Leaving a Legacy

I’m extraordinarily blessed, because I have not one, but two.

Two God fearing moms.

My mom, Lila Martin Parker, came into a very real relationship with Jesus when I was in the third grade. Her new life in Christ brought new life in our family. In fact, if you were to interview me and any of my older brothers and sisters (which there are 6), it might sound like we are talking about two different families!

As a teen, I would wake up each morning and see my mom, there in her cozy living room chair, still in her housecoat, reading God’s word. I knew it had to be important, because she did it EVERY DAY. Without fail, she would be there, meeting with Jesus.

I watched her serve. Although she was a mother of 8, each week she taught the children of others at our church. She went to the nursing home and sang to the elderly. She taught Bible studies and spoke at women’s fellowships. She gave…constantly…and I saw Jesus in her.

One day, July 25, 1987, Jesus blessed me again with a woman I call Mom #2. On this day, not only did I get a terrific husband, God blew me out of the water with an amazing second family. Mom #2, Annette Cowell, is my mom-in-love. Annette and my mom were dear friends, Bible study mates, and that day she became my family and dear friend.

This woman has been my cheerleader and daily prayer warrior. Her “praise Jesus” texts and reminders that she is praying for me often lift me up when I feel overwhelmed. Though she lives a 1,000 miles away, I truly sense her on her knees for me and my family. I could never thank her enough.

These are the women I want to be like. These are the women I want to inspire and empower my girls to emulate. These are the women, though my speaking and writing to teen girls, that I want to lift up as a model of what a “successful” woman truly is. I am so thankful that Proverbs 31 Ministries helps me to do just that!

Is there someone in your life who has lived out the Bible and strengthen your walk with Christ? Join me in honoring her this month with a donation to Proverbs 31 Ministries. We’ll send a card to her letting her know you’re honoring her faith and through your donation you’ll be helping us reach millions of women a day with the truth of God’s love. Click here to find out more.

Thank you in advance, friend, for helping us at Proverbs 31 Ministries to raise up another generation of godly women and to encourage women today to keep pursuing Jesus!


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