Modeling Gratefulness

Last year at this time, my daughter Madi and I were traveling through an airport that was a hub for the military. Men and women dressed in camo lined the wall waiting for their plane to depart. I had started doign something new in my life just prior to this encounter.

Each time I see a solider in uniform, I say “thank you”. Two small words. Often, I feel very uncomfortable. Often, they don’t know what to say back. But when I am done, I feel great for showing my thanks and I think it makes them feel good too! I challenge you to begin being grateful for those who sacrifice to profect what we have in America. Don’t just feel grateful; show it too!

This is just one way that we can show our children how to be grateful and in a very small way give back to those who give so much!



If you can’t see this video, follow this link:;_verified=1



  1. Hi Lynn

    Wow, what awesome footage of the troops. The little girl giving a hug was from all little girls, I think.
    Anyway, I tried to include our latest here in Canada but couldn't put his picture up. He went down the "Highway of Heros" to Toronto, Canada just this afternoon, Bombardier Carl Manning of Vancouver, thank you for our freedom and the price you and your family paid for all Canadians.

  2. OH OH Sorry Manning was from Quebec not Vancouver, sincerely apologise. Judy

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