Listen to Three

Growing up, my mother tried to teach me early on to be sensitive to hearing God speak. Read His Word, obey what is says and listen for a still, small voice. She also used to say to listen to groups of three. If you hear the same verses three times, hear a similar sermon three times…you get the picture. She said that is one of the ways that He confirms what He is trying to say.

I never really asked why, but I began to look for and see in my life God confirm things over and over. When I was making a decision about what to do after high school; three ways He spoke to me to go to Last Days Ministries. I read a magazine article about serving. The next day I heard a sermon on serving. A couple of days later I read a page in a magazine that said “Come and serve at Last Days Ministries”. Now, I am NOT saying that every time you read something like that, that it is God. I am saying that if you are in a place where you are asking God for direction, open your eyes and ears and be ready to hear.

Today, I saw the “three” in scripture. In Acts 11: 1 – 18, Peter is up on the roof top praying and while he is, he has a vision. In this vision, God lowers a sheet with all sorts of tame and wild animals, reptiles, and birds. The Lord said, “Get up, Peter; kill and eat them.” Now, this probably freaked Peter out a bit. You see all of these creatures were just the sort of creatures that God had forbidden the people to eat before the time of Jesus. But God is trying to tell Peter,”You’re praying; I’m talking. It is time for a new thing.”

Peter’s first response is “No, Lord. I have never eaten anything that our Jewish laws have declared impure or unclean.” But the Lord replied, “Do not call something unclean if God has made it clean.” Then this happened THREE TIMES before the sheet and all it contained was pulled back up to heaven.

Could the Lord possibly have something new He wants to do in you; through you? Maybe you have thought the idea weird or absurd. Ask Him for three. Three confirmations that He is in fact speaking to you. Once you do, keep your eyes and ears open. He just might show you something amazing!


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