A Cool God Thing

Never put anything past God! Today, He spoke to me in the tire store. Yes…the tire store.

It was time to get new tires and I had a sense that I had better get them on before I head out for Georgia tomorrow. I was a bit nerveous; Greg and Zach put some very cool rims on my Scion XB, but unfortunately they are a weird size. I was SO hoping the ordered tires would come in before my road trip. They did in fact arrive today!Thankful that once again He was taking care of me, I settled down in the waiting room couch with my Bible for what I assumed would be a long hour.

A gorgeous young girl came in shortly after me and pulled out her thick college book. “Biology?” I asked. “No, anatomy.” From here, Morgan and I had a great conversation about school, God and life at nineteen. As Morgan talked, I could totally see what God had set up, especially when she said, “Everyone wants to be wanted. Girls need to know that they matter and hard choices today will lead to better things later.” For a moment, I had this crazy feeling that she had read my notes for my talk tomorrow! That line…everyone wants to be wanted is part of my “He is That Into You: Finding Perfect Love in The Heart of God. As I listened to her talk, it was as if the Lord was encouraging me, “Keep speaking what you’re speaking, Lynn. I want others to know I want them”.

It is conversations like these that encourage me to continue sharing God’s heart; that He really and truly is flipped-out, madly in love with us! That the desire of His heart is for each one of His creations to not only know that, to not only receive that, to not only live in that, but to be completely and utterly changed by His amazing love.



  1. Don't you just love those unexpected God moments? Enjoy your time in Georgia! Looking forward to seeing you Friday afternoon!


  2. Lynn, Sometimes my heart can hardly stay put as I step out of my house headed for those "routine" daily chores. It's in the everyday stuff that we meet with life and God shows up. I LOVE visiting with strangers and see God in the moment.

  3. Hi Lynn, Very cool God moment and i love how you see those opportunities and respond to them!

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