No is Closer to Yes

When I was searching for a book publisher, I heard this phase from friends: “Each no takes you closer to your yes”.

I have to admit: I really didn’t get it.

Rejection letters  (19 to be exact) just made me feel…well, rejected!

Funny how we end up using the lessons in our lives to teach our children.

Like your family, we too have decisions that our kids are making.

Which softball team should I play on?

Which college should I go to?

Should I keep on the degree path I’m on?

Life can be very confusing.

When trying to figure out God’s will, each no takes you closer to understanding what His yes may be.

Last week, my daughter and I visited a college. Sensing for sure that college was not the one for her, she was felt frustrated. She has been asking God to show her his will, but all she felt as a “no”.

Experiencing this “no” though helped her to narrow down where her “yes” will be.

Next time you experience a “no” in your life, share with your child how your “no” is taking you closer to finding God’s yes.



  1. Great object lesson. I have experience both the agent rejection letters and the college process of nos and yesses. In fact, this is my 4th daughter to journey through this experience. There is so much to be learned from the process. And lots of prayer to be poured out over it. We do have a God that really guides our Nos and Yesses, thanks be to Him!!

  2. DeTonda Clinkscale says:

    Wonderful read. Just read it to our boys while we wait in the dental office 🙂

    1. DeTonda, What a great use of time! Our’s always has a TV on and it is so hard to drown it out!

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