It’s Not About My Opinion Any More

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All my life I’ve been very opinionated.

I’m sure when I was little, it came off as a know-it-all.

In middle and high school, I was judgmental.

And now…I’m just trying to get to this place:

Where it’s no longer about my opinion, but about what God says.


We’ve all got opinions. And sometimes, that’s great.

What color I should dye my hair or paint my laundry room.

If I should work out by walking or go to a boot camp.

Whether I should keep my hair longer or go with a shorter style.

All great opportunities for me to express myself and my style.


When it comes to issues where God has spoken in His word, that’s where my opinions have to end. It doesn’t really matter what I think. All that matters is what God said. And when I come to the place, where there is nothing standing between me and obeying Him, that’s when He can really do something in me.

Will you join me?

Set our opinions aside and surrender to what He says. 




  1. Oh Lynn… I used to take pride in being ‘discerning’, sharing my opinion, etc. when in reality it was a critical, judgmental attitude! God is softening that in me and gently reminds me that He’s in control and I’m not. My husband is good to prompt me with ‘you don’t have to fix ’em, you just have to love ’em” and that pulls me back on course, letting God speak through me and I don’t have to ‘always’ be talking. Thanks for the reminder !

  2. Thank you. What an excellent reminder. Where did I get the idea that I could run the world? God’s Word is so much better than anything I could say. And the older I get, the clearer it becomes. I so appreciate your Wed. wisdom. My oldest granddaughter will be 13 next month and I am gleaning much to share with her. Again, I thank you.

  3. Lynn, I needed to hear this today…I am very opinionated… I try to be more discerning and to remember that I may be right about something but it is not always about me, my life. God is working in others’ lives as well and just maybe…lol! It is about them and God’s plans and purposes for them! Thank you for sharing…it helps to know that there are others who are challenged by self! Giving all to Him today…listening to hear His still small voice! God bless!

  4. i want His words to count , not my own
    Thank you 🙂

  5. Tikobella says:

    I live in Tanzania, East Africa..I am very grateful for p31 team, you always lift me up and encourage me each morning. You have pointed out my weakness too this morning, the area I have been struggling with for a while, I will definitely think before talking, I have been hurting people knowingly and unknowingly. Also despite my fellowship is mainly families who can hardly get by or afford a meal per day, I will encourage them to give out a gift for orphans and widows around us..thank you again.

  6. thank you for this message today! It’s hard to pick one to work on, i need to work on all of them!!!! The one that impacts my thoughts and attitude the most is finding the good in the bad. A positive attitude about what God is doing right now in our lives and trusting Him for the outcome in situations is the one i plan to work on today. thanks for your encouraging words! 🙂

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