New School Year – New Friends

I can’t believe it is time to start school already! Such a bummer; I miss my kids when the whirlwind of the school year revs up.

I read a statistic that made me really sad recently: kids who move more than three times have twice the likely hood to commit suicide. Kids in transition are very lonely and often their parents are wrapped up in getting things settled so they miss what is going on with their child.

This year, I want to encourage my children to look for the new kid; the one who chooses the seat in the back, stands alone during free time or sit by herself during lunch. I know when I walk in a new place, I can feel uptight at first. But just think, if I feel that way, others probably do too! So how can we teach our kids to break the ice and find out if that new girl sitting next to her might just be her new best friend?

First have them prepare some great “ice breaker” questions. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, so asking questions is a great place to start. How long have you lived here? What activities are you thinking about participating in? What school did you go to last year? What do you think might be the best thing about this year? Once they answer that question, based on their answer your child can ask another. (Be sure to have them comment back with their own answers to the questions, that way they are starting a conversation and not just asking questions!)

Next, really listen when she talks. So many people want to do all of the talking. If we are real listeners, we’ll stand out as a great friend right from the start!

Lastly don’t be afraid to do some inviting. Ask her to hang out at lunch, study for a test coming up or go to the first football game. Everyone wants to be wanted and asking her to hang out says just that!

I’d love to hear how the first day of school goes! Stop back by and let me know.

Always His,


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  1. Lynn, what a great idea, and although the first day has passed, I'm going to share this with my son. It's never too late to offer friendship.

    I know you set an example in this way. I was so thankful for the couple of sessions I attended at She Speaks where you were also in the room. Both times you invited me to sit with you. You have no idea how that ministered to my heart.

    Love ya,

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