I wonder what the Lord thinks sometimes when He sees us and what would He want to say. These were the thoughts that came to my mind:

I know your life. You are sometimes bored with work and the monotonous schedule; every day is Ground Hog Day. Often there is no spark; no joy. There is no fire in your love; no excitement. That is not what I created you for; not what I have for you. Do you think I would leave the perfection of heaven – would I have come so you could have an uneventful, boring life? I came so that you would have life to the full! Not full of busy, schedules, food, people; full of joy in me!

You will not find that fullness in your spinning life with five minute devotions. As a dating couple cannot get enough of each other, that is how I want you to want me. I long to see your face eager to meet with me; excited to be with me. Clearing your schedule to be with me.

Why would that bring me joy? Because I know that in my presence is fullness of joy. That’s what you really want, isn’t it? To be joyful? Here it is…it’s me. Come and spend time with me so I can give joy to you.



  1. I am reminded that it is His JOY that makes us complete!! Thanks for this post, Lynn. It is so easy to feel like I have lost His joy when it is with me all the time. I just have to light the fire by spending time with Him.


  2. Oh Lynn, not only is God speaking to my heart here…but He is speaking to me!…to Joy! Joy, that fullness cannot be found in the minutes you are giving to Me. Joy, you have lost your excitement and your passion. Joy, your walk with Me has become boring and routine…not because of Me, but because you are pursuing lesser things. In My presence alone is fullness of Joy.

    Oh sweet friend, pray I will answer His call.

    This is our last weekend with Chris home. Tomorrow my parents are coming over for a big turkey dinner and then we take Chris to University on Monday. I know you will be praying. Thank you.


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