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Starting a new study with my RadRev Girls group is always exciting, so this week was no different. The girls were all buzzing with talk of “Lies Young Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free”.

I posed this question to this group of five eighth grade girls: What do you believe is the most powerful influence in your lives right now? Out of movies, tv, magazines, Web sites, FaceBook, text messaging and cell phones? Their answer: tv.

Your response may or may not be what mine was, but I was happy! TV is something within my reach; something that I can have influence on.

In Dannah Gresh’s new book, “Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl” , Dannah gives a quiz for us to test our parent-child connectedness. Watching the shows your child watches with her is one of the ways to build that connection. It brings opportunity to monitor what they are watching as well as opens door for possible conversation.

In my group, these gals shared that often it is the commercials that get to them. Other times it may be the show that doesn’t seem so bad, but then it takes a wrong turn. Other girls have shared that they in fact watch these really-not-good-for-me shows with their parents.

Probably like you, I like to watch a funny Seinfeld episode now and then; a good laugh is a great way to end a day. But for the sake of my child, sometimes I need to put aside what I want for the sake of what is best for them. (In reality, it’s what’s best for me too!)

What do you believe is the most powerful influence in the life of your child? With God’s leading, how can you help to monitor the information your child is taking into her heart?


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  1. Lynn,
    Just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the Internet Cafe team. We are so glad to have you. What an incredible asset you will be. I'm looking forward to hearing you share. God bless! Have a great weekend.
    Carol Hatcher

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