Making the Turn

Frustration and disappointment came knocking on my heart Saturday morning. Friday brought news that didn’t meet my expectations. I was staring at a decision.

Waking up way before the rest of my family, I headed to my overstuffed chair to have a little talk with Jesus. He knew what Friday would bring. He knew where my thoughts would be on Saturday morning. He challenged me to reign in my thoughts, turn in the other direction and choose thankfulness.

“I have considered my ways and have turned my steps to your statues.” Psalm 119:59 (NIV) As I read David’s words, it struck me: to turn the other way infers that he was headed in the wrong way to begin with. He said he considered his ways. He pondered; debated even. Yet, I don’t believe up to this point David had sinned. Maybe, if he continued down the path he was on it would have led there. But he didn’t continue. He turned.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, I, too, turned Saturday morning. I have to admit, way too many times I haven’t turned. I have allowed disappointment and unmet expectations to rule my attitude and determine my steps. I just have to tell you…the joy that came from winning this time, winning this test sure felt good.

Jesus, Thank you for giving me what only You could…the power to turn my steps toward Your ways. Today is another day, Lord. It will have it’s own opportunities and choices I have to consider. Empower me, again, Holy Spirit, to choose to consider my ways and turn my steps toward your statues. Amen


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  1. I can't wait to hear your input on the influences in our kid's lives!

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