This morning, I’m looking at my life and wondering – how has it all gone so fast? What have I accomplished ? What about all the dreams I had as a teen? Will they ever come to pass or were they just ideals I had as a child?

In my kitchen, I have a beautiful tile back splash that was created by a master craftsman. In this piece of art, there are small mosaic squares that are spectacular. They sparkle when they shine in the light. When you get up close to look at them, you will discover that they are actually crushed green glass.

What was the life of this glass? Was it once a hand blown emerald vase, a sparkling chartreuse earring or a twinkling jade trivet? All beautiful, yet useful.

This glass is now not useful at all. It’s purpose now is to each and every day make my kitchen beautiful. All it does is make me a bit more happy as I serve my family in my workplace.

Lord, maybe this a picture of my life. I was created by your hand and I know that I am beautiful to you, but I also put a lot of emphasis on being useful. This year has felt a lot like the process that this glass had to go through – smashing, crushing, squeezing – I haven’t felt really very valuable at all. You have always said in your Word that those you use the most are the broken. That I can believe. That I can trust in. Lord, you can break me. I know in the end, that like those tiny, beautiful tiles, in the end, all of the creations that you are allowed to finish are absolutely stunning. Lord, that is my dream. Make me a breath taking artistic picture of you.


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