. Then she meets her neighbor, Justine Miller. Justine ushers Ariel into a world of clutter-free houses, fresh-baked bread, homemade crafts, neighborhood playdates, and organization techniques designed to make marriage better and parenting manageable.

Soon Ariel realizes there is hope for peace, friendship, and clean kitchen counters. But when rumors start to circulate about Justine’s real home life, Ariel must choose whether to believe the best about the friend she admires or consider the possibility that “perfection” isn’t always what it seems to be.

She Makes It Look Easy is a book for every woman who has looked at another woman’s life and said, “I want what she has,” She Makes It Look Easy reminds us of the danger of pedestals and the beauty of authentic friendship.

For me, there was an added dimension. It caused me to take a close look at the words that can slip out of my heart and all too quickly into the heart of my girls. Words of comparison: “I wish I had a housecleaner like her.” “Wouldn’t life be more simple if I had her schedule?” “I’d really like to get my nails done like she does.” When comparing my life to another, there is always the temptation to believe someone has it better than we do.

When we compare our bodies, our homes, our families what does it leave our daughters to believe?

As a young mother, comparison was my vice. “I wish my kids would behave like her’s.” “If only I was quiet and gentle like she is; I wish I was more feminine.” Always picking at myself; looking for areas to improve. The problem was I was always looking to myself to do the improving rather than asking the Lord for His opinion and His refining.

Overcoming comparison for me began in my mind. I began to believe the truth that God really did love me just the way I was and I could love me too!

As moms, let’s stop the thoughts we think of comparison. For if we never think the thoughts, we’ll never say the words. Then, we can go a step further and begin to speak truth about yourselves and our girls.

In His Revolutionary Love I share this truth with girls:

“Christians may talk a lot about beauty on the inside, but that isn’t the only beauty God sees. He sees us as beautiful on on the outside too! ….In Psalm 45:11 the picture is of the king being “enthralled by your beauty.” Jesus is enthralled by the beauty of you! The Hebrew word for beauty in Psalm 45:11 is the same word used in Esther 1:11 to describe the queen, saying she was “lovely to look at” (Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible, p. 1949)…Jesus also knows that it is important to us to feel beautiful. That’s another reason for us to take in the truth of how he sees us. Our hearts and minds long for someone to look at us and believe we are gorgeous. Our creator does!” p. 48 – 49

Is this truth that you and your girl would benefit from soaking in? If so, join us for the online Bible Study of “His Revolutionary Love” beginning June 13th. Just put your email in the box above for the updates and join the conversation on FaceBook at Lynn Cowell’s Online Bible Studies. It’s going to be great!

Today, I am giving away my friend, Marybeth’s novels: a signed copy of her first book The Mailbox as well as a copy of her latest She Makes It Look So Easy. To sign up to win, simply share in the comments below one area that you think women most struggle with when it comes to comparison! Be sure to stop back by on Friday to see our winner and we’ll talk about the comparison illusion!

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  1. Thanks for this Lynn– I love the correlation you drew to what our own comparative statements do to our daughters!! Smart thinking!! Can't wait to see who wins–

  2. Anonymous says:

    One of the things I struggle with is other women's gifts. An example I so admire people with the gift of organizing and would so LOVE to have that gift. I have since made peace with the fact that it isn't my gift and then let my best friend help me in this area as it is hers 🙂 Can't wait to read this.
    Blessings, Kim Goldstein

  3. I think women definitely struggle with comparing our bodies. Being the start of summer means swimsuit season. I know I can't help comparing myself when sitting waterside and wonder…" why can't I look like her?" Thanks for this give-away! I heart Marybeth Whalen 🙂

  4. What a great question. I definitely struggle with comparing appearances. I am always noting that another woman has better hair than I do, cuter outfits, better figure, etc.

  5. I think an area that women struggle with is the comparison of lifestyle. It is easy to say "oh she has the perfect life because…..". Today's devotional was very encouraging to me and I look forward to reading the book.

  6. Besides the obvious weight issue that we compare I believe we compare our children's accomplishements to those of other children. It is often subtle but I find myself comparing little things during my daily encounters.

    God bless.

  7. We so struggle with the "what do (or will) they think of me?" syndrome. I am still working on this.

  8. For me, comparing body size and appearance is where I struggle. I always want to be one size smaller… but I'm working on trying to see myself as God sees me: beautiful just as I am. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  9. This looks like a great book! I think most moms struggle with comparing their parenting to that of other moms. I'm always wondering what other moms think of me if I do or don't discipline my toddler in public.

  10. My daughter turned 13 today and struggles with her appearance a lot. Other kids at school are a lot more cruel these days, and have begun dating at a younger age. It's rough for her and when I hear her comparing herself I try to stop her, but we have completely different bodies and doesn't think I understand it, but I do.

  11. Many ways we compare ourselves, is in how good a homemaker we are, how great our kids behave, how kind/helpful our spouses are! The list is endless! Would love to read this!

  12. I've seen women compare themselves in areas of appearance, giftedness, life situation, spirituality…everything. It's such a stumbling block for us, and I think the ultimate answer is to practice every day consciously choosing to live for God's approval instead of man's. This is a long process but I do think we can have victory in this tough area because of Christ.

    Thanks for a great post!

  13. I think appearance is the first area, because it's the easiest to do – no digging required. After that, though, the time and talents of our children and husbands are up for grabs. There's an awful lot of that in the town I moved to, and it's been a very hard adjustment. I definitely want to read this book!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Comparison hits on all levels. It is a dangerous trap. It is too easy to resign ourselves that the grass is always greener mentality. The truth is that everone on this side of heaven struggles with something! [email protected]

  15. It happens in ministry too! We try to out perform or out serve others. Soon…we are burned out!

  16. I think women compare themselves to the Pastor's Wife. I am a Pastor's Wife and have heard the comparisons. I constantly have to remind women that I am just like them, flaws and all!

  17. I don't struggle so much with comparisons until I meet up with the perfect mom…the one with the clean house, well behaved kids, perfect hair/body/clothes, and so on. I look at my messy house, dirty kids, and can't even remember if I combed my hair! UUGGHHH

  18. I think comparing appearance is number one, followed closely by the other person's lifestyle in general….she has a nicer house, her husband treats her better than mine, her kids are better behaved, etc. We need to make sure we don't do that, but it is hard!

  19. I'm a new mom and I constantly compare myself to other experienced moms–how did her kids sleep? How much did they eat, when did they eat, how did they do vaccines? It's endless and I feel like I'm chasing my own tail.

  20. heather c says:

    I think women compare themselves to what they think of as "success". That could mean career, children (how many, behavior, activity involvement, etc.), organization, looks, marriages, homes, etc..

  21. I know that I struggle with comparing friends. With facebook, we see so much more about what is going on others lives and so we see when our "friends" are with friends and I often wish that I was apart of that or had that on my own. I've learned to have that I have initiate it myself. I'm also bad about comparing the cleanliness of homes and parenting skills. I need remember that sometimes it's just that it's different not necessarily better, just different.

    Would love to read both of these of books!! I'm putting them on my summer reading list. Thanks!

  22. I struggle with comparing myself to other women my age who I think look more elegant/classy/thin…or sometimes even in the reverse, where I might feel prideful that in appearances I 'look better' than someone else and compare myself that way. I also struggle with gifts too..I would so love the 'gift' of organization/entertaing and to love the work that goes with all of that…and I envy other women who have it/do it! Yuck! I just want to let all of that go and just be me and not compare, knowing that God loves me and has given me the gifts and love He has for me!

  23. What a great sounding book! I love how Marybeth had woven our real fears and struggles into a novel!

    I struggle with comparing myself to other women in several areas. One being how likeable I am. Did I handle that situation with class or emotion? Did I dress with style or lack of care? Did I say the right thing or talk too much?

  24. Wow if this isn't prophetic or what. I was just crying on the phone with my BFF about feeling so worthless and how I constantly compare myself to others. I know I am so critical of myself and others. I struggle so much with low self esteem and the scars of constant verbal abuse from my parents. I just happened to stumble upon this site on FB. I think God is trying to tell me something.

  25. Body image is a hard one for me and financial stability as well…both false indicators of overall health, wellness and wealth. Things are often not what they seem.

  26. As a homeschooling mom, it is easy to compare to what everyone else's child is doing etc…can take you down such a bad road…

  27. Watching other women do it all when I can't and then I feel inferior and unable to measure up to super woman.

  28. Erica Thornburg says:

    There are so many ways that I compare myself to my friends – you know wishing that inwas better at this or that – but I think for me my biggest comparison is what I don't want to be like and that is my mother – she was never there for us – she put herself first always – she put us in situations that shouldn't have been in (she cheated and they were our uncles is one) – so, for myself with mine I am always there no matter if it is practice, game, dance, awards day – whatever – my child knows that he is loved and that I care about what he does and that I am there for him – I pray everyday that I am setting a good example for him as a person and future parent. I would love to read this book. Thanks and have a blessed day.

  29. Karen Martel says:

    I definitely think that the biggest struggle is in the body-image department. None of us are really happy with our looks – even the really thin, great-looking women!

  30. I think the one thing I tend to struggle with comparing is personalities. I tend to be a very shy and reserved person, yet I watch my friends who are more social and comfortable being in a group or in front of people and that's something I often wish I could do.

  31. I think I compare myself to other moms. I think they have it together, are better at discipline.. When you stop and talk to them they have the same issues.

  32. I think women definitely struggle with appearances that she's better at something, prettier, etc. I also believe we model this for our girls and can help or hinder how they perceive themselves!

  33. Well where I've struggled with recently is comparing how good of a wife I am to my husband. We've been married only 7 months, but this is his second marriage. I wonder how I compare to his first wife. There are no kids from the first marriage. After all that, I step back and criticize myself for thinking those thoughts in the first place. I agree with a former comment on outward appearance as well. I definitely find myself comparing in swimsuit season.

    Thanks for the book and the giveaway.

  34. One way that I know I struggle with the most in comparison is being jealous to the point that I am not happy for others.
    Sad to admit to that 🙁
    But I don't think I am alone in those feelings…we should be happy for one another's successes and for the good that happens in eachother's lives…but comparison/jealousy causes bitterness and I so dislike that feeling.
    Praying for the Lord's deliverance from this stronghold.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book. Sounds like just the book I need in this season of my life!

  35. amanda williams says:

    I feel one of the biggest struggles is weight. Always wanting to be as thin as she is or active as she is or curvy as she is. No matter how you are sized, it seems to be a norm to want the size someone else has.

  36. I think we as women compare outward appearances. What handbag does she have now? Her kids seem so godly! She drives a nice car. How can she have that figure with 4 kids? She went where on vacation? Her home is always clean. The list goes on. Unfortunately, I struggle with envy. And I hate it. This is one of many sins I keep carrying to Jesus over and over again…

  37. Having children and listening to my friends with kids, I would say comparing ourselves against the whole "super-mom" ideal. Struggling when we don't seem to measure up to that ideal – not having time to make something homemade for a party/fundraiser, having the house in impeccable order, always looking bright eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning when standing at the bus stop, kids never act out… blah, blah, blah… learning that being a "good enough" mom really is good enough!

  38. I think most women struggle with being the most liked or 'together' mom. It is frustrating to see moms seem like having such an understanding relationship with their children.and always seeming to be organized and 'fun'.

  39. I always feel like other women are so much more "together" than me — have more energy, are more productive, are more organized, you name it! Looking forward to reading this book this summer! Looks like a good read!

  40. I think the one area women struggle with in comparing themselves with other women the most is in looks. Unfortunately the world puts so much emphasis on appearance and tells us we must look a certain way or we are not beautiful. We are often guilty of believing that lie. Of course we should take care of ourselves but God has a different view of true beauty.

  41. Although I've struggled with the insecurities of not feeling as competent, pretty, successful, "together", etc. as others', but the person I most envy (and can't even come close to making a comparison) is the one who doesn't try to live up others' expectations or even care that some else has reasonable or unreasonable expectations. Oh, how I so want to be that person!!

  42. I feel there are so many different aspects of our lives that we struggle with comparing… The physical (our bodies, hair, clothes) to the family life (including children, home, financial, etc.). This sounds like an amazing book for my book club! I'm making a recommendation now! :~)

  43. I definitely struggle with comparing myself to others. From being a stay home mom who isn't very domestic to parenting to ministry. I know God is bringing me truth in this area it is just so deep that it is taking a very long time. I can't wait to be totally free to be me and love it!!!!

  44. It is my desire to be the best in my walk with Christ as I always compare what I see from the outside as always knowing just what to say to someone who is seeking the Lord in their life. I look for the perfect verse or the desire to just be down at the alter for those who come to know Jesus but feel I will never be as my other leaders. I look at the others and say to myself "why can't I take the step and be just who she is with Christ". I see the perfect image of Christ in my eyes for the other ladies of my church. Perhaps after reading this book and doing the bible study I too can see myself as who God wants me to be in his Eyes and no one elses.

  45. After reading some of the comments, seems like most of us have the same comparisons. Don't know if anyone brought up this one…I would love t be able to "put together" outfits or when I go shopping to know what I look at, will go with what I already have. We all listen to the lies of the evil one and compare ourselves, when God does not compare us to anyone. This sounds like a great read……thanks for doing this.

    email address dlowrn1(at)comcast(dot)net

  46. I think it's a universal struggle for women to struggle with their outward appearance the most. We are bombarded with 'perfect' women, chosing to forget the fact of how long in the makeup/hair chair it took them to get there. It breaks my heart that my 7 year old daughter is already starting to deal with this. Though I try to hold my comments, i definitely look to everyone else for what I should be like.

  47. I really struggle with comparing myself to other stay at home moms, particuarly their ability to "make life work" as a stay-at-home mom: those moms who still finding time to work out, go on dates with their husbands, get their hair and nails done, have a clean house, etc. I look at them and think "what am I doing wrong? Why can't I figure it out like they have?"

  48. If we all could be satisfied with what we look like, where God has placed us in this world, and who we are as daughter's of the King,,,oh what an amazing place we would find ourselves. Oh yes, we will be there one day…in Heaven! Can't wait to read this book. And Lynn, I have yours to read this summer with my teen daughter! Love you both, Kris

  49. Victoria, you are not alone… I, too, struggle with "being jealous to the point that I am not happy for others."
    And, it truly is, "Sad to admit to that. :("
    We SHOULD BE happy for one another's successes, and for the good that happens in each other's lives… BECAUSE comparison and jealousy causes bitterness and hurt feelings. And, as my Psych 101 professor would've said to us, "Stop 'shoulding' all over yourself!"
    I am praying with you for the Lord's deliverance from this stronghold.
    As the grandmother of a teenaged girl, I read the other posts and remembered the struggles of young motherhood–they are great and often seem insurmountable. And, they are, without HIM. Each of you are headed in the right direction as you admit your human struggles and seek HIS guidance.
    God bless ♥

  50. I struggle with this all the time… even though I know God doesn't want me to. Even more, now that I am a mom and wife. I really NEED to read this book!!!!!!

  51. For me, it's definitely parenting. It always seems like other mothers have more well behaved children or they seem to come up with disciplines much easier than I do. I know I need to just parent the best way I can, but sometimes it's so hard! If I don't win this, I just might have to get it anyway! Thanks for the opportunity.

  52. For m daughter – a single Mom – I try to be strong but my heart breaks. Sometimes, I wonder, how could I have done a better job when she was younger? It is painful.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Body size definately. And how some mothers always appear patient and so full of fun.

  54. My biggest struggle is comparing my body with other women's. I tend to make excuses as to why someone else's body is better than mine. Can't wait to read who the winner of the give away is!

  55. Anonymous says:

    I think we can struggle when we compare our spiritual maturity with others.

  56. Comparing children – who is more athletic, who is moe scholarly, who is the most musical..those comparisons come up alot in parenting circles

  57. HeatherMiller says:

    A main area I struggle with is comparing prayer lifes and bible study- I have wonderful friends who just seem to have it all together and I'm still a baby at it.

  58. Anonymous says:

    One of the things I struggle with is intelligence, wanting to be able to think, speak, and process things like other women do. It's just one of many of Satan's lies to not like myself, I'm ashamed to say….

  59. Great concept! I think for me, comparing myself physically to other women is definitely a weakness. I have 2 daughters as well and want to bring them up to love themselves just the way God made them!

  60. Friends, As I read each comment I want to encourage you all that life is never what it seems. We can't bare all with all people (although I truly believe in being vulnerable), but always tell yourself that "she" has her own issues whether you know them or not.

    I can speak for Marybeth and myself, even as you grow and mature as a believer, there are still areas where God has work to do…and He is doing it!

    The key is that we keep growing; keep getting up when we mess up! Each time we get up, may the Lord instill more confidence in His ability to redeem us!

  61. I struggle with comparing myself with those moms that have time to clean their houses…

    Those that "seem" to have it all together all the time…

  62. Holy Ghost chill bumps….

    That "seems" work popped up in your comment, right as mine went up….

    That is something to remember…. Life is not what it always "seems" to be. We need to pray for those that we compare ourselves to….

  63. Think we struggle a lot with comparing what everyone is doing–like, how one mom has everything together, involved in church and community and still has time for herself vs me who can barely keep up with just my home.

  64. weight, homes, talents, so sad! I have compared myself to many! It is a battle with Satan to not go there…constant renewing my mind in God's word helps keep my eyes fixed on the one who has fearfully and wonderfully made me to be ME and no one else!

  65. Comparisons are definitely the devils playground. With all the insecurities and inadequacies we have combined with the Thoughts we struggle with everyday Satan tries hard to defeat us and bully us on that playground. This is only made worse with the emotional way women were made. It's good to know the freedom we can have when we can finally get past this and hold to the fact that our father knows and loves us all on an individual basis like no one else can. I have always love Marybeth's books and words. I am sure this book will only be the same.

  66. Anna Marie says:

    This has been a lifelong struggle. I've been making some headway lately, but still have much work to do. I'm trying to set a good example for daughter.

  67. I think a lot of women obviously compare body types but I think we also compare ourselves as parents too. I know I have felt guilty on many occasions when talking to other parents and hearing what is going on in their lives and wondering if I am doing all that I could or should be doing. I look forward to reading this and putting it all in GOD's hands 🙂 Thank you.

  68. I think an area that women struggle with is comparing their children and marriage with others. We must remember though that what we see isn't always the true story.

  69. Wow…..both books sound awesome!
    I have 2 teen daughters and I know we each battle our own issues with who we are compared to others. (at times)

    I believe one of the biggest struggles for women is satisfaction. The world is constantly evolving with better things and when we can't have them….we suffer with not being content.

  70. Great post- thanks! I think our comparisons are often related to our age or stage of life: physical beauty is a big one, and work/career accomplishments, husbands/ children…I think many even "compete" over whose problems/stress/anxiety are the most difficult.

  71. I think as women we believe everyone has it all together except ourselves. Things aren't always as they seem!

  72. I think moms struggle with comparing our ability to "do it all" and "do it perfectly" with other moms. Sometimes it is just comparing our situations in life. There is nothing wrong with learning and improving, but it gets out of hand quickly.

  73. Absolutely, and perhaps most of all, we compare ourselves by body type. I know I fall into that trap time and again.

  74. I struggle with trying to be as "perfect" as I perceive other moms are. I want to do everything as well as them and there is no chance of that happening. It steals my joy sometimes. Apparently, I need this book. LOL!

  75. Anonymous says:

    I think we tend to compare our husbands – especially if he SEEMS to be more romantic, handy, helpful, fill in the blank…. Sounds like a great book – will have to order one if I don't win. 😉 Cyndee

  76. 1 area where women compare themselves. Oh, there are many more then 1. Weight, marriages, kids, jobs, homes, etc. We really need to stop don't we. Have a nice day everyone. 😀

  77. Thanks for the reminder about comparisons. I struggle with comparing my weight to other women … not so much the number on the scale but my perception of my appearance/flaws.

  78. Mrs. Eades says:

    As women I think there are many areas where we are tempted to compare ourselves. For some, acceptance might be an area. We look at another lady/friend and think about all the friends she has. How others accept her and are naturally drawn to her. Sort of like popularity in high school. When we make this type of comparison it can lead to a host of other struggles including the temptation to believe there is something wrong with us because our friend circle isn't as big.

  79. I believe that women struggle with comparing their bodies to other women's bodies. I see it all the time as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I try to remind everyone I work with that everyone is different and that you should focus on you and what goals they want to reach not based on what someone else looks like.

  80. i know i really have a hard time with comparing appearances. I am always noting that another woman has better hair than I do, cuter outfits, better figure, etc. its really a struggle for me and one i'm finding hard to stop, but i know with God's help i will beat it one day

  81. Anonymous says:

    I think that most women struggle with the whole package – from the time we are teens, we are told that we should be a certain weight, behave a certain way, and all basically be perfect. The reality is that none of us are remotely perfect, and God loves us no matter what we look like or what shortcomings we have. I know I struggle with comparison in many areas of my life.
    I would LOVE to win these books; I really want to read them both.
    [email protected]

  82. I compare myelf 2 many things & n so many many ways that a lot of times I walk around a jumbled mess inside…hurt, tired, angry. The list goes on & on. I would really love 2 win this. I need help n that area in which Ive struggled 4 way 2 long. Please help me…

  83. I really struggle with how I look, especially with some weight that I have put on.
    Just forgetting I am the daughter of the perfect heavenly father

  84. First, let me confess that I read through the other comments to COMPARE my thoughts with what else had been posted…ugh…and just as I suspected, my current area of comparison is super shallow. This time of year, my comparison-gene goes into overdrive in regards to vacations! Disney World, Grand Canyon, cruises…I find myself wishing I was taking my family on a fabulous vacation, and going one step further to convincing myself that I'm a less than parent because of the experiences I'm depriving my children. Vicious cycle! I need a vacation! 🙂

  85. I thinks the biggest area of comparison has to be beauty, whether our body or home or kids or clothes. We desire beauty so much and envy when we see it anywhere else.

  86. I struggle with comparing myself to others and just really feeling like I don't fit in at all. This sounds like an awesome book.

  87. I look forward to reading this book! After reading your question, I didnt have to think too long to know how I was going to answer it. After being married for only about 2 years I approached my mother-in-law that I'm good friends with and asked her how she is so content with what she has because I felt myself really struggling after seeing friend after friend get a house built, have babies, get jobs or better yet, stay home! What she told me helped out so much but that was a big thing that I struggled with in comparing with others!
    I look forward to seeing how much I can get out of this book!!
    Elizabeth Harrell

  88. Hi Ms Lynn, i think most women struggled so much with comparison specially when they experience betrayal from a friend or from someone they love.Thoughts like "i wish i was as pretty as her" or "i wish i had a slender body and as rich as her". Im stil work in progress with it. Cant wait to have a copy of this book.

  89. I believe that appearance is definitely an area where women struggle with comparision – I wish I had her hair, that my eyes were that blue etc.

  90. Looking forward to reading the new book! I think women struggle with comparing our likeability – we so want to be accepted and loved!

  91. My biggest challenge is looking at a beautifully landscaped home–and assuming all is beautiful and peaceful inside. I want to learn to celebrate the chaos!

  92. Body image. Definitely body image.

  93. Amanda Rouse says:

    Being a mother of a 2 year old, I find that I am daily comparing my parenting skills & ways to a friend of mine who seems to be doing it all and be so great at it. I am definitely going with parenting skills.

  94. I know for me, it's wifedom. I am in grad school, and working two jobs pkus the duties that come with being married to an assistant pastor. Nevertheless, i deal with how other wives are making dinner for their family, how their laundry is done, how they have time to go to the gym. I can't do wifedom like i want to, or like they do, and if only… I had….

  95. I am very excited about this book. The Mailbox was so good last summer, that I visited Kindred Spirit 🙂
    I think most women compare their parenting skills and the way they "run" their home. When in actuality we don't need to worry about that as long as we are pleasing God.
    [email protected]

  96. I think it is in appearance – from hair to clothes, to weight – – we all want to look like somebody else. Thing of it is, God made each of us unique. If we all looked like the next supermodel or whoever we think is the prettiest woman around, life would be pretty boring – – and we would STILL want to look like somebody else…

  97. I think we struggle with comparing our bodies and looks.

  98. I think I struggle most with comparison of parenting and homemaking.

  99. Anonymous says:

    I have a friend that I compare myself to and wish I could be more like. She doesn't seem to let things "get" to her. She is just a wonderful example of a woman full of wisdom and grace. I think mothers often compare themselves to other mothers who seem to have it all together. God loves us anyway. Isn't that wonderful to know! jody b

  100. For so many years I felt inferior to so many because no matter how hard I tried. . .I just could not get my life like my neighbors or my friends. Over the years I realized that I was trying for the wrong things. God did not intend for us to compare ourselves to others. I hope I did not damage my daughter while seeking perfection which I never attained. I now know that God intends us to be ourselves and to seek Him only. Can't wait to read the book. I'm afraid I will find myself in this book.

  101. I see a lot of women comparing their looks to others. As a working mom to 3 small children I'm constantly comparing myself to others, "I wish I did crafts with my kids as well as she does", "I wish I had time to cook a 3 course meal everyday" "I wish my house was as clean as hers" "I wish we were able to take a family vacation every year"…. its a vicious cycle and is pretty exhausting. I hope to read this book soon!!

  102. Delia Garrett says:

    I think women often compare their outward APPEARANCE rather than the inner TRUTH. And it is difficult to sepearate what "appears" to be the truth.

  103. Anonymous says:

    I think the area that women compare each other to is thinking that she has everything together and do not have to struggle like I do. Masks do hide a lot of things. Only the Father knows that all of us do have struggles and that most of us uses masks to hide behind.

    [email protected]

  104. I think women struggle with their looks and their bodies. I think they tend to compare themselves to others, wishing they looked like someone else.

  105. Good afternoon. I love the post. As women, we struggle with other women having it all together. "Oh look, they have looks, no weight problem, volunteer in the church for many things, wonderful marriage, well-behaved children, beautiful home, organized everything"…the list goes on. But we have not walked a moment in her shoes. Maybe if we did, it would be different! I would love to read these books and share with others. Thank you!

  106. Thanks for such great stuff! It is very obvious that my step-daughter compares herself to most others and their "outward" beauty and I don't know why, she is so beautiful. She also compares herself to those in our neighborhood and around her who don't go to a Christian school and don't make the choices we do for our family; their lives seem very inviting to her and we are concerned. We can't put her in a box.
    A struggling mom,

  107. I'd have to say appearances…physical, professional, material,emotional…you name it it runs the gamut.

  108. I think women compare all sorts of things appearance, talemts, profession, material possesions, motherhood..etc One that sticks out is "prayer envy" as Karen Ehman wrote about in a prior devotion. I believe women see others get there prayers answered first or recieve a blessing and they compare themselves to that person.

  109. I struggle with so many comparisons! I think the one I have struggle with off and on, as the season of motherhood change, is comparing my parenting and parenting struggles.

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