Moms Together: Guest – Suzie Eller

Hi Friends,

My heart beat is to empower you as a mom so that we can together raise wiser daughters. In fact my dream when I was writing “His Revolutionary Love” was that moms would not give this book to their daughters, but go through it with them. That dream is coming true! Together we are starting a love revolution!

I wanted to introduce you to one of the wisest moms I know – Suzie Eller. I go back over and over again to a book she has written called “Real Issues; Real Teens”. I highly recommend it!

Suzie has been a huge cheerleader in my life and I want her to be one in your’s too!

Who is T. Suzanne Eller?

First, she’s mom. Wife. New grandma! Cancer survivor. Lover of Christ. She’s a woman who has a story of a painful past, but it’s only one chapter in the story of her life.

She’s an author, a Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker and writer, a columnist and media advocate for knowing Christ, living free, and nurturing families in spite of a painful past.

Suzie cheers on those who feel that they aren’t beautiful to God because of their choices, or the choices others made that shaped them. She is passionate about helping them to understand who God is and what happens when you give every part of your life story to Him.

Her desire is to lead women in a new direction.

A painful past can impact you in three ways:

Your faith
Your family
Your feelings

Thanks so much for joining us here today to talk about your Face Book page for moms of all ages called Moms Together, Suzie!

How did this page get started?

I was blogging for a community called Christian Momlogic (Time Warner), but when my agreement with them ended I changed venues to Facebook. While I loved the concept at CML, women had to find us. It just doesn’t work that way for busy moms, or anyone else for that matter. We needed to be accessible. I had 500+ moms for three years on CML. Within 8 weeks we had over 1000 moms on Moms Together. Now we have around 3000 after 6 months. It’s not the numbers for me. It’s faces and names and real women who we get to hang out with five days a week. It’s a true community and I love it!

What is your heart beat for this cyber gathering?

Being a mom is amazing, but it’s also tough at times. We have military moms, moms of multiples, young moms, older moms, moms of babies, toddlers, tweens, teens, and we have grandmas (I’m one of them!). I think that we offer community on a broad, but intimate level. I wanted to be able to talk about anything, from spiritual issues to practical how-to. It’s surpassed my first hopes. What has emerged is a strong group that feels like friendship. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of these women in person and I love what they are saying: Moms Together encourages them in the joy that they love best.

Do you have a schedule for when you post i.e. certain subjects on certain days?

I have four great partners in this venture. Laurie Wallin is someone I admired as a mom blogger and life coach. She has bio and adopted children, and all four of her beautiful children are special. But she has also dealt with some special needs. Two of her children have mental health needs, and this is a growing issue for moms. She brings a unique and very practical voice to the mix. Jill Hart is a radio host, author and founder of Christian Work at Home for moms. She has two young children and she loves to encourage our moms who desire to earn income from home. Carla Williams is an author and publisher, but most of all she’s our spiritual mom. She’s a grandma to many, and she has this wonderful calming presence. Laura Polk is our funny self-professed “crispy mom” who is overwhelmed as a working mom who is juggling 100 different things. She’s delightful. And then there’s me. I’m a P31 speaker and writer, but first of all I’m a mom and now a grandma! I am a mom who overcame a painful past with the help of a beautiful Savior to give my children something greater. Sometimes it’s very hard to be the mom you want to be when no one showed you how.

We each post one day a week, and we don’t limit our topics to our specialties. We have tons of great guests join us on a myriad of topics. This keeps it diverse and interesting.

How can moms become “friends” of Moms Together?

They go to and click on “like”. I can’t wait to meet these new friends!

Thanks so much Suzie!!!


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