In the Know – Fear or Faith?

What is your greatest fear as a parent? There is no doubt mine is that my children will not grow up to love the Lord with passion. That fear, when not surrendered to the work of the Holy Spirit, can lead me to try to control. Make them have a quiet time at an age when they should choose to on their own. Ask how long it has been since they last read their Bible. Force them to be a part of a small group at church. When I don’t see the behavoir I long for, I am tempted to think thoughts or say negative words.

I drew inspiration recently from Abraham. You might be familiar with the story in Genesis 22. God’s testing Abraham; who does he loved more – Isaac or Him. “Sacrifice your only son” was his command. Abraham prepares to obey.

Heading up the hill to make the sacrifice, Abraham says to his servants in verse five, “We will worship…we will come right back.” (NIV) Abraham spoke words of faith about his son’s future. We will go; we will come back. His words speak of his ability to trust God with that which matter most…his child.

Do I speak words of faith when it comes to speaking of my children’s lives? When others ask me how my children are doing, do I look for ways I can speak of the good I believe will come or do I speak words of doubt?

I want to be like Abraham. I want my words to line up with the faith that is in my heart.

Catch me, Holy Spirit, when my heart struggles with doubt. Help me to turn it around and like Abraham say “we will worship…and we will come right back.”

Do you struggle with speaking negative words about your child; especially to others? How can you make a point to begin today to speak in faith about your child’s future?


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