He’s Saying “I Love You”

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Have you ever just thought for a minute of all the ways that God says “I love you”. I like to have my ears and heart open to hear whenever I can…I just can’t get enough.

My favorite way is through His creation. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that we are closer to God in His creation than in any cathedral made with human hands. I just couldn’t agree more. Just look at this:

When I saw Linville Falls in the mountains of western North Carolina last week, I just thought, “That is the type of thing you made just because….”

Sometimes it is through those you love and love you:

Sometimes it is in ways maybe we don’t want to hear…the answer “no” when we want desperately to hear “yes”.

No matter how He is saying it, He is saying “I love you”. How do you best hear Him speak these words? Just click on “comment” below. You might just open the eyes of another to see God in an entirely different way!



  1. I hear Him say I love you when He holds me in his arms at the end of everyday and whispers I was waiting for you….when the sun comes up and the birds are singing..when He gives the gift of a new friend ..like you. Analycia and I are doing well we got married to Jesus "officially" rings and all on Sunday.I look forward to hearing I love you much more each day as I teach my daughter.Thankyou again for your obedience to Christ.You do make a difference!!!!!!!!!Love Melissa and Analycia FRom Antioch conference attendee

  2. One of the reasons I absolutely MUST go outside for a walk or bide ride every day is to take in the natural beauty all around me. I feel like it's God special gift to me. Especially those dramatic, cloud-infused sunsets.

    But like you, Lynn, my ears and heart are ALWAYS open, and He uses people, events and situations to speak His love to me regularly. And I'm SO grateful.

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