What’s Your Plan? – Wednesday Wisdom Tip

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Do you ever have the feeling time is flying by?

This weekend I had the privilege of speaking at the Mother/Daughter weekend for Mt. Pisgah Academy near Asheville, North Carolina. Normally when I speak to a group of teens, I bring one of my daughters. This time, I brought my mother!

During our time together, my mom said something that really impacted me. “Lynn, I know it seems like life is just so busy with all you have to do for your kids, but believe me. You’ll wake up one day, be 78 and wonder where did it all go?”

Friend, that’s why we have to make a plan.

Make a plan to be intentional about spending time with our kids.

For years we heard the line, “It’s not the quantity of time, but the quality.”

I think they were wrong.

Quality time can’t make up for a lack of quantity of time. We have to spend time with our kids.

That’s why I was so blessed this weekend to see these moms take a weekend out to invest in their relationship with their girls; a whole weekend. I guarantee it…their daughters felt valued just by the amount of time their moms spent with them just investing in them.

Grab your calendar. Go ahead…I’ll wait a minute.

Look at the next few months.

What weekend can you carve out for your girl? What could you do to plan a whole weekend where your one goal is to make your daughter feel valued by you?


Here are a few ideas:

* Plan an early spring camping trip. Just you and her roughing it together!

* Find a friend who is going away for the weekend and ask her if you can borrow her house. What an adventure! No laundry or messy closets begging you to come and work!

* Look for a mother/daughter retreat for you to enjoy together! I’ll be in Carthage, North Carolina February 23rd, Lemmons, South Dakota March 2nd and Tampa, Florida April 27th. Just click on “Speaking” for more information. Come and join one of my daughters and me!


What ideas do you have to create a special weekend with your daughter? Let’s share our creative ideas together! Just click on “comments” below.




  1. I have a 9-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old daughter. I hope to get some special time with them soon. I would like to do a spa weekend at a kid’s spa. Then perhaps go skating or bowling or something they want to do together.

    When we can’t plan a full weekend away, I sneak moments each day to spend with them alone. We pray together, giggle, share stories.

    Thanks for reminding us we need to spend quality time with our daughters.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Angela, I do that too! Yesterday, Madi and I took a break…she was studying for exams. We went to Starbucks. The conversation on the way there and back was just what we needed 🙂

  2. Heather P says:

    My daughter just turned 13. We tend to make sure that we plan to watch movies together on the weekend at least once a month. The movie is generally rented from Redbox.

  3. So sweet to see your mom and you together. I’m not 78 but I can’t help feeling like my time as an active mom raising four girls flew by. I love the idea of spending special time with my daughter…the time with her home is slipping away 🙁

  4. If I can’t find weekends – mostly due to their sports/activity schedule -I can always find a day or evening to set aside. Sometimes cost is a factor too – but you can always find low cost or no cost options. I just took my teen daughter out last night to a free Mary Kay facial. My consultant is doing 50 faces/50 days competition and so I signed us up. It was great. She learned alot about taking care of her skin at this tender age and how to properly apply makeup that compliments her. Window shopping is another wonderful time – check out what styles they are into and help guide them in their decision/thought process. They really do value your opinion. These little snatches of time together has really enhanced our bond and shown her that I do see her growing up and that I am there for her and want to be a part of it all – the good and the bad.

  5. I don’t have a daughter, but I do have a niece. We spend time together so much, she is like my daughter. Recently, she has shown more intrest in getting to know our Lord, so that is what we have been working on when we get together. We like to take walks in the park and discuss how much Jesus loves each of us. We talk about our days, and look up verses on my YouVersion app.

  6. Yes I feel the same way. I was waiting for something to
    happen to my child, something I wanted to happen. Then I realized
    that God wanted something else to happen he has another plan!Remember
    Jeremiah 29:11. This verse always brings me comfort when things don’t go
    the way I planned.Thanks for all you do in your ministry.

  7. I live away from my family son, dil and 3 grandchildren.. My DIL and 2 granddaughters are going to do bible study via the internet… yea.. A way to visit.. Share our bible and learn together. We are so looking forward to this.. I’m just learning of you site… Look forward to check it out….

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I love that Cathy! My friend Elisa Pulliam is doing a study of “His Revolutionary Love” online next month at her website More to Be!

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