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Friday I had the wonderful priviledge to meet with the women of Northbrook UMC in Roswell, Georgia. On the way to the church from my hotel, Jacinda asked me a simple question, “What is your background?”. If only she knew! I was born into a Catholic family. When I was still in elementary school, my parents made the decision to start attending a Pentecostal church. For junior high, I asked my parents if I could attend a Baptist school. The foundation for my faith was really laid during that time and in high school in a Wesleyan church. Greg and I got married in an Assembly of God church. After we were married, we attend a prosperity church in Greenville, South Carolina. Moving back to Iowa, we helped to plant a Vineyard church and now in Charlotte attend a rocking church called Elevation – an amazing move of God that has grown to 5,000 people in three years. Check it out at

Now to many of you, that background may sound very confusing! When I look it, I see the hand of God bringing me to a place where I can see the church of Jesus as one big family. In Acts 2:44 it says “And all the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had.” ALL the believers. They were not divided by differing beliefs. My husband Greg often says we should not major on the minors. In other words, if we all are in agreement that Jesus is the Son of God and came in order to forgive us for our sins and bring us back to the Father, than we are brothers and sisters in Him. THAT is what matters.

As we tear down walls of difference, we will be amazed at what we can learn from each other and even more amazed at what the Lord can do in and through us as we truly share who He is with those who are around us.

Be intentional. Look for another believer that might believe a little different than you. Hang out together. You can learn from her and she can learn from you. Together let’s truly show the world that we are different. Jesus said it best, “They will know that we are Christians by our love!”



  1. What a great post, my friend! Thank you for that encourgement to step out! I know that the ladies in Georgia were blessed by your talk. Hope all is well…talk to you soon!

  2. Lynn, I'm with you. I grew up in an Alliance church. When I hit my teen years we moved to a Baptist Church. My husband grew up in the Anglican church, so when we got married we moved to a Free Methodist Church. I attended Youth Groups at Baptist, Alliance and Christian Reformed. We are now back at a Baptist Church. We weren't really church hopping. Moves and ministry positions had God move us each time. We still have wonderful relations and connections in all the churches mentioned above.

    My Dad was a lay Pastor, speaking in every denomination, filling in when Pastors where on holidays or ill. Every Sunday would find me in a different congregation. I grew up enjoying the fellowship of the church.

    Your post ties in so well with thoughts from Acts. References to "the church"…not "churches". Oh for the unity of the body of Christ.

    Just the other day a friend of mine was sharing with me how they had called their Pastor in need of a group of prayer warriors to support them during a difficult time. Their Pastor was aware of a team of people at a different denomination that had a special ministry in this area of concern and he called them to work with my friend and her husband. That's the way it should be. One in the bond of Christ.

    Love & prayers,

  3. Thanks for this post Lynn! How true it is! I go to two churches that could not be more different from each other style and congregational wise. However, they both believe the same foundational truths. I've had conflicting thoughts about which was the "right" church but after reading this I have been reminded that the minor, petty things really don't matter at all!

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