Maybe He’s Calling You?




Have you ever thought about investing in the teens girls you see at church, in your neighborhood or your child’s school?

Does the thought of it intimidate you or do you wonder how you would get started?

Today, I’m sharing my story over at Circle of Faith. Just click here to read the rest of the story!

I’d love to have you stop by…maybe He’s calling you too!

I’m also giving away a signed copy of “Devotions for a Revolutionary Year”.

See you there!



  1. Jennifer Jones says:

    I have been wanting to be a mentor for quite some time:) I think this article may help me, but I can find the link to read the whole story. It may be because I’m on my phone. Any idea?

  2. Sister Lynn Cowell, I love your article. As I read I thought about the young girls in my church and the things that children face now days compared to when I was in school. I took notes to incorporate in their Sunday School class when I have to fill in. It’s also an issue I shall share with their teacher as well. I know that you have a grown son, but do you have any devotions for teenage boys, you or your husband?

    Sincerely Yours,

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      LaTara, I don’t. When it came to my son, although I homeschooled him until he was in 7th grade, there were just so many things that I missed because I didn’t know. At this point, I just don’t feel like it is my area of expertise or calling. My husband doesn’t write 🙂

      You might want to check out a blog called “The MOB Society” – mothers of boys. Hope that helps!

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