Ordinary or Extraordinary?

Yesterday, we started a study of John together. I hope you had a chance to get your day off in the 1st chapter of John. Today, let’s look at John 2: 1 – 11. Jesus’ first miracle; keeping a party going. Not exactly what you would expect for the introduction for the King of the Universe! I love the fact that Jesus did the unexpected. He took ordinary water jugs – (possibly even jugs used to haul water for bathing and He used them to hold something very valuable. Something that brought pleasure to others.

Sometimes, I look at my own life and think, “I’m ordinary. I don’t have an incredible job. I don’t have any major life accomplishments. I don’t even have a college degree.” Yet, if this passage is any indication of who my Jesus is, He seems to work quite well with the ordinary. I believe this first miracle set a precedent for the way Jesus does things – He uses the ordinary for extraordinary things.

Lord, keep my eyes and heart open for the unexpected. May I fill the vessels you tell me to fill and may I obey each step you tell me to take so that when it is your timing, I’ve done what I need to do in order to be part of Your miracle.



  1. Lynn, this is great! Earlier this morning I posted a comment on another blog that talked about being “normal” and the theme was somewhat similar.

    Webster’s says that ordinary means “usual, regular, normal, familiar, common, unexceptional”. On our own, most of us are pretty “ordinary”, but if we’ve received Jesus into our lives, we are housing the “extraordinary” – meaning far beyond measure, exceptional, remarkable!

    I’m so excited to know that God uses ordinary people. It’s through the ordinary we see God’s extraordinary. It’s in the mundane we meet the miraculous. Through my simplicity God works the supernatural. Oh, I’m so glad I’m “ordinary” so that others see Him when they look at anything good in me.


  2. Hi Lynn…

    Great post on John. Thanks for this encouragement today.

    Praise the Lord for using ordinary people all the time.

    I think the more ordinary we are the more He can use us.

    Blessings dear friend!

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