Tired of Waiting?

“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14


“I’m tired of waiting.” Ever said this? Thought this?

I have; many times. When I was single, I was tired of waiting for a man of God. When my husband worked nights, I was tired of being alone. When I homeschooled, I was tired of being home all day. Always waiting; always wanting the next thing.

Are you tired of waiting?

Tired of waiting; “I don’t want to be single.”

Tired of waiting; “I want to succeed at work.”

Tired of waiting; “I want a family.”

Tired of waiting; “I want my child passionate about Jesus.”

Waiting is maturity. To stay in God’s holding pattern takes courage; to not fix or manipulate; to not force or rush takes courage.

Waiting is powerful, the runner knowing just the right time to pour it on to win. Holding back in the beginning, she was confident she would find the right time. She’s a woman of obedience; a woman who is free!

Waiting is more than simply being stationary, much more.  It is an active verb:  available and ready at a moment’s notice. Prepared to not miss the call, the waiting woman keeps her ear inclined to Jesus’ voice, knowing He will prompt her at any time.

What are you doing in your waiting? Friend, you can’t afford to waste your time, to let your days slip by. Should you not be ready, the opportunity may slip you by. Prepare for what’re you are waiting for.

Do you want to be married? Grow, becoming a woman a man would be honored to marry. (Proverbs 31: 10 – 11)

Are you seeking to be promoted at work? Work with all your heart as one who is working unto the Lord (Colossians 3: 23 – 24)

Become the woman who is ready for the “yes” by taking every opportunity to obey; for not one opportunity is insignificant.

Be radical. While those around you run and strive to grasp hold of happiness today, seize the power to wait, seeing it as the privilege and freedom to receive God’s best at the right time in the right way.

Jesus, I need you to empower me to wait. Make me strong in my mind and in my heart to obey in every area today. In my waiting, prepare me to be capable of receiving your best. Amen



  1. Well said – simply said.

  2. Oh Lynn, this is excellent! You caught my attention at “waiting is maturity”. You captivated my thoughts with the confirmation that I need to be using this time for preparedness, rather than allowing my desires to strive for immediate gratification of my own scheming. Much to think about, my friend. Thank you for this timely post.

    1. Colleen and Tina, I was preaching to myself this morning! I am doing my best, while sitting on pins and needles, to not jump ahead of God. He has ALWAYS proven to me that His best is worth my wait. I just needed to remember it again this morning. Glad it spoke to you too!

  3. Thank you for this…God is trying to teach me patience…to wait….but I LOVE how you said that “wait” is an action verb! And through this action verb, we mature in God… Thank you again! 🙂

    In Him, Tasha

  4. Thank you for the honest message many of us have been needing to hear. Always growing for the Lord, no matter what age and loved how you tied that into today’s message. Blessings to you.

  5. “Waiting is maturity. To stay in God’s holding pattern takes courage; to not fix or manipulate; to not force or rush takes courage.”

    This is so good.

    It does take courage to stand firm in the tension. It’s probably the most difficult thing to do, but what I’ve found is that it is also the most joyful, natural high time ever! Hovering in the center of a hundred pulling and pushing and prodding possibilities and only allowing the moment to reveal what it has, without trying to steal from the future or bring into the present things from the past…

    Oh, joyful tension, but giddy and so vastly full of anticipation! :o)

    1. Not sure why your post has brought tears to my eyes, I have never thought of wating as an adventure and that is what your post spoke to me. For two years now I have been trying every which way possible to give my son a sibling and much to my surprise its not happening as quickly as I would have liked but today I have realized God has brought me here. I feel more mature for it, I feel more grounded in my faith, and I know Im not being punished, I’m being EDUCATED. Thanks so much Ladies for sharing today its been such a blessing.

  6. I need to read this and reread it. I’m so lost. Depression is becoming commonplace with me. No matter what I do, I keep taking 3 steps back. I try reading my bible and praying, singing praise songs, following Gods will…still I’m dark. The weight is more than I can bear sometimes. I want to be a woman who waits on the Lord when he calls me but I can’t seem to get out of the pit.

    1. Mary, sometimes we need the help of others to come out of seasons of heaviness. Have you considered counseling or meeting with a godly woman on a regular basis who might be able to support you?

  7. Thanks for this. Since I am simply not a patient person, I needed this. I like the action verb part. Thanks again. 🙂

  8. WOW! Waiting is an active verb. Waiting is a pattern. I so need to use my wait time to establish better patterns.

  9. defunke Nigeria says:

    All have been waiting for is to travel to us or europe with ma twins, cos nigeria is just not it! Thank u! Ma soul is lifted up, that God still on ma case.
    Thank u lynn
    Yours in Christ

    1. You were in my prayers today, Defunke!

  10. This message is “on time” for me as well. I have been waiting on God to move in every area of my life as its been turned upside down and no matter what I try to do to move forward, nothing seems to work. Then I’m reminded to WAIT on God. All happens in his time. He provides for me day by day, not as I would have him to, but as he sees fit. As I wait, I often feel that I’m not doing enough and then there are times I’m not even sure what to do! I often feel helpless and sometimes hopeless! I was listening to Dr. Charles Stanley and he said sometimes all we are supposed to do is simply WAIT!

    I pray for him to help me to be the woman in Proverbs 31! I pray for HIS direction…for him to show me what I’m supposed to be doing! I’m still waiting for an answer. I continue trying to pursue jobs in my field because its what I went to school for and where my experience lies (but not my passion), but as I’m even unable to secure employment in this field I’ve truly become discouraged. I pray for him to show me the gifts he’s placed in me so that I may pursue those things. I envy (not in a bad way) people who live life on purpose doing what they love and simply doing what they have to do to make it. I pray for this with all my heart! I pray for the ability to “actively wait”!

    1. Keep being faithful as you wait Terez! I waited through 5 years and 19 rejections for my first book to be published. It was so worth not choosing to push and do it my own way. He has blessed my waiting and he will your’s too!

  11. Great reminder. I loved your reminder that waiting is a verb. We all forget this.

    As I pray tonite, it will be with expectancy for courage, strenghth, knowledge, and contentment to stay strong and PREPARE for what God has planned next.

    Thank you!

  12. This article caught my eye while browsing my Facebook updates, and I have to say that this was something I needed to hear. I’ve been praying for God to move in my life and I’ve felt like I’ve been waiting forever. And on all the things you mentioned, too! I know God is preparing me and molding me in to a woman more like Him (and while I do enjoy my singleness, my current job and current life) I look forward to more. To be a wife to a Godly man, to be a mother (prayerfully one day), to have a job where I can work from home and not have to worry so much.
    Much of the want for change I’m sure stems from the loss of my mother 3 months prior, but I really, REALLY thank you for posting this entry today. You’ve touched many lives, I’m sure. I know you’ve touched my life. Waiting IS an action verb. I will WAIT. I will WAIT for God’s timing. I will WAIT for that possible new job or promotion. I will wait on getting married, and wait on having children. Thank you, Mrs. Cowell!

    1. My prayer went out for you today, Samantha! Your desires are the same as so many. I believe as women, he gave us hearts to nurture. Jesus, fill this desire! Amen

  13. Thank you for this devotional; this is the 2nd one I seen today about waiting…. God is speaking even in the midst of my wilderness season.

  14. So strikingly and beautifully written!!! It really encouraged my heart, lit up my spirit, and caused me to re-think some things I’ve been considering of late. Thanks for making me see the gift of waiting with brand new eyes. May God continue to bless and favor you and your ministry.

    1. You were in my prayers this morning, friend!

  15. I am waiting for our fourth child who will come to us through adoption. I was encouraged to remember that waiting is a verb! Thanks!

    1. What a beautiful thing to wait for Martha!

  16. One of our pastors gave a sermon called “In the Waiting Room”, very similar to your post and I know I do not wait well – God is working on me about it too! Thanks for your beautiful words.

  17. Waiting to get married,start a family,get a good job,Some days it feels like my strenght fail me
    But I know my God is never late,in His own timing all an more will come.

    Very nice note am inspired

    1. You were in my prayers this morning, Ufy! He promises he will give us the desires of our hearts!

  18. I can’t thank you enough for sharing with us today what He placed on your heart. My word for the year is abide… the good Lord sure does know how to pick ’em! (BOTH subjects – me and what He wants me to learn!) I needed this reinforcement today, as for me, waiting or mental stillness oftentimes feels like a cross between a game of wits, an enduring chess match and an arduous journey across ambitious terrain! And I’m failing… miserably. Praise Him for seeing more in and expecting more out of me!

    I so want to “become” that woman you describe above, but it is so terrifying at times. And I’ve been a Christian for decades now! Please pray that I allow the Holy Spirit to gently remind me that it IS indeed a “privilege and freedom to receive God’s best at the right time in the right way.” Blessings to you and your ministry.

    1. Prayed for you this morning, Wendy! He will give you strength…Lynn

  19. I saw this post from a link on facebook and it was very timely. I am waiting for my husband to graduate seminary, waiting to get a better job, waiting to have a family, waiting to do what stirs a passion in my soul, instead of what pays the bills. The waiting has gotten the best of me lately. Thank you for your gracious reminder and encouragement. I will have to cruise around the rest of the site! 🙂 May God bless you!

  20. RUTH from Nrb. Kenya says:

    Hi Lynn. Am so blessed on you devotion about WAITING. I think i have to repent on how i’ve been waiting on God on so many things and sometimes i feel like giving up. But I will wait on the Lord especially on the ministry He has given me for reaching out to children in my local church, also a car(van) to do ministry effectively, to go to a bible school and learn theology and child pschology. Amen my sister really encouraged that waiting is maturity!

  21. I absolutely loved this.. I needed to read this today, Just today i was crying out to God that l am tired of waiting.. This has helped me a great deal…thanx Lynn.

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