Monday with Madi: 3 Weeks on Understanding Depression

3 Weeks on Understanding Depression

Join us tomorrow for a new Monday with Madi series: understanding depression. Madi will be sharing her own struggle and how we can love and help those who struggle with depression as well.

See you tomorrow!




  1. This is a very timely post and such a blessing to my family at this time. My son has struggled with depression as a teenager and has shown great strides. As he enters a new school year, he will go back to counseling to help him with the transition of starting post-secondary education. This has been written so well, Madi, that I know that if he reads this, it will be helpful to him. He was raised in the church, but left after much bullying. I know that I can share this with him and he will not be offended by any reference to Christianity (and I hope that it will touch his heart). I look forward to your insight the next 3 weeks.

  2. Martha Richardson says:

    I know this series was in 2017 but is there anyway that I can access the entire series? I lost my husband in 2011 and my daughter in 2017. I have had Major Depressive Disorder for many years and am being treated but right now I am so depressed. I am having tremendous financial difficulties, my granddaughter doesn’t want to spend time with me anymore, I miss my daughter so much I really need some guidance. I attend a grief group for people who have lost children but I can’t talk to them about my financial worries. I’m trying to get a better paying job but that hasn’t happened and I really feel like God doesn’t hear my prayers. Either that or I have done something so bad in my life that God can’t forgive me but is being vengeful against me. Is there a book I can read, other than the Bible, that will help or some devotions or any suggestions you have? Thank you

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi Martha,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to me! There are no words for how hard your life has been. I am so very sorry. I do know that the Lord loves you and though it can be so very difficult to see that or feel it, He does and His desire is for you to experience health. There is NOTHING that is so bad that He cannot figure. It is an impossibility. He absolutely loves you, but it can be so hard to believe that this is true when life is hard.

      Honestly, I had forgotten that my girl wrote this series at the very beginning of her mental health journey. She wrote it when she was 18 and getting ready to go into college. Today, this same daughter, after many years of counseling weekly, soaking her heart and mind in the truth of God’s word through both reading it as well as listening to worship, and medication is thriving. She has graduated from college and is pursuing her dream of empowering others by working in a school for girls who struggle with learning, emotional and behavior problems. I have to say, the road has been a lot of hard work for her, but each day, though it is not an easy walk, she is winning the battle for mental health.

      Here are the links to all three weeks:

      I highly recommend the writings of Dr. Caroline Leaf. She has many life-changing books. Her podcasts, as well as social media, also share so much great free materials.

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