10 Ways to Living out Goodness in Our Families


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I want to known as a woman who is a bringer of good to those around me and I want to teach my kids to be the same!

We’re told: “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them.” Proverbs 3:27 (NLT) Let’s take a look at :


10 Ways We can Live Out Good in our Families


1. Think before we talk.

My friend Kelly shared with me a piece of advice she gave to her daughter this week: “What we think & what we say don’t have to be the same thing!”

2. Look for small acts of goodness.

The elderly with groceries, the neighbor’s garage can that needs to be taken up. These are all invitations to do good.

3. Refuse to point out mistakes.

When we make a mistake, we know it right? Let’s stop pointing out the obvious.

4. Serve each other.

Need a napkin? Dishes need unloading? We can serve before we’re asked demonstrating goodness.

5. Give out compliments

If you have a good thought, say it!

6. Find the positive in the bad.

Rainy day? Play in it! Bleach on a shirt? Tie die it! Look for the good even when it seems all bad.

7. Serve together.

The holidays are coming; what a great time to serve together! Make shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Sponsor a needy child.

8. Give together.

Last year, my husband asked our children to pick a ministry they would like to give to. It was beautiful to see where their hearts gravitated toward!

9. Stop Gossip.

Make gossip a dirty word in your house. If it’s not good, it’s a no-go.

10. Get gorgeous!

Goodness is a trait of the fruit of the Spirit – something that draws others to Jesus and to Jesus in us as well. Let’s teach our kids – gorgeous is more than a face in the mirror. Goodness is gorgeous!

Galatians 5:22-23, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” (NIV)

Do you know a teen girl you long to see grow in goodness and reach her God-given potential? Today I’m giving away two personalized copies of my latest book Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants, a study based on the fruit of the Spirit.

To enter to win a copy, simply share below which of the 10 ways to living out goodness you will do today. {To enter, you must enter in the comments. If you are receiving this by email, please head to my website at www.LynnCowell.com).

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  1. Today, I will focus on refusing to point out negatives and to give more compliments! Those 2 points are really ones I need to work on!

    1. Today, i will not say anything negative about others or about myself. This morning has been a challenge. Twice, I’ve had to stop dead in mid-sentence. I will say positive things about others. I feel that others don’t like me because of this, but i’d rather make God happy with me than man who changes how they feel about me daily anyway. It is too hard to please people in the world. So i’d rather win God’s approval and feel better about myself. Also, when i get home, I will look for small acts of goodness in my daughter. She needs it. I will encourage her and speak gently with her. When she makes repeated mistakes, i will encourage her and say i know you can do better rather than yell at her and tell her “why don’t you ever do what i say”? Since life and death lies in the power of the tongue, i will speak life and trust God for the outcome. God gave me a daughter as a gift and a blessing. I want her to grow and be a blessing to others, so today, i will speak life to her.

  2. Linda Brown says:

    I want to be a bringer of good with my family and with my work. I will be intentional about sharing compliments !

  3. Today I will look for the invitations to do good and then do them, not just think that would be good to do, but be the mouth , hands, and feet that bring it about and reflect his Love in Action!

  4. Today I will work hard to think before I talk… with 2 young children (10 & 9), and a very hectic schedule, it is very easy to “bark orders”, etc. But this tears at everyone’s self worth…

    Your meditation on P31, as well as your blog were exactly the words I needed this morning.

    Also, I believe that your book, Revolutionary Love, may be the perfect birthday gift for my granddaughter that turned 9 this week. Thank you so much!

  5. Thank you for reminding me of the fruit of the Spirit. Today is a great day to remember to “think before I speak”. It’s so easy to blurt out thoughts before thinking about if our words will be positive and uplifting, encouraging others to walk closer to our Lord by our simple example.

  6. Nancy Stormer says:

    I will give out ompliments!

  7. First, thank the Lord for your ministry and each one of the blessed women of Proverbs 31 Ministries. I will think before I speak. Also I will share this information with my congregation today via email so I can encourage others to do something good even great today. May God continue to bless you.

  8. Today I will refuse to point out mistakes. This is an area I still need to work on in my life. I used to point out every mistake my kids made while they were playing sports. They already knew their mistake and I only made them feel worse by bring it up again. This season I tried only complementing my daughter on the good things. I wasn’t perfect but I will say the season went by with a lot less arguments on the car ride home. Your post made me realize that this is something I need to apply everywhere not just with my children.

  9. I want to practice #3, refuse to point out mistakes today. Sometimes I am a “nagger” with my family and co-workers, and I know it brings them down. Instead, I want to focus on what they do RIGHT.

  10. Compliment when I think it or see it.. I am shy and have a hard time speaking up then the opportunity is lost. Be the light for someone else and say the words someone might need.

  11. Gina Kelley says:

    “Think before I talk”.
    My dad always said, “you don’t have to tell everything you know”. I have daily opportunities to exercise that wisdom!

  12. In this highly competitive teen world, I would like to remind my teenage son and daughter to “get gorgeous”. It is so true that goodness draws others to Jesus! I need to remind them of my grandmothers saying, “Pretty is, is pretty does”.

  13. Suzanne Graham says:

    Today, I will not point out mistakes. I will also try to see the positive in all situations.

    Please enter me in the drawing.

  14. Today I will look for ways to encourage those around me and be grateful for the blessings God brings my way.

  15. Today I am going to do 6. Find the positive in the bad. It is so easy to just give up and give in when bad things began to happen. But surely there has to be sunshine after the rain. I would like my teenage son to be encouraged of this.

  16. Marian H Warner says:

    Today I will strive to see the good in others and compliment them on that good. I will also visit at least one sick or elderly person in my sphere of influence.
    I have a six granddaughters ages ten to eighteen and I would love to receive a free copy of your book.
    Marian H Warner

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I loved your 10 point. What wonderful ways to remember others first . Teaching our children that is SO important. Thank you. I would love to read your book with my younger daughter, I think it would give her some confidence and encouragement she needs right now.

  18. Today I will “give out compliments” as often as I can. I really enjoyed the devotion today and the 10 ways to live out good in our families. I also need to get going on my shoe boxes. That is our mission for the month at church & I am behind! God bless you!

  19. I’ve faced a few major life changes (unintended, and unwanted) in the last couple of years. With those changes, I’ve slowly developed a very negative spirit and it diffuses into every aspect of my life – husband, kids, work.

    I’m currently on day 2 of a new 30 challenge – to spend time with God every day. I am not a negative person by nature and I’m tired of living as such. I think your list will provide me with an extra road map to help foster a more positive (dare I say happy) and Godly outlook on life. I’m starting off slow, but I know I’ll get there.

    Thank you for these.

  20. Today I will stop gossiping and redirect conversations leading towards it. I can do this in my workplace, but I can also do it with my teenage daughter & her friends. When I feel like saying something or think something unkind, I will stop and pray for that person instead.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I love the positive reverse action, Shannon! Let’s stop at our thoughts and turn them to prayers!

  21. Esther Stien says:

    We have 3 daughters and we just did this devotion. Our theme firnthiabweek will be GOODNESS is the new GORGEOUS!!! Living that out in our home today and moving forward is a challenge we are willing to take. Praising God for this devotion.

  22. Colleen Wintermute says:

    Thank you for the encouragement. I do need to practice these 10 things daily. Today I am going to find the good in the bad and say compliments to those around me. I want to be a better example to my two girls and encourage my teen girl to compliment others to show God’s love.

  23. Agi Gayer says:

    Thank you so much for this blog Lynn! Well, for me it will have to be Refusing to poit out mistakes/ Finding the positive in the bad and Stop gossiping. I usually think of myself as an encourager and someone who tries to see the good in people, bit somehow it doesn’t always work out with my husband. He is a sweetheart, and loves me to bits, still many times out off tiredness or frustration, unfortunately he is the one who gets my pointing out the negative in all he does. I didn’t realise for a long time I was doing it. But I been convicted for some time. …now I know how to go about it. Will be searching for the positive and praying. Daddy always changes things around and makes things beautiful.
    About gossiping: it’s not my cup of tea, but when im with friends who do it, eventhough I don’t contribute-I listen. Today-I say what I think! -that I don’t even want to hear it unless it’s constructive and trying to find a solution. I’ll take one day at a time with these points. And I believe so much God lead me to your blog and facebook page today. I leave you a comment there too-it just blew my mind this morning.
    Thank you Lynn, God bless you! Agi xxx
    Ps: oh and will organise with friends in our homegroup for shobox for operation christmas child. Have done in the past-its so special. Thank you Lynn!

  24. “What you think and what you say don’t have to be the same”… Wow! This is a truth I struggle with and I can see it passed down to my 4 kids. I have been working with them on acting as a team and being each other’s advocate, but I wonder if it’s falling on deaf ears. My 16 & 11 year old girls especially would benefit from a bible study on this issue. Thanks for encouraging us with your written word today.

  25. Today I will work to give out compliments. I know there have been days where my spirit has been lifted just by a kind word from someone.

  26. Today I will practice Peace, Peace with the comfort of knowing nothing in life is done alone, there is no experience that God does not see, in every situation God is there. I will reflect on this as the duties of the day start to feel heavy or stressful, I will find Peace in them and look at them as a way to glorify him. I would be forever grateful to own a copy of this Book “Magnetic” and read along with my 12 year old sister who I see struggling with finding her place in the world. Thank you for your great work.

  27. Lynette Myers says:

    Today I will look for acts of goodness I can do to help others. Enjoyed the devotional today!

  28. christine says:

    Stop gossip!!! I hear it continually and at times feel myself getting drawn into it. I feel the Lord weighing it ony my conscious to not be a part of any of it. Hard to admit that sometimes my desire to fit in trumps what I know is right.

  29. Tina young says:

    I love this..as most of my days are surrounded by gloom. Today I’m going to Get gorgeous!! Thanks for the encouragement

  30. Number 6. Find the goodness in the bad. I’m a customer service manager and I’m getting ready to start my day at work. It is so easy to harp on what my employees are not doing correctly… today I’m gong to find their good and let them know. Thank you!

  31. Today, I am praying for opportunities to see the good in others and strive to give genuine compliments. Not just a surface level “Your hair looks great today,” but words that will deeply encourage and lift up another’s soul. What a great reminder today!

  32. I will say my good thoughts…even if it’s someone I don’t know!! 🙂

  33. Love these tips, I’m going to share with my daughters!

  34. Phyllis Holmes says:

    I am sure I can do 4 & 5 today. This verse really convicted me to say good things to people…instead of thinking I wish I had hair like that I can say your hair looks nice…love that style.. And instead of thinking I wish I had a nice outfit like that I can say you look awesome in that outfit. And instead of thinking what was she thinking wearing that outfit I can say that is a nice color on you.

  35. Itodsy I am going to serve with not being asked, but also i will try to
    do as many of the other 9 ways to show goodness not only to my family but the others that I meet today.

  36. Stop gossip!!!! I have been praying everyday God would prick my heart before I begin to gossip or say harsh words about another!! Good stuff thanks for sharing!!!

  37. Thank you for the words that God has given you to share. I try to strive for a season of giving everyday. Sharing the goodness of God is one of the best things I think a person can do. On today I am going to give out many compliments as well as combat any negatives with positives. Be Blessed!

  38. Hi Lynn,
    Thank you for the encouraging post. I take honor in showing God’s goodness to others, but lately have been very down about circumstances and struggling to understand them. In these times, I know it is even a greater good to show find the joy and to show God’s goodness. That truly is gorgeous and allows our testimony to speak much louder. I hope to win the book! My little sister is 16, soon to be 17 and I absolutely adore her. I want to see her grow in Him and know how He sees her! I would hope this book would be a great tool for her 🙂 My two little boys look up to her, too!! Have a blessed day!

  39. Today I will “find the good in the bad”. I have to do something that I don’t want to do but today I won’t complain about it. I will do my best and serve those around me. I love the list and plan to use it in discussions with my daughter! Thank you!

  40. I was very encouraged by your devotional today to give out compliments freely. That is something I do often, but not always. I’m not sure why because it brings me as much joy to encourage others as the one who is being complimented. So I am taking the self-imposed governor off the compliment accelerator. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

  41. Wow, this was perfect. I have a 12 year old daughter that started a new, bigger school this year and I am trying to teach her to not become a part of the world…she is coming from a very small christian school into a much larger, more secular school. So, it’s important to me to teach her how show the love of Jesus and I can’t think of a better way to do that then to follow your 10 points! It’s so simple yet so easily forgotten I think.
    Thank you. And I am starting with myself and Refusing to point out mistakes AND Stop the Gossip!! Two things that seem to be the hardest for me so I am sure they are hard for her.
    Thank you Lynn, you are a wise woman!

  42. Today I will encourage a young coworker that is going through a difficult time in her life. I will say the things I am thinking about how well and quickly she is learning.

  43. Teri Kirksey says:

    I love all of your tips but #1 is especially for me this morning.

  44. #6! This is something I definitely need to work on. I’m afraid I tend to be just a smidge negative.

  45. With three daughters in the house, I notice that they frequently criticize each other. I fear that they are modeling my behavior. In my efforts to guide them and correct their behavior, most of my language toward them is critical and I point out mistakes. Not just today, but for this week, I will refuse to point out mistakes and instead give out compliments. I pray that I’ll see a change in them as well as in me!

  46. Today I will try to find the good in the bad. When I see how my kids react to unexpected or bad situations, it is clear to me that I need to be teaching the better ways to respond. We are going to try to focus more on Gods provision and His almighty power.

  47. Tiffany S says:

    Today I will think before I talk, work hard to give compliments and serve others before I’m asked. May the Lord’s goodness shine on others through me today.

  48. Lord, help me to be encouraging, to speak words that build up and give life rather than point out mistakes. Help me to take it a step further, Holy Spirit, and take every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ.

  49. Today I’ll be at a meeting with a lot of hard working women. I am going to compliment freely. I did this yesterday for a single parent friend who thought she needed to improve her time management skills! This amazing young woman is attending university full time, holding down a nearly full time job, nurturing her toddler son and building a new relationship! I told her she is already managing her time wonderfully and I could learn from her! We really don’t encourage one another enough as women.

  50. Think before we talk…in our house, we are all about not sugar-coating things. There are many times I have catch myself or have to stop my kids from saying something that will come across as hurtful. Even though what we say may be obvious or truthful. The tone we use can come across the wrong way and we have to take into consideration the personality & sensitivity level of each person.

  51. I want to teach my girls how to be beautiful on the inside, think before I speak, and brainstorm today about how to help a family this Christmas. Thanks for the wisdom.

  52. I’ll work on #3 today. I’m too good at it.
    Thank you. I really liked my devotional today.
    God bless you!

  53. Barbara Nicodemus says:

    Think before I speak- it’s so easy to contribute to a negative conversation but I have been intentionally trying to be more positive.
    Also to stop criticizing or pointing out mistakes ( especially my husband’s!).

  54. Jen Brunsvold says:

    I have been praying about this one already – Think before I talk! So powerful and I want my kids to do that, so I need to model it as well. Also, with that, giving out more compliments. 🙂

  55. You’ve inspired me through this article to give out compliments today. So often through the day, I’ll think positive thoughts towards someone or appreciate an act of kindness they do and simply not say anything. A lot of times I use the excuse that words of affirmation is not my love language. Because I often am uncomfortable receiving compliments, I rarely give compliments. By speaking good through giving out compliments today, I’ll not only be doing good, but breaking through my comfort zone for the Lord.

  56. I have two, serve together and don’t gossip. My daughter wants us to work at an interfaith dinner tonight but I’m already wanting to just come home and chill for the night. And last night I caved in and chose to gossip with a group of Christian women! Forgive me Lord!!

  57. Ashley Watchman says:

    Think before I talk

  58. Patty Whalen says:

    Remembering to notice those around me more & not be so self focused . I’m not exactly sure what I’ll notice & who I’ll help but I’m sure with prayer & the Holy Spirits guidance I’ll know what to do !!

  59. Cathi Nichols says:

    Today I will give out compliments and my daughter and I will work on shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child – she loves to fill up the boxes. She has been telling me it’s time to get them ready.

  60. Lisa Billie says:

    1. Think before we talk.

  61. I am praying for the self-control to both think before I speak and to keep in the criticisms all together. A day free of those from Mom would be noticeable indeed, I am sad to say. I praise God for the mercy he shows to me as a work in progress and thank you for sharing these words of encouragement!

  62. Thank you for that list! I am going to print it! Today I am going to help my girls see the positive in the bad. Bless you!

  63. Anita McAllister says:

    I pray often for God to guard my mouth. Thinking before I speak seems to slip my mind if I don’t have God’s help. I want to be remembered at a positive person.

  64. My goals for this year are to give compliments, and look to the positive. After a couple years of being unhappy in my life, I made the decision to change, and it has made a world of difference!

  65. Anjanette Hook says:

    To I will try and point out the small things!!! I hope to do this while I am at work and follow up when I get home tonight.
    I have a preteen daughter and am trying to teach her the Godly way to treat others. It is so hard when kids at school are so mean!!!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yes it is, Anjanette! That is why I wrote Magnetic. When our kids live out the fruit of the Spirit in their lives, it is so different from culture, they quickly stand out! When they are younger, it might not be appreciated. Girls get jealous easily, but I believe that when we allow Jesus’ spirit to pour through us, others will be drawn to us!

  66. 9. Stop Gossip.

    Make gossip a dirty word in your house. If it’s not good, it’s a no-go.

    Gossip is a bad habit to start. Love each other and lift them up… not put them down or talk about them.

  67. I will be focusing on serving others. It is easy in our hurried lives to miss small opportunities to serve. These acts can change an entire day. My goal is to always look for ways to meet a need in someone else as I go through the day with my kids, husband and at work. I want to be more aware in the “small” moments.

  68. I liked the reminder that we don’t have to say what we think! If it is not positive, I can just be quiet or find something good to say.

  69. nancys1128 says:

    As I read thru the list, I realized that I do many of them already. Not patting myself on the back so much as realizing I have a good start on living out goodness. Today I am going to work on am going to serve without being asked. As the mom, this is something I wish my house-sharers would do. Aha moment – then I had better be doing it myself! Thanks, Lynn, for your openness and willingness to share with the rest of us. I am beyond blessed by what you, and all the P31 ladies, do for us so selflessly. God bless you!

  70. Thank you so much for this list. It is pretty much what I need to start working on loving my family better. points 1-6 & 10 are the ones I really need to focus on but starting today the ones I’m going to make a start with are 1, 4 & 10, areas that have been disaster for me and what The Lord and I both know these are things I need to be fruitful in through Him and have been struggling with due to my own insecurity.

    Thank you also for the great devotion on Encouragement Today. There are some women I need to be an encouragement to despite my own trials and I pray that I can make a difference as I speak and share Jesus with them as some of them are not Christians. God bless and continue to bless the work you are doing for His glory. I long to be a mother who can truly shape her daughter and point her to Jesus in every way. This my greatest desire now and an investment I know that will never fail her, especially since I’m conditioned in what I do for her. Actually point 6 is what I need to make a true change with for my life to be effective to her and my family as a whole, to myself especially.

  71. As a single mom raising my 12 year old daughter, I try to encourage and think positive in every situation we are in even if we’re not in the best situation in life. God has bigger plans in store for us. Your words of encouragement have guided me thru days I didn’t think I could make it, but I remembered your steps. It’s so much easier to love and praise one another .

    Thank you Lynn!! God Bless!!

  72. Today I want to find the positive in the bad. I have been suffering for the past few months from an unknown lung infection and recently my headaches have gotten severe that they landed me in urgent care hooked up to an IV this weekend. I want to show my 15 year old daughter that even when things aren’t great, there is still a positive that can be found, especially in Christ. I know it will be hard as I am in pain, but I know I can do all things through Christ. Thank you for your inspiring devotion today.

  73. I am praying to see the good in the bad. I received a birthday card from my great aunt saying how she hopes I am enjoying the job that I actually got terminated from at the beginning of the year, and asking how school is when I am not in that either. I am having a really difficult time and am praying that God will help me see the good in my struggles and find the words to say to my great aunt that allow me to sound upbeat and happy.

  74. Stephanie says:

    I will give compliments for my good thoughts and not criticize mistakes. I hope my actions are contagious so that my family can learn to compliment and enjoy the positive contributions we each make at home, school, work and life. I think your book would be great for my 15 year old daughter.

  75. Today I will be serving two elderly women. The first one had emergency surgery on her back due to an infection from a previous surgery. The second on is having a full knee replacement Thursday. I will be cleaning their homes and doing any errands needed. But, it doesn’t just stop at today for serving them. I will be checking in on them throughout their healing time for any additional help they may need.

  76. Finding the positive in the bad, this is a battle for me this week.

  77. I will speak affirming words to people not just think them.

  78. Today I will refuse to point out mistakes. As a homeschool mom to a preteen, it is crucial I spend time building her up and teaching her through encouragement rather than reminding her of her mishaps.

  79. I will give out compliments freely and help my kids to learn to do the same!

  80. We are currently are on a road trip heading home. I think today is a good day to practice the fruit of the Spirit probably more than any other!

  81. Things have been a bit rough lately but today (and from now on) I will look for, and find, the positive in the bad and will do my best to lead my three beautiful daughters by example to be generous with compliments and not criticize people’s mistakes. I would dearly love to help my daughters grow in each and every fruit of the Spirit, and grow right along with them! Thank you for sharing!

  82. Arlene O. says:

    I need to work at holding my tongue and not speaking whatever comes to mind as well as bringing every thought captive to Christ. I am struggling & needed to read ur words of encouragement & nuggets of wisdom. Thx!

  83. Definitely the gossip challenge. It seems that most conversations are discussing other people’s issues..even if it’s just listening to someone talk about so and so’s things they have going on and then ‘ praying’ for that person. I only want to speak(and hear) what is edifying about someone..

  84. AndreaDennett says:

    Today I will think before I speak and lend a compliment to those around me. To see more.positive than negative. Starting with my 13 year old daughter.

  85. Today I will choose to not point out mistakes. I have a 10 year old boy and a 9 year girl. I will not point out or make a big deal about genuine childish mistakes.

  86. I realized how negative I have to come in all the busyness. I am going to slow down a bit and try to find the positive in the negative.

  87. Debbie Parker says:

    I will give,out compliments today. I deal with a disease that makes life hard sometimes. My husband and sons often help me with household chores to make things easier on me. I need to make,them feel appreciated and loved.

  88. Debbie Parker says:

    I will give out compliments today. I often receive help from my family and u need to help them feel appreciated and loved.

  89. Hi

    Your 10 point is a list to be put up where i will SEE IT OFTEN! It will be there as a REMINDER,that we

    as a FAMILY are still able to LIVE OUT THE GOOD IN OURS,no matter what. We are going through

    a tough time right now – my husband getting less and less work as a contractor as each month passes.

    Getting permanent work is very difficult here in SOUTH AFRICA, if you are white.Many whites are not

    considered even for a job position due to BBEE being in place.Many whites are told to take “the package”

    only for the position to be filled afterward. There is absolutely nothing we are able to do,BUT WE KNEW


    for HE would be THE ONLY ONE,that could possibly HELP US. It is very difficult TO FIND THE POSITIVE

    IN THE BAD – Today, i came upon your site – Perhaps FOR A REASON.I NEED all the ENCOURAGEMENT

    i can get TO HOLD ON! NOT TO GIVE UP! Number 6 stood out for me – TO STILL TRY AND FIND THE

    POSITIVE IN THE BAD.I should be focused and GROW IN THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT. Leaving all our

    problems at GOD’S FEET,will give me JOY AND PEACE.GOD wants me to have FAITH IN HIM,rather

    than in people-for people are also weak.I want others to SEE MY GOD WORKING IN ME! I CAN BECOME

    MAGNETIC and draw others to me,but MORE IMPORTANT TO DRAW THEM TO GOD. Your book:

    Magnetic – Becoming the Girl HE wants,would help me achieve this, for GOD has spoken to me before

    THROUGH WORDS. Reading this book HE will guide me along daily,giving my Spirit the Strength It Needs –

    HE wants me to BECOME the girl I WANT TO BECOME ,for if I increase the Fruit Of The Spirit, i will reach




    Thanks Lynn – Your book would be a welcome addition in our home.

    Regards from South Africa

  90. Stop gossip! I recently was surrounded by this and my ‘go to’ is to deflect with a bit of sarcasm – it does slow the gossip but… it opened me up for negative thinking. Prayed about it, then talked to my husband about it – felt God was calling me to pull away from the friendships for awhile. That was hard but it helped heal my heart and prepare me; the next time I was invited into this group, as the conversation took a gossipy turn, God gave words to say that changed the downward spiral! One friend commented later how much she appreciated it. Thank You, Jesus!

  91. Today I’m going to challenge myself and my kids to refuse to point out mistakes!! Maybe this can swithch our brains from seeing the negative more easily, to naturally going to the positive. Thank you for the 10 ways we can live out good in our family. I printed a copy for my family to use.

  92. Luba ZYGAREWICZ says:

    Starting today, I want not to be constantly pointing out mistakes/shortcomings of my kids and husband.
    But rather, I want to focus on finding the good in the bad and offer encouragement to them.
    I am very good about speaking good things that come to my mind when around other people, but I was convicted today that I don’t do that with my immediate family. I need to compliment and praise a lot more than complain and correct! Thank you!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Beautiful, Luba!

  93. Get gorgeous! Now there’s the one for me to work on! I think if looked at in certain ways, it could sum up the other points into one. Now that I have accepted Christ as my Savior, my desire is to live for Him. I not only want to live for Him, I want others to see Him in me. I have a daughter that has also given her life to Christ and has a desire to live for Him. Her dad (my husband) is unsaved. We have planted the seed by telling him about Jesus and what Jesus has done for us; trying to show in him Jesus thru us and praying and asking God for his salvation. Being gorgeous is hard sometimes…lots of times. That sinful nature always tries to creep back in, doesn’t it? Being good and showing Jesus in our lives uses some of the other points as I stated before: serving, giving, helping…all of these things Jesus did for us!!!
    I read a ‘Grandma’s Quote’ one time. It said “GOD created your face. You create the expression.” How true! Think how much a loving smile says. My daughter will be off to college next fall. I pray God will keep her safe, strong and living for Him and that her smile will always be a reflection of Jesus’ love her and others. Let the Goodness shine!!! Thanks and blessings to you for your goodness!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Love this quote, Sandy! Got to tweet it! Thanks so much!

  94. Today I will be looking to find the positive in the bad. I am home with my daughter, who’s sick with strep throat, and she’s missing a field trip. I’m looking for ways to help her see the positive in the situation and what fun things we can do together at home. Tomorrow is her birthday. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips!

  95. I need to do more than one of these “10.” 🙂 However, my oldest asked to do a box for Operation Christmas Child & I need to make a point of encouraging this sign of giving by going shopping for box items. I also must be more giving with compliments and pray my efforts to be more like Jesus will inspire my children to do the same.

  96. Today, I am going to find the positive in the bad. Its so easy for me to be critical and negative. It’s become a way of thinking for me for a long time. So I am going to challenge myself today and everyday. Thanks for the post.

  97. Jeannie Noel says:

    I teach students with special needs, and by the end of the day I feel that I sometimes have very little “good” left in me for my daughter (17) and son (10). I spend my evenings barking orders and pointing out their mistakes. I must begin building them up and showing them the same goodness I show my students.

  98. Valerie Demase says:

    Serve each other, Give out compliments & Find the Positve in The Bad. These are three that are at work in my home. I grew up in a house that was full of negativity and love was rarely shown. Now as a mother myself, I make a conscience effort to be sure my boys make no mistake that they are loved, and are taught to respect one another and work together. To serve some else, is a feeling like no other. To give out compliments of a job well done inspires someone to keep going. Finding a positive in a bad situation makes a person see that things could be so much worse. Jesus wants us to be thankful for what he gives us. Our lives our blessed. We need to be thankful, serve one another in appreciation of our blessings, compliment one another to uplift our spirits and most of all, find the positives to keep going in the bad times. Peace to all.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      My daughter got a job this year at a grocery store. She loves the challenge of making the cranky customers smile. You said it, Valerie “Serving some else is a feeling like no other!”

  99. #1 – Think before you talk. Love this – “What we think & what we say don’t have to be the same thing!” As of late, there seems to be constant bickering amongst our family. I will definitely be applying this to my life and sharing it with our kiddos.

  100. Proverbs 3:27 is a verse God opened my eyes to many years ago when I was struggling to be the submissive wife I was called to be in 1 Peter 3. The notes on my study Bible commented on verse 6 about being like Sarah and not giving way to fear referencing Pr. 3:25-27 it helped me recognize, my fear of not beingin control and that God wasy confidence was to be in God and that daily He was giving me opportunities to do good, roach out my faith. One of those opportunities involved driving my granddaughter to Kindergarten and sharing God’s word with her. She was having a hard time adapting from day care, to a more structured environment where sitting still, being quiet and listening was required much more of her. Galatians 5:22-23 became one of our memory verses. I gave her a beaded bracelets one for each of the fruits of the Spirit. She wore the bracelet of “self control” the most to help her remember God would help her to be self controlled she just needed to ask Him to help her and He did. She is now a wonderful 17 year old now has a grown-up bracelet with the fruits of the Spirit engaged on it. I don’t get to spen thetime I once did with her but I praying for her daily to be filled with the Spirit and follow his leading.in goodness and self control. I will encourage her today to be gorgeous in the goodness of the Lord. Thank you Lynn for today devotion!

  101. Bonny Logsdon says:

    my prayer is that the Lord will make me a woman who serves others even those I find hard to serve like my kids and even my husband. I want to be joyful and I also want to pass this to my children, especially my daughter. Lord give me this kind of heart today.

    Thanks for sharing.

  102. I will work to not point out mistakes and to speak compliments!

  103. Connie Yanda says:

    #10…..I want to give out compliments!! So often we think things and forget to let others know how we feel. The more positive words that are said the better the world will be. Making a concious effort to be positive and give out compliments will benefit my heart as well as others!! All 10 of these items are GREAT reminders of how we ought to live each day! I am printing them out and hanging them on the refrigerator as a reminder to the entire family of how God wants us to live each day. My daughter is a “Fruits of the Spirit” girl and I would love to do a study with her with your book!!

  104. Thank you for your insightful blog! Today, I want to look for ways to show God’s goodness to others. I pray that I’ll be poured out and refilled with God’s Spirit.

  105. #7. I plan to talk to my husband and kids today about ways we can serve together as a family this year. I know there are an abundance of opportunities. We need to pray for the Lord’s guidance on where to serve.
    Thank you for your blog and the ideas!

  106. I will be giving out compliments today with my family. I know when I receive a random compliment, from a stranger or even from my own family, it lights me up. I want to bring light to someone else’s life today…and everyday.

  107. I love all of these! I’ll be sharing this with my family today. I will be looking for opportunities for small acts of kindness as well as concentrating on the Fruits of the Spirit!

  108. I get so easily frustrated with my girls. I think they feel that I am too often disappointed in them. Today I will not point out their mistakes and try to give compliments throughout the day. Praying they will see the fruit of the spirit in my life today.

    1. I can so relate! I am with you in this today!

    2. Today, I want to “Think BEFORE I Speak”! even when I BELIEVE I am right. Sometimes my words of “support” can have a “bite” to them when I mean them to strengthen and encourage. I want to go back to a slogan that was so widely used years ago and make it my daily mantra, “What Would Jesus Do?”, and think, “What Would Jesus DO?”. I love so hard and as I look back over my life and some of the mistakes that I have made, I cringe to think that my adult daughter and single mother might be travelling the same path. We love each other so much and I am so blessed that she shares her life plans, needs, successes and struggles with me. “Dear Jesus, forgive me when I am tempted to give my advice instead of Yours and speak from my head knowledge instead of Your heart of love, wisdom, grace, mercy, and forgiveness”. I want to live in such a way that my daughter, husband and our congregation will see the Jesus in me and be drawn to Him, so that His name will be glorified.

  109. melissa b says:

    Give out compliments…love the idea of deeper compliments…not just, “your hair looks cute today”. Especially for my kids….13, 12, 10 and 8…they need to hear why I like their spirit….I like how they gave the ball to their brother, etc.My very fave compliment to pass on to my kiddos is what I heard someone else say about them. Of course, it makes me feel good when my children are complimented, but when I can pass that back to them…you can see their eyes sparkle….love it. I also love to tell good stories about the kids to other people in front of them! Thanks for your blog 😉 im new here but so excited to have encouragement in this parenting journey!

  110. Jenna Marie Miller says:

    Today I will find the good inside of the “bad” or unpleasant, uncomfortable things going on at work. I’m a preschool teacher, and sometimes we will have some childreb who dont cooperate the way we would like or expect them to. My prayer is for the Holy Spirit to guide me towards patience as I choose the positive in these children’s behavior instead of running my self ragged over the negative. God is so good, i know he will help me with this today and everyday. Blessings! Xo

  111. Sheila Kauffman says:

    Today I am going to give out compliments & not point out mistakes with my 3 children. I am also going
    To look for small acts of goodness wherever God places me today! My prayer is that this becomes more & more of my “everyday”!! Ps. My daughter is 14 & I would love to study your book with her!

  112. Thank you for your words of truth! If all women did these 10 things, we could change the world! I will seek to find the positive in each situation I face.

  113. Thanks again Lynn for a great reminder. So today is my BiBle Study and with The Holy Spirits help I will choose to be more helpful and also compliment my sisters in Christ. I have 2 teen granddaughters who r quite influential to their friends so I’m really hoping to win this book. We support 1 daughter and her 4 children and have another one living with us with her 3 children. so money is really tight otherwise I’d buy the book in a heart beat.

  114. I need to think before I speak…if I don’t have something nice to say, I need to keep my mouth shut! I’ve already bashed that one this morning, but I am resolving to stop that right now. And I need to do something nice for someone, so I can leave this current mind-set behind. I need to look for good, so I can compliment & encourage.
    Love you ladies at Proverbs 31!!!

  115. Natalie McNair says:

    I am visiting my mother in law today with my husband and I will choose to bring goodness with me by being a servant to her with whatever she may need help with today and by not dwelling on the bad/negative but looking for the good instead. Thank you for these thoughts today!

  116. Jenny lenarz says:

    I teach and coach high school girls. I am going to try harder to “catch girls in the act of kindness”. I do occasionally stop my students and compliment them for their acts of kindness or goodness, but I should do it more. When I kept a 9th grade girl after class a couple weeks ago, she thought she was in trouble, until I told her how much I appreciated the way she had taken a Chinese foreign exchange student under her wing. And then, she lit up. This taught me that I need to do it more often. Thanks for the reminder! Your book would be a benefit for me as a build into teenage girls. Jenny Lenarz

  117. Today I will encourage my teenage daughters to join me in using our word to encourage others when our minds tell us differently!

  118. Think before we talk..”What we think & what we say don’t have to be the same thing!”

    Many words come from our mouths every day, we don’t realize the hurt we are causing others, our own sin, as we speak. Our children are observing, we must set good examples. I will explain to our children, the importance of this quote.

  119. I will Find the Positive in the Bad and Think Before I Talk today and from now on! I believe this will help me and those around me. (It actually is a rainy day here!) I am a very negative person, which is not a reflection of the light I have in my heart. And I have a teen that needs to learn to guard her tongue. Guarding mine will help us to fight less! I have four daughters (two teens, an 8 yr old and a 2 yr old). The teen years are hard enough, but we have also been going through a very difficult family time the last 6 1/2 months. I think your new book would be great for my two teens. Thank you for what you do for others!

  120. Refuse to point out mistakes. And finding the positive in the bad – it’s been an interesting phase of life lately – the only way to deal sometimes is to laugh and find something positive!! Like not having to cook dinner last night because the power was out when we got home!!

  121. For me working on, look for small acts of goodness and stop gossip is what is important to me. I love to help others and to make them feel special and I hate talking about others if they are not in the room. I believe that women can be their worst enemies. We tend to judge and dislike other women even before we get to know them and to me that is just plain sad. We have no idea what women God has placed in our lives and we have rejected due to our judgment/ dislike for them before we evening know their name. I don’t want to miss out on God’s blessing me with an awesome friendship due to my insecurity.

    1. Francesca says:

      I want to stop nagging and always finding wrong in what my children and husband do, and be more encouraging and speaking good into them everyday.

  122. I want to find the positive in the bad…..life is so unpredictable. I want to win a book for my daughters!

  123. Suzy G McCravy says:

    It is a joy to help others and seeing their eyes brighten and a smile on their face. Everyone needs to know they are loved and cared about. Thank you for you word of encouragement.
    Many blessings
    Suzy Gayle McCravy

  124. Good Morning to my fellow readers….super cool devotional Lynn…i was just thinking this week of ways my husband & I can find a cool way to serve..in a different way…this will be my first yr. in many yrs. i will have the
    opportunity to do it whenever we want on the wknds..i retired 6 months ago from my lastest job of 18 yrs. in the fast food industry..i loved serving the public..loved it….but not having wknds off rather barred me from doing things..now
    i am free to do as they come up..pretty cool…& your suggestion of the SHOE BOX..is perfect….thank you for that
    idea…there is always someone in dire straights…always…

    thank you..have a great & blessed day…!!!………….kathy

  125. I plan to do things for other before they ask, this is something I’ve been asking of my kids, it’s time to lead by example. Thank you for the great words and encouragement.

  126. Today I will work on serving my family without complaining. From doing the mounds of laundry to picking up the children’s rooms. It sometimes seems so repetitive from day to day but today I am going to serve the Lord by serving my family. I pray that through my service my children will willing serve each other joyfully. I am so blessed to be able to stay home and care for my family. I don’t want to miss all of the blessings that God has for my family because I am feeling overwhelmed. Thank you Lord for the strength to serve each of them. Give me wisdom in all you want me to do.

  127. Being a mother to a special needs child has pointed out muchof societies “rudeness”. Instead of giving that mom a take control of your kid or some little smirk under your breath, give her a pat on the back and build her up with encouragement. She is probably tired and stressed out ant most likely a little defeated at that moment. We call them random acts of kindness, but to us sisters it shouldn’t be random at all- intentional and often.
    Thanks for the reminder to control my tongue and act with my heart.

  128. I am going to Refuse to Point out Mistakes today!! I can be such a total perfectionist and I expect so much of my kids! I’m going to instead – point out the amazing, beautiful, kind, good things my daughters are doing!! I don’t want my daughters to be the girls that make other girls feel uncomfortable when they walk in a room…….Thank you so much for sharing and giving me a heart check!

  129. Today I will give compliments. It’s something I always struggle with. I notice things but don’t take the time to voice them to those around me. I really love this list!

  130. Marsha Hufford says:

    I will strive to follow these steps and build my family up to do the same.

  131. Okay, okay . . . this day started on very little sleep because of an issue at work (new to working full time after being home with family 20 yrs). I prayed for my office mate and tried to fall back asleep. I decided if she had a problem with me, something I did wrong, I want to be sure I apologize. When I said Morning to her this morning, no response. I asked the LORD to help me with this because I am not one to be that way. When I tried to find out, no response of desiring to resolve. Okay, okay, LORD. Now what? Now I see your 10 ways . . . today and everyday I will make it a point simply to do small acts of kindness. Thank you for this, I think. No really, thank you for helping me see me.

  132. I will seek to give compliments to others today. What a simple way to lift another person’s heart.Thank you for the ten ways to live out goodness! I pray that these would be displayed in my family more and more.

  133. Today I am focusing on serving each other. As a stay at home mom, I often get frustrated that I pick up/do the same chores multiple times every day. I am going to remind myself that this is God’s mission for me and that I am serving my family in doing so. I am also serving my daughter by helping her to realize that she can serve others by helping clean up her own messes!

  134. What a well timed note of encouragement! We will be practicing to not point out mistakes. Although, we should practice all 10 tips on this list!

  135. I just celebrated my 30th Anniversary yesterday which brought back some memories and of how to keep our marriage and family strong with acts of kindness, not pointing out mistakes and gossiping.. All of these are great reminders that sometimes get missed in daily business of life. I will also work on gossiping. We are currently working with our teenage daughter tactfulness, that we all need to be mindful of what we say , not everything thought in our head needs to come our of our mouth. We need to think before we speak and be mindful of other peoples feelings and just because we think it does not mean that it is right..

  136. Today I will think before I speak! I love the idea that goodness is Gorgeous, and I’ll definitely be teaching that to my children.

  137. Joanna Tan says:

    My 11 yr old boy… He’s been trying really hard to practise self control, not being stressed out during exams, not complaining when I ask him to practise the piano, not picking on his 8 yr old sister. I realise I haven’t complimented him on trying so hard… He has been a real blessing. I will also stop looking at faults , which is so easy, but look for the positive that I see in my children n the people around me. TQ Lynn for giving me a little shake

  138. Today I will practice thinking before I speak. This one is always difficult for me!

  139. Summer Ann Nelson says:

    Today, I will think before I speak.
    I was finally able to sit down after a hectic morning routine with my two girls, and read the wise words of Proverbs 31 Ministries. When I clicked through the link to your post I was convicted reading the number one item to strive for “Think before you speak” having having not done exactly that this morning resulted in me watching my 5 year olds face fall when I reprimanded her for being too noisy this morning. A completely preventable moment, had I stopped and thought before I spoke. The points “refuse to point out mistakes” and “find the good in the bad” will also serve me well today. Thank you for the reminder!

  140. Today, I will share with my daughters #1: “Think before we talk. “What we think & what we say don’t have to be the same thing!” ” My daughters are wonderful girls with good hearts, but too many times they argue with one another. I want to share this with them to, hopefully, help them show their love for each other more often.

    Also, I love #2 on your list: “Look for small acts of goodness. The elderly with groceries, the neighbor’s garage can that needs to be taken up. These are all invitations to do good.” So many times I see things that could be done to help and then get busy and distracted before I take action. I resolve to ACT on the small acts of goodness that I can do for those around me.

  141. I’m choosing number one then intentionally with the remaining nine weekly. I’ve always called a spade a spade and spoke my mind. This can be a blessing or a blow to others. This blog has been an encouragement for me. Thank you!

  142. Christy Sykes says:

    These are ALL wonderful reminders & the one that stands out for me, would be to see more acts of kindness from my family* To see my 10 & 11 yr old girls do this on their own would be a true blessing~ 1st it starts with me & after seeing mom maybe they too will act too *!!!!!

  143. I will find the positive in the bad! I know God has something greater for me if a certain thing I want to pass isn’t, so I will smile and know that he will always find a way when I don’t see one for myself!

  144. Michelle Walsh says:

    Hard to just pick one! Today I will look for small acts of goodness to brighten someone’s day.

  145. Today I will think before I speak, and share the wisdom of #1 with my two teenage daughters.

  146. I loved your Procerbs 31 post today. Several of my kids shared yesterday that they were feeling unappreciated so today I’m going to read your post to them and encourage us all to give out a healthy dose of encouragement!

    Im glad I was reminded about ‘Magnetic’ again. I had forgotten I wanted to get it for my girls. I’m a single mom of four – three are girls. I think this book sounds like something that will make their foundations firmer and their roots in God run deeper to help them overcome their hurts and remind them of the love of their true Father.


  147. refuse to point out mistakes!!!!! ugggg! praying for God’s wisdom and insight into seeing things His way, not mine, see things thru the eyes of Jesus, keeping an eternal perspective… this one piggy backs on the making good out of the bad. it all is about keeping a positive attitude about what good God is doing in our lives and away from my small shallow perspective. Praying for God’s heart and perspective and words today to encourage those around me. 🙂

  148. Jennifer Davis says:

    I love that ” What we think doesn’t have to be what we say” Me and my children are going through a rough patch. My teenage daughter like most teenage girls could truly benefit from a study of the fruits of the spirit.( Some of us not so teenage girls could benefit as well 🙂 )

  149. Chasidy Bastin says:

    Funny how God has a way of speaking truth to me exactly when I need it. After a hard lesson learned by my 13 year old daughter this weekend that spreading gossip usually backfires on the gossiper, it’s been weighing heavy on my mind how often I catch myself involved in gossip or judging others. I have been praying for wisdom to not only help her through this difficult time, but to allow me to close my ears and hold my tongue when others try to draw me in to that bad habit. Thanks for sharing our thoughts–I’m printing the list and putting it on my refrigerator as a daily reminder for me and my children. God Bless you!

  150. Lacey Rowell says:

    Today I will focus on finding ways to compliment others and to not say anything negative. I have a 5 year old daughter that listens to, remembers, and repeats everything. I want to teach her that goodness is gorgeous!

  151. Wendy Bronson says:

    I will do #6 – Find the positive in the bad. I work in a very stressful at times work place. It’s corporate, so you’re often lost in being a number. My Mom always taught me that you can’t change the situation, but you can change your attitude about it. So for today – I will be positive! Thank you for blessing me with your ministry! May God bless your socks off today!

  152. Sharing positive thoughts! So easy, yet something I often overlook.

  153. Just had a talking/learning moment with my 3 oldest daughters this morning on building up, not tearing down. Then found this website and so loving this message today. Making a decision TODAY to bring goodness, not ugliness into our home and keep it here! Today we are going to refuse to point out mistakes…in fact I had to stop typing this and remind a sister of this just this moment!
    Goodness is a choice, right? It takes work, but looking forward to eating the fruits of our labor!
    Thank you!!!!

  154. Laura Anderson says:

    Today, I will focus on idea #5 – Give out compliments. So often overlooked by the giver, but always welcomed by the receiver!

  155. Small Acts of Goodness! I am writing a note of encouragement from our family and including a small monetary gift for a couple in our community. The gentleman is in the hospital and his wife is by his side. He has been in and out of the hospital several times with medical issues and I know his wife has had to eat many hospital meals. I pray this note will uplift them and that the money will help with a meal or coffee and a snack. Thank you for always having an encouraging message through your online devotions and your blog.

  156. Pattie Eager says:

    Today, I will focus on the positive and look for ways to compliment my children and husband. Be intentionally positive with my comments and avoid negativity.

  157. LOOK FOR SMALL ACTS OF GOODNESS!!! I have been struggling about how to handle my neighbor across the street that has decided not to talk to me. Not sure why, but, I’m mailing out a card to her to let her know that I’m thinking about her because of your post today. Perfect timing!

    I do have a teenage girl that has swayed off her path of right and wrong. This book would be perfect for her.

    Thank you so much for today’s post of why ARE we so hard on each other?

  158. Carolyn Rogers says:

    All good choices but as a mom, what spoke to me is to not point out mistakes…duh, and giving my kids more compliments. OH, and positive thoughts while I’m at it. You’re right, we all know when we’ve made a mistake. How much more encouraging it would be for me to point out my kids’ good acts just like I do for others. Seems much easier for me to do it with others, which is ridiculous. Thank you, Lynn, for these simple things we can do to live goodness out.

  159. WOW! Thanks for sharing these. I’ll be sharing these with friends as well! The one that really struck a nerve with me was not pointing out mistakes. YIKES! How easy it is to point them out (all in the name of parenting). I know I need to compliment others more often as well – especially my husband. God has brought so many amazing people into my life and I realize I don’t take the time to acknowledge all they do. Forget the negative, and focus on the positive!!! Thanks again for sharing these much needed words!!!!

  160. Today I will compliment someone doing good. Everyone needs encouragement. I will also find the positive in every situation I face today. Thank you for all you do.

  161. Jennifer Brooks says:

    I plan to give out more compliments today. A sweet lady that I work with is having a hard day.

  162. Bridgette says:

    I must continue to learn how to focus on the positive instead of the negative. As there is good in everyone.
    I was truly inspired. Glory-be-to God . . . .

    Love you all:-)

  163. Amy Parker says:

    Today I will focus on the positive and make a point to compliment those around me. At our mother/daughter sleep over at church on Friday we studied the Fruits of the Spirit~would love to get your new book and study this with my 2 daughters!

  164. Heather dundore says:

    I’m going to practice serving today. Specifically, doing the most hated chore of my son- putting his laundry away. Yes, he needs to learn responsibility, but today he just gets grace!

  165. Jennifer Clark says:

    Today I am going to make sure I think before I talk. Is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind- I tell my daughter that and fail a lot!

  166. I really need to practice #1…… Think before I speak. Will do a LOT of thinking today!

  167. These are such great tips! And can be easily incorporated into our everyday lives little by little..

    I will “Refuse to point out mistakes.” … Something that’s usually difficult for us “Type As.”

  168. Abayomi Ayinde Adegboyega says:

    I am not a lady, but a man and a pastor. I subscribed to Proverbs 31 and received mails daily which blessed me and am connecting to my wife and women to enjoy the blessing. If you don’t mind, I chose to look for something good in very situation is my choice. All your points are instructive to me and nothing to dismissed or belittled. Once again thank you for being continuous blessing to me and my ministry.

  169. Lynn, thank you so much for this article. I know personally I need to practice all of these in my life, especially think before we talk, refuse to point out mistakes, find the positive in the bad, & stop gossip. I try every day to be a good godly example for my children & grandchildren. And I thank God for godly women like you & all the women At Proverbs 31. When I read an article from you or one of the other ladies, I am always encouraged & I can go through my day, no matter what happens, feeling like I can do anything I sat my mind to. Again thank you all for such inspirational & encouraging articles each & every day. God bless you all.

  170. Today I will teach my younger daughter to serve together. My older daughter is in a program called Girls on the Run and will practice a 5K today. The girls run around the block of the school 13 times and the instructors stand at opposite corners but have had no volunteers to encourage the girls on the other corners. I will bring my younger daughter with me to stand on a corner and serve by encouraging the girls in their run. Both my daughters know that I was struggling with doing this because this is during my free time when my 10 month old son is at day care. I hope this will help them to understand to serve others and serve them enthusiastically. I know I will get more joy from encouraging the girls than completing the tasks I needed to do at home.

  171. Sandy Bauer says:

    Today, I will greet every person I cross paths with a compliment to uplift their day. I will clear my mind and heart of all negative things and focus on what I can contribute positively to everyone around me.

  172. Think before we talk. Definitely need more work with this!!!! AND……..I love your blog! Keep up the great work!

  173. I’m going to congratulate the girl who got the promotion I didn’t. Man — get post today.

  174. Donna Stewart says:

    I will refuse to point out mistakes from now on. I did that a lot when my daughters were at home, looking back now I know why they thought I was picking on them. NO MORE!

  175. Maureen F. says:

    Today i will not point out mistakes.

  176. I will today do two things refuse to point out mistakes, I’ve been guilty of that for sure, and to share good and kind thoughts when I can. I love to encourage others with kind words of encouragement. I need them so much in my life.
    I would love to win a copy of your book for my 18 year old granddaughter who I just recently lead to the Lord.
    Thank you for your wonderful devotion today, very encouraging for me. <3

  177. Susan Gruener says:

    I will refuse to point out mistakes…AND think before I talk. 🙂 My lovely granddaughter just turned “sweet 16” yesterday. This book would be great for her.
    Thanks Lynn!
    Blessings upon blessings to you!

  178. Diane Iverson says:

    Today I will think before I speak. I agree, just because we think something doesn’t mean we can’t keep our big trap shut and keep it to ourself. Thank you for this good reminder!

  179. I am going to look for every opportunity to hand out a compliment and encourage others. You’re right Lynn. There are so many times I hold back from giving compliments. I am going to make it a point to lavish them on everyone and encourage my family to this as as well. You never know when someone might need a positive word. Thanks for sharing…

  180. I am working on thinking before speaking, not pointing out mistakes & find the positive in the bad. I thank you for your ministry. I bought Revolutionary Love & Revolutionary Year for my friends 2 teenage daughters. I’d like the Magnetic book to give this additionally to them.

  181. Great blog!!! I’m terrible at pointing out mistakes, especially of my children. Today, I will not point out the mistakes of my older children as they already know what they are. Instead, I wl use praise and encouraging words on what they are doing right. Thank you for reminding me to speak out loud compliments I only think.

  182. I love your reminder to speak a good thought when I have one cross my mind! Thanks for the list here and the beautiful devotion at P31 today, Lynn!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so much, Alicia!

  183. Lydia Swire says:

    I’m going to give compliments to my daughter!! My husband and I are separated and its been hard on her. She was struggling but in these last 6 months she is really searching out the Lord, got a job working with children which she loves and is trying to find her way.

    I’m really thinking about getting her your book – Thank you for the encouraging devotions that make us all think about living out goodness in our families. I have two great kids and the Lord is definitely working in them and I just want to encourage that they grow stronger each day in their faith.

  184. Today I have made a point to Stop Gossip. There were several times that I reached for my phone to text a friend/co-worker about work issues. And I stopped and thought, what good will this produce? None. No texts were sent!

  185. I will give praise to family members, and not use any negative talk of anyone. I want to be a bringer of good to my family.

  186. I want to work on complimenting others more. Kind words can really brighten a day. I often think positive things of others but fail to communicate those thoughts. It’s time to love on others more! Thanks for the wisdom and motivation to be a brighter light in the world.

  187. My Bible study group is serving treats between church and Sunday school in November. We use the free will donations to buy gifts for a needy family in our community. I really enjoyed the simple list of things… Life is too short for it to be over complicated!

  188. Today I am meeting a group of lady friends for a time of Bible Study and fellowship and I desire to voice out those compliments that flash across my mind from time to time but which I am sometimes just plain lazy to voice out! Thank you for remnding me that we need to voice the good thoughts because the power of life and death are in the tongue.

  189. Reneé Clubb says:

    I am going to give lots of compliments to my family today!

  190. Nancy Smith says:

    I am going to find the positive in the bad. I am a pessimist and this has to change with 4 kiddos watching me!

  191. Gretchen Scoleri says:

    Find fhe positive in the bad. Been a pretty tough day. I choose joy rather than despair

  192. Today I will Think Before I Talk. This is one that trips me up quite a bit, especially with family.

  193. Sharon Serrano says:

    I think I will have to go with stop the gossip. Sometimes I tend to gravitate towards calling this venting, but truly it is gossip. Jesus come see me 🙂

  194. I always appreciate a good compliment. I think I will start handing them out as much as possible. There can never be enough positive in this world these days and you never know what it could really mean to the other person.

  195. I will stop pointing out mistakes and think before I speak. I want to be an encourager not discourage people. There is no condemnation in Jesus so why should what I speak be that?

  196. I need to stop pointing out mistakes people make. I was raised to do so and brought it into my marriaage. After six and a half years, this habit has to stop. I dont like it done to me so why do it to others. I commit myself from now on to stop.

  197. Today I done small acts of goodness… I took homemade cinnamon rolls to the ladies I used to work with for 14 years…. & also made lunches for two elderly widow women. But the one thing I struggled with is my very head strong daughter got into someone trouble at her school today & instead of becoming unglued I tried to use the situation to show grace as well as let it be a teaching moment by expressing my “anger” without sinning!! I pray she saw that in her mom.

  198. I’m going to work on refusing to point out mistakes and giving more compliments.

  199. Small acts of goodness used to be a fun thing to do when my girls were younger, but now that they are older, “hurried” schedules seem to prevail. It’s time to slow down and let our actions show Christ’s goodness in us in practical ways!

  200. Charlene C. says:

    This day is mostly done, but I will strive to be serving others as a wife, mother, and friend. I want to serve joyfully instead of bitterly. God gave me my beautiful family, I will show my thankfulness.

  201. I have small kids and it’s important to try and remember to speak positive words to everyone we meet. They would often ask why I would tell the drive thru lady at McDonalds have a good day, and I would always explain it’s important to be kind and say kind words to everyone no matter what. Reading this again reminded me on how important this is to small watchful eyes. When they play or hand things over, they also will repeat what they hear or have seen me do or say. Thankfully, the latter has only been positive. Lord knows they will go to school one day and “say” something I know I’ve said that was probably not in my finer moments of being a Godly lady!! I am encouraged to try and see the good in everything. I think that’s a choice and habit just like stopping cursing or putting down that 5th biscuit at red lobster. I excuse myself and say I’m being a realist when really it gravitates towards negativity every time. I’m encouraged to get in the habit of seeing good and speaking life to positive things as often as possible. Thanks!

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