Youth Worker Journal

I have found a great resource I want to share with those of you who work with youth. Whether it is your own children, your children’s friends or you are part of the youth group at your church, Youth Worker Journal is a wonderful resource for those of us who are investing in the next generation.

Recently they highlighted “His Revolutionary Love” by publishing a excerpt. This is a great way to “test drive” this study to see if it would be a great resource for your youth group! Click here to read more!

Think “His Revolutionary Love” would be exactly the tool to speak true love into the young women at your church or organization this summer?

Would your church be looking for a way to empower young women with confidence to make wise decisions?

Forward this post onto to the youth director at your church; telling them of “His Revolutionary Love”! Be sure to share the great news of the free leadership guide making leading this group easy for any leader! Just email me with your request and I will get it right to you!


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