Our Posture Invites God's Presence

A posture of humility brings God's presence to my problem.

A posture of humility brings God’s presence to my problem. 

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Humility. You know, even though I have known the passage that lists of the fruit of the Spirit for years (even wrote a book on it!) I had to look it up again. My mind wanted to tell me it was listed as one of the fruit of the Spirit.

And I believe it is just that; it just is not included in Galatians 5:22 – 23:

“But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!” (NLT)

These beautiful traits all work together with humility.

Humility empowers us to:

  • love the hardest to love

  • be joyful in the worst circumstances

  • experience peace, recognizing God is the one in control

  • pick patience toward those who need a little “extra”

  • give kindness even when not given to

  • choose goodness despite others intentions

  • be faithful when our emotions say they deserve less

  • adopt a gentle heart when I feel edgy

  • select self-control no matter how tired I feel

When we choose humility, we pay the price of self-control up front, but it opens the way for God to defend us and brings His peace to our situation. Only through the power of the Holy Spirit working through us can we bypass the natural to choose His supernatural response. This is when we reap the beautiful results of the fruit of the Spirit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. (Galatians 5:22-23.)

I’d like to say this choice is simple, even easy. But that’s simply not true. Through the Holy Spirit,though,  it is possible.

 “The reward for humility and fear of the Lord is riches and honor and life.”Proverbs 22:4 (ESV)

Do you have a young woman in your life who needs a nudge to choose humility? The Holy Spirit wants to transform us into people who reflect God Himself in everything we do. Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants empowers young women to partner with the Holy Spirit to develop the fruit of the Spirit in her life.

Magnetic Give Away

Today, I’m giving away a copy of Magnetic, as well as Magnetic note cards and magnetics. To be entered for an opportunity to win, simply share which fruit of the Spirit you want to walk out specifically today. If you’re in a hurry, just share “I’m in!” I’ll announce the winner October 3rd.

      *This contest is over. The winner is Ann who posted on 9/23/16 at 8:30 a.m. *




  1. I need to work on several of these points, as I build relationships working with public school students and my co-workers.

  2. Gentleness- in dealing with my kids , that I keep my reactions and words and voice calm and reassuring

  3. Patience….for people..but also as I wait upon ‘re Lord!

  4. Judy Redden says:

    Oh my goodness….it always amazes me when I read my devotions and the Holy Spirit is right there saying “this is where you are at”. Reminding me that I OVER reacted in certain situations yesterday. No wonder I didn’t sleep well last night (lol) It would be so much easier to live life daily if you could just switch to humbleness immediately instead of letting emotions take over.
    Thank you for sharing this today.

  5. patricia m brutsman says:

    I am going through a rough time with my daughter in-law and I want to blast her for turning my son against me. I have kept my mouth shut, but my mind and emotions are constantly thinking of what to say in my defense!! I need to let go and let God and walk in the fruit of the spirit!!

  6. Beautiful devotion. I need all of the fruit of the Spirit. In such a rut in my life now. Thanks for the words to think and pray on.

  7. I need a large dose of patience and self control today!

  8. Oh my. What a blessing to receive this gift. I have a 22 year old daughter and how perfect for teaching her to be humble. We all know how children respond better to someone else teaching the very thing we have tried to teach ?

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I have a 22 year old daughter, too, Lisa!

      1. Lynn, Lisa – I too have a daughter, 23, who has turned to this new age, healing, moon, stars, etc etc way of teaching, which I believe is a very nice way of appreciating the creation; however, I want to teach that it all comes from our Creator and the Holy Spirit is in us, not just peace and connectedness with others – it’s hard to explain, but I think the path she has taken and learned along the way has strayed from the foundation of Jesus Christ. I know I haven’t been on the same spiritual path as I once was 10-15 years ago and now my 13 year old son is not taught the way I would have wanted, like how I taught my 23 yr old daughter and 20 yr old son.

        I need wisdom, and probably every fruit!

        Thank you for this devotion. It truly spoke to me today 😉 God Bless You all!

        1. Lynn Cowell says:

          Amen and Amen, Agnes!

  9. melissa lopez says:

    I don’t know which fruit to choose.. I could use all of them! The one I struggle with is Joy. I really want to know what real Joy is.

  10. Lori Hutchins says:

    Just what I needed for today. I’m going to lunch and a movie with my 83 yr old mom and my sister. I love them both dearly but this will be a challenge because of family “stuff” and their rocky relationship. The Fruit of the Spirit that I need today along with humility is patience. I’m thankful for your message about humility for this day especially. I delight in my Holy Spirit who gives me just what I need when I need it. As the song says, “What a friend we have in Jesus!”

  11. Susan Mitchell says:

    My daughter is going through a divorce that I oppose, therefore causing tension between us. I’m trying to learn to seek the Holy Spirit first before I act on my emotions and speak words which can be harmful. I think we both could benefit from this book.

  12. Jessica GreeveBiester says:

    To be honest I personally struggle with self control. Being a woman means that feelings are strong and I for the longest time let it rule me and make decisions for me until I was told that I could control what feelings I needed to let come through and what feelings needed to have that self control.

  13. Thank you! I need more peace today. I need to take more time to pause and focus on the truth that God is God & in Him we find rest.

  14. Sally Bowers says:

    Faithfulness and gentleness

  15. Today I would choose self control. That would cover a lot for me right now.


    This was for me. I recently had a conflict and now she and I haven’t spoken since. It challenges me to think about what my posture was that day. I want to walk in all of the fruits of the spirit…God help…I’m in!

  17. Alex Petersom says:

    I am in! Does it count to say i want to work on humility today? Humility….the unwritten fruit of the spirit☺️

  18. Amy Gregory says:

    While desiring to reflect all of the fruits of the spirit, I would have to say that Self – Control is the fruit I desire to have more of. In specific to the young and words…it’s easy to say what you feel and I want to have more self – control to be more like Jesus and reflect love with my words and that is a challenge for me. Thank you so much for such a great word today!

  19. Rhonda Fancher says:

    Self-control, definitely. It will apply to so many areas in my personal and public life.

  20. Tammy Samples says:

    Oh wow! This is what I needed to read today. I have a really strained relationship with my dad. My tendency is to respond to him very defensively but I need to change. I have to break this cycle! The only way I can do that is with the power of the Holy Spirit! Thank you for this lesson in being humble and in everything pray to God. I have to keep this in the forefront of my mind so I can respond instead of react. Thank you so much!

  21. Kristen Jewell says:

    Patience….I went to bed last night angry at myself for losing it with my 8 year old daughter for the millionth time. And sad because I overreacted. I was praying for more patience as I was brushing my teeth!

  22. Lisa Moore says:

    Patience for me…..my impatience leads to frustration which opens door for me to react rather than just be and allow or yield to a situation. It’s also a form of control that if I take charge I can somehow fix it. No no … When will I learn to yield to humility and the Holy Spirit?!

  23. Agreed, I would pick all too. But mostly, peace and patience. Sometimes I let the cares of this world creep in day to day at work and in life in general. When I don’t soak in the presence of the Spirit and His peace, out comes impatience. They sort of go hand-in-hand. Peace in the Lord leads to patience in life.

  24. They’re all a work in progress for me, but I’d like to pray for joy.

  25. Thank you, Lynn, for this great reminder of how, when we choose God’s way, we can love the “hard” people in our lives, bowing before God and asking Him to be my Guide. Thank you for sharing!

  26. I’m in! Self control is my downfall in several avenues in my life. I wear my fruits of the spirit bracelet daily to help remind me of my focus. Thanks so much for this post!

  27. Karen Pope says:

    Definitely patience!! Especially with the tween-age students I teach. Thank you for this excellent word for today!!

  28. I am sure I could use help with all the fruits of the spirit but I need help with self control the most.

  29. Barb Miller says:

    Self control is my current struggle!

  30. nancys1128 says:

    Patience for sure – especially while driving to and from work, and even with specific people at work. For me,, if patience is there, the others will follow.

  31. I would love to have more Self Control. I think self control is at the core of so many things, thanks!

  32. I’m with Melissa – I could use them all! although I think I am ok – today – with faithfulness and love; I do know love. The one I struggle the most with right now is knowing joy; like everyone else, there are a lot of challenges as my husband and I face retirement with a lot less financial security than we thought we would have. It’s challenging to see the joy in life and to hang on to faith (maybe I don’t have faithfulness?) sometimes.

  33. It is so hard to pick one… but patience is a big one for me. In this fast paced, overload world, I need to slow down and have patience to wait and accept.
    Thank you!!

  34. I want to walk out the fruit of love in my life today. Not just human love, but God’s supernatural love, that draws people to Him through me – a love that captives hearts and brings healing and hope.

  35. I honestly believe god is using you! I have been feeling a way recently. But I always read the daily devotional a and I feel like it’s talking to me. I just wanted to say Thankyou father God Thankyou for lynns life. As for your question right now I would choose all of them but mostly patience and faithfulness. I had to rush this message so sorry for the spelling mistakes if any. Sending love from the U.K. God bless
    You and all my brothers and sisters in Christ. XOX

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Loved this, Jessica! 🙂

  36. I would also say patience, I need it all the time in my life. It’s hard to come by sometimes.

  37. Caitlin D says:

    I’ve been praying about self-control with my words and actions, that they portray my spirit and not my flesh. Thank you.

  38. Self control definitely! Specifically over my mouth!

  39. Joy definitely. Joy to fill and overflow into the lives who desperately need to see authentic joy coming at them from me instead of, well, negativism and eeyore-like resignation from me. More of him, less of me!

  40. Self-control, it seems like it’s always self-control that I need to work on

  41. Emily FLeener says:

    I need to specifically practice gentleness and self control today. I would LOVE to work through this book with my daughter. Thank you for writing!

  42. Denise Bussiere says:

    I would like self control…I am so overwhelemed with everythiing….I am feeling that I am being hit when I am already down. I do not seem to get relieve. I have already been spoke to by two indivduals about my hard reactions.

    My exhaustion has lead to sickness and anger

    I really can use some good spiritual advise

    Thank you for your message today!

  43. Would love this for my daughter- but really, I want to read it for myself too!
    Gentleness and joy is what I want to work on!!!

  44. Thank you for this encouragement. I need to work on gentleness. I would appreciate receiving this book.

  45. Oh, Lynn, I want to walk in kindness. There are so many hurting, suffering people. LORD, let my heart be filled with Your love so I might show kindness to all I encounter. Thank You, LORD for hearing our prayers. To You be all the honor and glory. Could You throw in some self control?

    1. Ericka Tingley says:

      Love is definitely the one I need for today. I am going through a struggling time with my daughter and it is hard to love through all the hurt. It would be God’s perfect timing for her to have this book. THanks for the word of today!

  46. Trudy Hetrich says:

    It is difficult for me to choose one but I am going with self-control. Thank you for blessing us with your writing and reminding us that emotions do not have to run the show! 🙂

  47. krista barber says:

    I agree, I struggle with patience, especially with those who are unkind to others.

  48. I need peace. Cannot create it on my own. Devotion was spot on. Praying for the Holy Spirit to take control and not let my emotions run amuck due to circumstances.

  49. Specifically, I hope to bring gentleness and kindness to a special group of middle school girls today. As a teacher in the public schools, I have seen many teenage girls suffer all sorts of disappointments. I am fortunate to be able to host a club at our school that meets once a month. This year I decided my club would be “The Christian Girl’s Book Club,” and we will be reading your book, Magnetic, together over the course of the year. This club time is during school, so I am excited to meet the girls and present your book and see where God leads us this year. Thank you.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Kim – thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so glad you are investing in these precious girls. Please be sure to check out my free resources to go along with Magnetic under my tab “Freebies” and let me know if there is ANY way I can come alongside you and help you as you do this important work!

  50. Leigh-Ann Hunt says:

    I had never thought of the scripture in Numbers as teaching about humility until I read your blog post. I don’t find myself in many difficult or confrontational situations but I definitely challenged me to consider ahead of time how I will respond. I do tend to build a case and self-protect.

    It’s hard to choose one fruit, but today I choose kindness. I want to actively walk out kindness more freely in everyday life. My husband and I have been discussing the importance of kind words and actions lately. Many times we withhold something kind that God could use in a mighty way in someone’s life.

  51. Rebecca Brantley says:

    Lynn, I definitely need to work on my patience. It seems to get the best of me at times which causes me to lose control. I am new to the church family and am doing everything I can to become more like Christ and I have a daughter that has no patience at all, especially when it comes to my son. I rush things in my life because I have no patience and need to learn how to be patient and wait on the Lord as well as be patient with my children. Please, in Jesus Holy name help me so that I can be more like Christ. Thank you sincerely.

  52. Thank you for this wonderful devotion. I would pick gentleness towards my close circle (family, friends, etc). But to the “others” in the world love – love for them the way that God love’s me.

  53. Faithfulness. Giving it to God and trusting in him. Rememeringue He is in control and to just enjoy the ride. I think with faithfulness the other fruins will “bloom”. 🙂 This hit home today, thank you for your post. It’s not easy to stop our natural response and let His supernatural response take over. Practice makes perfect. I’ll keep practicing.

  54. Gwen Chapman says:

    Thank you I am new to your blog This first reading puts me in check and I feel if I can humble my first thoughts and show that God is in control then the love of God will arise in victory. So I choose love. Love is most important because love gives and out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Welcome, Gwen! I hope we’ll see you here again and again 🙂

  55. Thank you ~ for the reminder to be humble, not defensive when you are feeling judged and attacked… Christ was an example of divine humility, sharing love, grace, mercy and forgiveness… Dear Lord please give me a humble heart so I may share your love ~ Amen

  56. KC Armstrong says:

    Kindness and gentleness is what I want/need more of. I have a strong personality and strong opinions so I am lacking in these areas without meaning too. But I want to be more intentional. I know others would be more receptive if I came from a kind/gentle place. Lord hear my prayer.

    Thank you for your devotional today! I feel like it is going right along with a current study! God bless you!

  57. I want to work on picking peace and letting God have control in my life. I’m a stressed out, overwhelmed mom and wife that chooses the never achieving “pursuit of perfection” through trying to have a perfectly kept home, keeping an active social calendar, making very nutritious meals, working part time for family, and working out daily even when I’m worn out- as a way to try to feel in control. I feel anything but peace. I WANT to let go and relax and let God work in me and in my life so I don’t have to pointlessly toil in vain, and so I feel the true joy I think he wants me to have.

  58. God sure spoke to me this morning in this devotion! I would pick Patience & Kindness! It has been one of those weeks! Thank you for sharing!

  59. Leanne Gray says:

    If I can’t choose all lol, I would choose gentleness, I’m a single parent of 2 teens and a tween. It is hard sometimes because we are only 3 yrs old in Christ and some of the old habits are hard to let go of. I would love to use this as our next study. Thank you for your God given talent and sharing with others.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, help Leanne every day to see that she is empowering these children to have all they need to reach their fullest potential in You. Fill her heart with gentleness, mercy and patience. May they all grow toward You together. Amen!

  60. I believe patience and thinking negatively are two areas I struggle with regularly. Thank you for your message today. I have 3 children that will benefit from me working on the areas above, not to mention myself!✝

  61. Thank you for your devotional today- what a reminder that when we walk in humility and obedience, our God will defend us!

  62. I’m totally in! Gosh, humility isn’t my normal first choice, but by the power of the Holy Spirit and the encouragement from your words I’m giving it my best go. I stand amazed daily in how our great Lord teaches me and is conforming me. It’s not an easy road, but change for Him never is. I’m just so grateful for His love.

  63. Andrea Herring-Oden says:

    Today I choose love , gentleness, and goodness. I am being tested in those areas. At work, at home. Just trying to stay prayerful and have God minister to me through it. I Thank the Lord for using you to minister in this way.

  64. Donnell Guynn says:

    This exact word came out of my mouth the other day as I spoke with my husband…my morning devotionals are shining through! Humility. It’s a package that contains all the fruit. Thank you for useful teachings in just the right size bits.?

  65. I struggle with patience on a daily basis. The more I try to focus on and work on developing more patience the more it is tested. God is always in control, even when I’m not.

  66. Thank you; what a powerful reminder of my needs for our Lord and for humility in all of my relationships. Today, I choose joy! This song just started playing in my mind, “The joy of the Lord is my strength, The joy of the Lord is my strength, The joy of the Lord is my strength, Oh, the joy of the Lord is my strength!”

  67. I th ink mine is humility because a lady I work with is real hard to work with and the Lord has been teaching me how to not go to her level of attitude.

  68. I’m in, and thank you for these words. Faithfulness is my choice. He is always faithful! I want to be more faithful to His teachings.

  69. I have a lot on my plate today, and patience is the fruit I want to show through it all.

  70. I’m in and would like to work toward patience especially with three teenagers. Somedays my patience wears a little thin. Trying to raise them to be God loving and good citizens.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hang in there, Barb! They will soon be young adults. Keep pouring the truth in their hearts every day. You may not see the growth, but the seeds you are planting will come to grow one day! I’m believing it for my 3 college age kids and will believe it for your’s too!

  71. Patience and Joy. In the midst of a rough season, I need these today.

  72. God is working in my heart on patience, as I wait and trust in Him for a decision to be made. I would love to share this bundle with my daughters and my Naomi sisters from a walk to Emmaus.

  73. Lynn, after what you wrote about Humility, I have to say I need that today and every day. Every bullet point under Humility made me say to myself, “I want to do that!” I want to be the person who is joyful in the worst circumstances and able to recognize that God is in control, I am not. Thank you for this wonderful devotion and add-on!

  74. Joy. I desperately need it.

  75. anonymous says:

    I’m in! I’m working in and with the Holy Spirit to show humility with my reactions to my husband. We are in a very rough place right now. I am living daily the choice to show humility and figure out how to do this in love and honesty. I too am in awe of our amazing God who speaks just what I need when I need it.

  76. Teaching humility to elementary age girls in our early Sunday School class is important and even delicate! I encourage them to think of themselves and act as a child of The King of Kings and that makes them a “Princess”. But with royalty comes responsibility. The fruits of the Spirit are essential to be able to live out a childlike Christian faith. So they also must put on their thinking caps everyday of things that are true, right, noble, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy. Then The Holy Spirit will be evident to everyone they know.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Mary – I am in the process of writing a new book for this precious tween girl age that will come out next fall. Thank you so much for investing in them at a time when their foundation is so critical. Jesus, empower us with Your truth to pour into these precious daughters of Your’s. Amen!

  77. I’m in! AND IT’S hard to choose just one fruit is the Holy Spirit that I need to focus on Today. After giving it some thought, I think faithfulness will be the one that I will choose. It encompasses so much. I’ll choose thru the Spirit’s power to be faithful to my First Love Jesus, and not listen to the lies of the enemy. I’ll be faithful to look to Him instead of my circumstances and then I’ll have the joy and peace I need to do the things i need to do today. Thank you for the reminder that humility is the key to walking in the Spirit. I needed that gentle push!

  78. Michele Landis says:

    Ugh! Timely word!! Now to apply! As for what Fruit of the Spirit…YES! All of them!

  79. I’m not sure which fruit of the spirit to choose…. Lately I need all of them!!

  80. Valerie Jane Worsham says:

    We have studied the fruit of the spirit recently at Bible study and have just reviewed them again. I need more goodness to reglect in my life in the workplace.

  81. Megan Tepe says:

    Patience. I pray that I can learn to be content…trusting God’s timing, not my own.

  82. Melissa L says:

    I think the fruit I desire most is kindness. I often am not kind to my 4 year old and when I sit back and think about my interactions with her, I am heartbroken that I act out before really thinking through my responses.

  83. Karen Kuhlmann says:

    I think I would choose gentleness. I often find myself bulldozing through the day and folks around me when I need to have a more gentle approach to the life I lead, to others and to myself. I am grateful for the daily wisdom I find in Proverns 31 that reminds me who God says I am.

  84. Lynette Hughes says:

    Gentleness. I can be very focused on a goal, and I tend to forget to choose to live in His gentleness. Lord, please forgive me.

  85. Pattie Allmond says:

    I honestly want to demonstrate them all…but today, specifically JOY! I’m having one of the busiest weeks ever! And tendency when I am hurried and frazzled and busy is to get grumpy and/or “inward focused”. I want to overflow with JOY as I get about the business God has put before me!

  86. Heather Mays says:

    I would choose patience. I have two young children and work with the public. I constantly struggle with patience.

  87. The fruit that I am struggling with in this season is actually a mixture of LOVE and PATIENCE. There is one person in my life who challenges me in both of these areas… almost constantly.

  88. Today I want to live out JOY! Is currently in one of those not so great circumstances but want to CHOOSE JOY despite my circumstances! To God be the Glory!

  89. Today, I’m praying for patience. Thank you for sharing this message Lynn!

  90. Jackie Morales says:

    Lynn, this is a beautiful devotional! Thank you for sharing! I will CHOOSE to walk in humility today and allow SELF CONTROL to flow from me. I just started a new little Christian Tees Shirt business and I am overwhelmed with also homeschooling newly this year. Some days I want to make excuses instead of pushing through, but I look to Holy Spirit to lead me through my days. Amen!!!

  91. Kristel Leubner says:

    Self control. I’m a physician with multiple problems coming at me at once. It has other fruit within…patience, kindness, gentleness. Thank you for sharing.

  92. Like others I know I could use more of all of them, but self-control is probably what I need the biggest dose of.

  93. I’m in & need them all – today I choose gentleness!

  94. I wish I could have total peace! Peace to know God is always in control, peace in my hardships, peace all around me. I feel like if I had total peace in God everything else wold come natural. This world needs more peacemakers and I want to be one of them!

  95. Courtney Martinet says:

    Thank you for this post! I wish I had used these principles on Monday 🙁
    Today I would like to give kindness even when it’s not given to me.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      It’s a brand new day, Courtney! His mercies are new EVERY MORNING!

  96. Danette Terry says:

    I need patience and self control. I work with the public in a medical office and though I enjoy helping people, sometimes those people aren’t very nice and have an attitude of entitlement. I want to focus more on having God’s heart for these people instead of allowing my own emotions to take control. Thank you for this offer and ministry. God bless

  97. gentleness,
    I am struggling with a gentle-heart. I tend to speak before I connect my voice with my heart? The words come from the correct source . I need that glue or mixture to adapt not what I say but How I say it.

  98. Kellie Walker says:

    I’m going to say self control

  99. Tonya Norwood says:

    Self-control. The lack of it affects many different areas of my life, and it’s a fruit that God has been convicting me about recently.

  100. Lately I have been seeking joy. With baby number two coming, my emotions are everywhere and joy seems to be missing. I know there is joy somewhere deep down in me, but I want to share it with others.

  101. I’m in! Thanks for the opportunity to win these lovely prizes.

  102. All of them!…patience and gentleness would be at the top of the list right now as the sleep deprived mother of a wonderfully independent two year old!

  103. Oh how I needed this! Humility and gentleness are probably what I would choose, though I really need to work on all of them.

  104. I love how you incorporated humility with the fruit of the Spirit. It all comes down to dying to self and allowing His life to flow through us. We can trust Him to lift us up as we choose to lay everything down on the altar of humility.

  105. I want to exude JOY. The JOY of The LORD is my strength. I don’t want to have an Eor attitude.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Ann – you are the winner of the prize pack! Please send me your full name and address to [email protected] and I’ll get it sent right out to you!

  106. Just yesterday, I was checking out at Walmart, and the clerk didn’t speak to me at all. She didn’t even tell me how much I owed. I had noticed this with the customer in front of me as well. Instead of initiating kindness myself, I started thinking how rude she was and that if her manager saw this, she would probably get reprimanded. After walking out the door, the Holy Spirit convicted me of MY rudeness of not reflecting Christ to her. I don’t know her story. Maybe she’s going through something I have no idea about. Pride kept me from extending grace to her. I pray that I will choose humility in the future.

  107. I need to work on Joy in my life. I let daily things bog me down and wear on my heart too much.

  108. Goodness! It’s difficult to choose just one fruit of the Spirit! ☺️ I would choose each and all of them for each and every day! If I had to choose just one today, it would be His peace.

  109. I so need patience and humility. I want to be able to just listen to those that need an ear.
    I want them to see only God’s wisdom and love. I want to be able to answer their needs with His words. If it’s important to that one person who shares what the me, it should be important to me to listen and and wait on the Holy Spirit to offer encouragement and words to give them hope.

  110. I’m in! I would love to learn more about living in the Spirit and receiving the fruit of the Spirit thru humility. I can’t pick just one since I desperately need all of them. I want to raise my 3 young daughters to live in the Spirit and to know what that means. I was raised in a Christian home, but the Spirit was not something explained well or lived in because it seems so hard to grasp with our Western minds. I want to change that for myself and the future generation of believers. I’m only just beginning to grasp what it means to live in the Spirit and I can already see great change in myself and my worldview. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  111. Lori Lerum says:

    Very eye opening! I could really use a dose of each one every day. Though patience and self control with my words and anger I have had the past year are the top two I really need to work on. My life has been turned up side down with my husband who has had Parkinson’s Disease for 5 yrs., raising my 2 yr. old granddaughter since she was 4 months old, making sure my 16 yr. old doesn’t get lost in the mix (not the mother of my granddaughter), praying for my oldest daughter (who’s daughter I’m raising) and being the only person working in our household has been a challenge, but with God all things are possible and He is meeting and will continue to meet our needs! Thanks you Jesus!

  112. Lisa O'Brien says:

    I need gentleness and self-control. I find myself regretting many things I say because of my bluntness. I really need God’s help with this especially dealing with an upcoming visit from family members of our adopted son. This is the toughest, most emotional, and spiritually draining thing I’ve ever gone through. Thank you for the timely devotion today. God is so awesome like that!

  113. I would love to walk for fully in patience – for when things go wrong, for when I’m “stressed” out about work, etc. Patience to pause and pray before acting. Thanks for your comments!!

  114. My girls are in a Christian dance studio and this is the memory verse for the month. They needed to make a chart this week with the days of the week across the top and the Fruits of the Spirit down the side. Each day they had to draw in an emoji face for each fruit. Smile if they lived it that day and line for lips if they struggled and a frown if it just didn’t happen. It really made me think about my walk this week and now to be reading this blog…. WOW!! My everyday struggle is peace…. I want to be the fix-it, I always feel as if it is my responsibility to be the one in control. I have to keep stopping and telling myself, I can’t fix-it, but HE CAN. I must let it go and give it to God so that I can have peace.

    We should all take a week and make a chart like the kids do and see what we need to work on the most. Thank you for this post and making me look at myself.

  115. I would like to practice gentleness a little better. Sometimes I can be so straightforward and blunt, where gentleness could accomplish better results. I would also, like to find more joy in my day. My morning devotions and your blog have definitely helped me with that!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you for your encouragement, Lindsey!

  116. It certainly is difficult to choose one, but I desire to love as Christ did. To see people as He did and be His hands and feet.

  117. Sally Amendola says:

    Patience, always patience. God has grown me here so much, but I still find myself lapsing in to old, bad habits.

  118. heather bowes says:

    I’d say “Joy”. I’ve often thought ‘joy’ should be my posture because of the people I see at church; and yet my heart has been a broken one so I don’t feel joyful. I’ve learned that joy is not a feeling but a fruit, something that grows from within, not when I’m not looking at ‘others at church and how joyful they may look’.
    Anyway, I choose JOY.

    Your devotion was beautiful today!

  119. Nancy Simms says:

    Love, love for those who are not lovable. I need to work it out in my daily life. It amazes me how much a God loves me, it is unfailing. Thank you for this wonderful devotion.

  120. Heather Pater says:

    Today I would like to rest in God’s PEACE as well as practice faithfulness to do what He has called me to do for today… spend time on my “school work” (as an adult learner), make the most of every opportunity with my kids (vs. “screen time” etc.
    I’m grateful that I read your devotional for today and love the resources you have for mom’s and their girls!! I really want to go through these things with my daughter and maybe modify them a bit for my sons.

  121. Humility AND patience. Thank you SO much for your encouragement!!

  122. Thank you for this devotional today. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I am a teacher and all of us at our grade level each have students with very challenging behaviors this year. We each have been working hard with them since we do not have very much support from our administrators when it comes to discipline/ behavior management. Yesterday, we learned that one of our administrators lambasted us to a group of teachers during their lunch time saying we are not doing anything (which is entirely not true). I myself have been a victim of being reprimanded and humiliated by the other administrator in front of colleagues, parents and even students at this school for years. A lawyer advised me to write a letter of complaint to our Personnel Director against the other administrator because she saw a racist undertone to what I have been subjected to. Now, this other administrator is exhibiting the same behaviors. I have been teaching for the past 24 years and have had great evaluations. Please pray with me that I will allow the Holy Spirit’s fruits especially humility and self-control to shine through and to let the LORD continue to handle all these challenges. Please pray also for all of our youth. Thank you so much.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Cecille – may the Lord give you the wisdom you need! You are in some very difficult circumstances (reminds me of Moses and Aaron in today’s devotion). He can give you the power and next steps that you need!

      Lord, thank you for Cecille and teachers like her who are investing in the next generation. We are grateful for them! Move in this generation, Lord. Draw them to You – to know that You are the way, the truth and the life. Amen

  123. If I had to pick one, I’d say patience, but really all!

  124. Linda Jones:) says:

    I would have to say I really need patience. I am constantly having to defend myself at work. I work with a bunch of “know it alls” I work for a family business and some days it is very hard. Being the outsider, I am never right. I have been there for over 13 years and one would think it would get easier, but it doesn’t. I need to have patience to not fly off of the handle every day. I have learned to just go back to my office or the bathroom and pray though. Thanks for your devotional today.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      You are so wise, Linda, to walk away to pray. Just like Moses and Aaron!

  125. Today I would like to live out peace and joy.

  126. Gentleness. A softer walk, a quieter way of expressing myself, a tenderness that prompts forgiveness and kindness.

  127. Today I would love peace. So thankful for your devotion today!

  128. Erin Lang says:

    I want to live out LOVE!

  129. Humility to replace defensiveness and self-goodness (a new word that sounds better than self-righteousness… tongue in cheek). Several other fruits of the Spirit as well! Praying now for them all.

    Thank you!

  130. Today, I want to live out patience and joy.

  131. I would like to walk in the spirit of gentleness today

  132. Delores McPherson says:

    The fruit of the Spirit I need the most is joy! However, I’m just not sure we can separate them. If we have the Spirit He gives us His fruit. I just need to choose to exercise it. That is the difficult part. Reminding myself that I have these fruits at my disposal has to be a daily exercise, at least for me. Thank you for the reminder. May God continue to bless you and His ministry through you.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Love this truth, Delores! “If we have the Spirit, He gives us His fruit.” Amen!

  133. Self control and gentleness

  134. Marie Carter says:

    I am humbly asking God to help me practice Self Control today. I too often am on the defensive & regret it later. I have never seen this action by Moses & Aaron interpreted in the way you have done. Thank you. I can now see how being humble & letting God handle the situation is the response He wants from me. Praise God for sending us teachers! Amen.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yes, Lord, help us see that choosing humility is the most powerful way! Amen

  135. Susan Papineau says:

    I would have say I’m in need of patience the most. But I could do with some more of them all.

  136. Love this devotional and the imagery of bowing in humility in difficult circumstances. I want to walk in peace today and grow in self-discipline so I dont over burden myself (which steals my peace). Thank you!

  137. Today I would like to walk in faithfulness, patience and kindness. I’ve been hurt in the past by a history of abuse. I was made to feel less than, not good enough etc. So I am easily hurt by situations where I feel “less than” even when it’s just my inner thoughts. I recently became a mother in law and then quickly a grandmother. I’m struggling to feel valued by my daughter in law so I get my feelings easily hurt. Please pray for me in this area to walk or the fruits I mentioned. Thank you!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, help Gail to every single day soak her heart and mind in her value from You. God, I pray that she will so fill it with truth, that no matter what circumstances she finds herself in, she can rely on this truth and rely on You! Amen

  138. I think it would be joy ( it’s do easy to take life too seriously and forget how much i’m blessed) and peace to just trust God more in difficult situations.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yes, Cynthia! Too often I forget to let joy free in my heart over the little things. Open our eyes today, to see your goodness, Jesus!

  139. Patience…a girl we know is having so much trouble, she wants to straddle the fence, live in the world but yet hold onto her Christain beliefs… The world to me is influencing her more and more…prayers for her!!

  140. Emily Porginski says:

    Self Control 🙂 I am in! Thank you SO much@

  141. Julie Barney says:

    Self control. If I could control my responses with my family mainly. Give breathing space, room to respond- then I think the JOY would follow.

  142. Regan Talbot says:

    I want to live in and utilize them all!! If I have to pick one, it would be patience, especially when dealing with my young children.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I think patience can be the hardest when our kids are little. Lord, empower Regan!

  143. I am still learning humility – sometimes I want so much to just choose joy instead of being right. Thank you for this reminder. Would be glad to win the book to share with my daughter. Thank you for the offer

    1. Humility is hard to swallow in any situation. I need the help of all of the fruits of the Spirit in order to accomplish the practice of humility.

  144. Self control! I need this spiritual fruit in every area of my life right now. Thanks so much for this post!

  145. Peace…definitely peace!

  146. Deannette says:

    Wow I’m all in !! Love to share God’s word with family and friends and especially need more of God’s Holy Spirit in me wherever I go and needing more growth in the spirit to walk in his truth everyday.

  147. I’m In!!
    Patience and self control with my words.
    when my kids are not obeying or giving me a hard time, talking back, Lord, help me to stop, control my tone of voice and speak love to them, not lose my self control and make the situation worse.
    thank you so much for sharing this devotional!

  148. I’m in! Self-control.

  149. Thank you for these words. Today I sat down at work and first thing prayed. I just had a blow out about money with my husband and my emotions got the best of me. I opened my email and this was todays word. I need humility and kindness at this very moment. Reading this reminds me I can’t have the fruits I truly desire until I have humility to let God work in my life.

    Thanks for this timely reminder.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      He forgives us, friend, and will empower us to change. Hang in there! He is at work in you!

  150. I’m in. I choose joy. Thank you.

  151. even though my kids are grown and raised, I feel like I’m still babysitting a bunch of 2 year olds, the place where I work is a 2nd hand store, it is pretty good sized, we have an inside part and an outside part and the customers who usually stay outside act like a bunch of 2 year olds, so I would say that patience, self control, and humility would be the ones I would pick. thank you for todays devotional, it hits the spot of where I’m at.

  152. Amanda Farley says:

    Today I would choose gentleness!! I’m not that gentle of a mom most of the time. Which I really hate that I’m
    That way. I had never really thought about it until reading this, I usually PRAY for patience but we all know when we pray for that God gives us the opportunity to portray it. LOL
    So today I choose Gentleness!!

  153. Julie Kangas says:

    I heard a speaker once who said if you have love & self control then the other fruits of the Spirit will be there also! Think about it! I just love that! ? Thanks!

  154. I teach kids the gospel in a poor community on which I live. The fruit I need today is love!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, pour Your love in abundantly so that Bruna can pour out to these little ones who need Your love and care. Amen

  155. Rosemarie Kuszynski says:

    The Fruit of the SPIRIT – GENTLENESS, PATIENCE = I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOO IN!!!!!!! Thank you for your blessings today. YOU ARE LOVED!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so much, Rosemarie! Rubbing that in my heart today 🙂

  156. Im in! Since my ex husband chose another woman over my daughter and I it is hard to tell a teenager she’s worth it when you don’t feel like you yourself are.

  157. Self Control and Patience!

  158. My marriage is at a difficult place. I have discovered some things that are not good and healthy in our marriage. My first response is to accuse and be angry. God has more in store and if I want him to step in and pick up the pieces, I need to choose humility and pray that God speaks and not me (the “me” in me wants to scream and yell and say mean and ugly things). Praying for the fruits of the spirit to shine through me in the midst of ugliness by the strength of Christ and the words of the Holy Spirit. AMEN!

  159. Candyce Crouch says:

    OH do I need to work on patience. I can be so impatient. I really don’t mean to be, but something will happen, I get set off, and then a few minutes letter I regret everything that had just happened. However, I need patience for my life in the world as well as with my spiritual life. I need to remember God is in control, and His timing is PERFECT. I AM IN!

  160. Self-Control – unfortunately I am easily offended. And it may not look it on the outside, but the offense stomps my heart and my mind begins to turn over all the horrid things I would like to say in return. I need God’s grace to hold my tongue and stop drinking the poison of offense, rather to show love. Thank you for these wonderful words today. They are the word in due season for me.

  161. Tamara McBride says:

    Even working in a Christian environment… PATIENCE is HARD !
    Worshiping and Working in your Church can be very challenging .
    But I know HE will give me SELF-CONTROL .

  162. I know I need to choose to be humble. I am currently going through a “bullying” situation at work where a particular person keeps speaking ill of me behind my back and I let go on for quite some time. I had prayed over this last time it happened and felt it was finally time to speak up and ask this person about it. I was lied to. I could have turned it into something so much more, but I felt God’s nudge in my heart telling me to just let it go and forgive. When I forgave in my heart, I felt this weight lifted. I had been building up so much resentment. The truth is, yes, I am upset that I was lied to in my face, but I can’t control other’s actions, only my own. I will have to read this book, as I believe it will truly help me while I go through

  163. Wow God’s perfect timing, did I ever humbly need to receive this word today. I need to focus on patience & gentleness in everything I do. Thank you Jesus for Your grace today to start over ‘white as snow’

  164. Dara Hekimian says:

    Joy! I had a revelation last night about how I look at my family versus how Jesus sees my family. HUGE. Your devo is in His perfect timing. Thank you. My niece and god daughter has just started college this year. She’s been extremely successful academically and I have been wanting to make sure that she also has a good solid understanding of who she is in Christ outside of her accomplishments. I think your book would help her understand that more and also encourage her to seek Him more and more when she is worried or anxious, etc, dealing with the transition to college and beyond. Thank you again for the devo. Such an awesome visual to think of how Moses and Aaron handled the attacks of others.

  165. Amy Ferrara says:

    All of them! Particularly patience, gentleness and self control. Great blog today. I’d love to win a copy of your book.

  166. Self control, among All the other fruits of the spirit. Very challenged with Much unrest at home. My husband partially diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. High emotions, bursts of anger flog our days, as he is challenged with feeling defeated by this diagnosis. Posting much of today’s blog as fcoal points to keep all in prayer Actively.
    Thank you, this post was exactly what’s needed, very grateful.

  167. Definitely self-control and gentleness for me!

  168. All of the fruit of the spirit arrive great. Right now I’m trying to have joy and peace during a difficult time in my life and that is of my husband being in prison. And having gentleness and self-control during this time as my husbands ex wife is trying to get custody of the two boys after she had walked out seven years ago.

  169. I need to walk in peace today…peace of mind. The enemy is trying to steal my peace. But no more …

  170. Jenny O'Shields says:

    Patience! I could always use more patience. I’m trying to get better at this. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a year now, and still now luck. I know it is all in God’s hands, and his timing is always perfect, but patience is not always my strong suit.

  171. Self-control is something I need to really work on.

  172. Gloria Galvan says:

    I need to walk in all of these Fruits! But today, I especially need the fruit of peace! Thank you! I’m in!

  173. Belinda Cano says:

    Beautiful teaching about humility! I loved it. Being humble, sometimes is kind of hard when you act up in the flesh. For me there have been those times when the my flesh has put me in uncomfortable situations. Today I pray to receive more of self control, to know when to speak and when to remain silence.

  174. I’m going to say I need it ALL today..I work in a very very challenging and toxic environment and while I wait on what ever new job the Lord has for me, I want to be a light here.

  175. Does needing to work on all of the fruits of the spirit count? Ok so specifically… I guess it would be self control… Self control in what I eat, in choosing not to “vent” (or gossip, whichever you want to call it) self control in my spending/saving habits, etc….. Along with real genuine love.

  176. Peace, patience, kindness and self-control.

  177. Julie Field says:

    I’m in!

    Peace. Too many people are running around trying to keep up with the speed of life and they’re driving themselves right to insanity. If only they took a moment to have a little peace and spend some quiet time with God how much more refreshed they would be.

  178. Melynda Buffaloe says:

    I need the spirit of peace. I have recently divorced. My ex husband was mentally abuses. I havery lost my peace and self confidence. I pray that God will give me peace to work through my problems each today.

  179. Probably peace and patience for me!

    Thanks for your devotional today!

  180. I’m in for more peace, patience, gentleness and self-control. I’m a homeschool mom. 🙂

  181. Joy. I want to exude joy from the Holy Spirit.

  182. Patience and Love today. I have my 9 Grandchildren spending the night for a Slumber party. They are so excited and I need God’s love and joy to flow through me.

  183. Alexis Dorsey says:

    It is so amazing how God works. Just 2 days ago I felt lead to study fruits of the Spirit discussed in Galatians. I especially felt convicted reading “patience, kindness, gentleness and self control”. As someone who loves Jesus I was a bit embarrassed that these are all things I struggle with, especially when I feel attacked. When I received the P31 email this morning with this devotional I was blown away at how accurate this was for my own personal walk, even just this week. I have such a desire to walk in the fruits of the Spirit, but oh so often I find myself being exactly like the Israelites. I love the humility in Moses and Aaron – what an example. Allowing the Holy Spirit to control our responses rather than our emotions is such a hard task — but with our hearts being open to allow His work in us, it is in reach. Lord help me get to a place of humility, knowing when I should be face-down understanding your heart rather than responding for the short-term gratification. I am so thankful for Jesus and for this ministry. Thank you so much for sharing this devotional.

  184. Today, I choose to walk out the Spirit of Self-Control. I have been working on this for some time now but I too am not always consistent. Every day I have to CHOOSE and thank God that every new day I get His new grace because without it I could not do it on my own.

  185. after my ex boyfriend broke up with me, he told me that the reason was I lack patience. I thought it was mainly his fault but practicing humilit while talking to him I accepted his opinion of me . I’m praying for patience and the rest of the fruits of the spirit. Please pray that God will bring him back to me and have more love for each other.

  186. I’m desperate to apply humility to a life situation that needs the strength and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, so that I can step back and out of the way to let God work miracles in the life of a hurting person that I love.

    In the words of Lysa Terkeurst, “hurt people, hurt people…..healed people, heal people”. This hurting person throws poisonous daggers of hurt and it is so hard to find self control in not being defensive or self-preserving amidst so much anger being projected my way.

    Please Holy Spirit, empower me and others posting on this blog, to be strong enough to step forth as healed people that heal others, so that the cycle of hurt people ceases.

    In Jesus’s Holy Name, Amen.


  187. I definitely needed to read this. I need to keep this lesson in humility right in the front of my brain all the time. I really need to work on quite a few of the fruits of the spirit. I often react when I feel attacked (build a case and put people in their place-rang so true to me!). My husband has two traumatic brain injuries and lashes out abusively at me and our children and I have a hard time not reacting. I want so badly to be a woman of God but didn’t grow up with any background knowledge. I try to learn all I can now, but it’s not habit so I have to always remind myself. I’m trying very hard to instil in my children (especially my daughter because she is the oldest) the things that I have learned so that they will grow up to to be better than I am. It’s hard when you feel like someone in your own house is working against you though. My husband is getting better and seeking counseling from a specialist, but still is the most reactive person I’ve ever met. It’s hard to deal with and causes me great anxiety. Today I pray that we can all have peace, patience, kindness and self control in my home.

  188. Amanda Melton says:

    Today and everyday I need patience and self-control… Control over my actions and especially my reactions towards others and their situation/actions… I need patience daily as I have 7 children, ages 7 months to13 years old.

  189. Carolyn Davis says:

    Love… I want so badly for everyone I meet to walk away feeling loved, just for being who they are right this minute. Not who they can be, want to be, hope to be.

  190. KETINA KENNEDY says:

    I’m in for sure! I needed this today! Thank you! Goder bless you!

  191. Stephanie says:

    Gentleness, Joy and Peace!!! Walking in step with the Spirit.

  192. Love – loving others in the way they need to be loved by their Savior, not necessarily just when it’s convenient for me or when I “feel” like it.

  193. I want to experience more joy and peace in my daily walk. My daily schedule could use more self-control (self-discipline) . Isn’t God good to grow His fruit in us.

  194. Peace, working on much needed peace!

  195. Self-control is for me the the first thing that I lose when I’m confronted thus it is the main thing I need the Holy
    Spirit to help me with so I am enable to reflect humility .

  196. I truly need 2 walk in all of them today. Especially peace, kindness and self control.
    I’ve been dealing with a company that I wanted 2 rent space from 2 hold an event. Been in constant contact with them only 2 B told my date is now booked. Didn’t get any type of “professional courtesy” extended, nothing. I would understand if I had not been in contact with them but we had just met with the owner going over details. And two days later suddenly it’s booked by someone else. So unprofessional in my opinion. I’m trying 2 see the blessing beyond the “double cross”. It’s hard 2 not B mad and frustrated when this puts us back at square 1 and time running out. Please pray 4 me/us. Thanks!
    Thank you 4 allowing me 2 share.

    Have a great day!

  197. Christina says:

    This line really hit home with me “pick patience toward those who need a little “extra”. I’m trying to cope with an alcoholic husband while living out my vows and I have rough days where I need to remember the fruit of the spirit. I loved all your bullet points for humility and will go back to it often. Thank you!

  198. Amber Owens says:

    I would like to always have the spirit of self-control because I believe if I start with this one all the rest of the fruit will fall into place. It seems so have when in an emotional spot to stop and not respond but that is what I am working on daily!

  199. Patti Elder says:

    I need them all! Self-control is the main one, as that is the one that I lose so easily (not usually due to people, but being frustrated at circumstances).

  200. Monica Archer says:

    I need peace as I realize that God is in control.

  201. Veronica Morales-Lleras says:

    I need to work on my self control.

  202. Cathy Huff says:

    I’m In! I need them all!

  203. I would like to practice walking with kindness and love. your blog is a topic i’ve been dealing with for several months and puts in writing what i feel the Lord is trying to tell me. It’s hard to walk out but worth to live walking in the presence of God.

  204. Shelly Larson says:

    Peace and joy! When I trust God is in control, His peace rules and I am filled with His joy! Want to spill this fruit all over my community so others are attracted to Jesus.

  205. To be completely honest, I never really knew the (Biblical) meaning of of humility. Thank you for explaining it in such simple terms!

  206. Melissa Cain says:

    At this time in my life, I need God’s peace. I’ve been very anxious and depressed about life. Too many times these anxious thoughts and emotions consume my thinking and I am not able to focus on others or the good things in my life. I need God’s peace.

  207. Jaime Barnes says:

    Patience, Self Control, and Gentleness. With my job, but especially with my two darling twin girls.

  208. Carolyn Morgan says:

    Ah, to choose only one. On any given day, in any given situation, I may need to be reminded of any one of them. I try to practice the fruits of the spirit, and remind myself of them often. That verse was in my wedding vows.

    Right now I’m dealing with a dear, dear friend who is angry at God because she is losing her eyesight. Unfortunately, she is striking out at everyone. We just had another encounter via email, her chosen tactic. I have been humble and kind in the past. Not this time, because she refused to answer my calls, I answered via email. I was still kind, but not humble. I exhibited self-control, but not gentleness. I have been praying. God has heard my prayers. I have decided to drive the 40 miles to her house, she may not answer the door. I will stay until she does.

    I’m definitiely IN!! If I’m fortunate enough to win, I plan to give this bundle to my granddaughter.

  209. Allyson Kohn says:

    I read your post from Proverbs 31! This is something that I have been dealing with and I loved everything you had to say and took a page of notes from it. Thank you for your encouragement! It’s kind of funny because I was praying this morning on the way to work for patience. So that is something I want to walk out specifically for today and everyday, really. I was praying for patience this morning because I have been feeling this overwhelming pressure to know who I’m going to marry. And so I was asking the Lord to give me patience during this time in my life. But I think I could also use patience with people too. I work two jobs and both deal with the public. Sometimes I have to deal with rotten apples, but I am praying that I continue to have patience and understanding with these people. I will be following your blog! I just loved everything you had to say and feel very encouraged. So thank you again!

  210. Jennifer Nealey says:


  211. Wow! The devotion that you had on Proverbs 31 today was meant for me. I battle with my young adult daughter and my response usually leaves something to be desired, but the other day God helped me to reign it in and have some semblance of self-control. This is one Fruit of the Spirit that I have been asking him for. Something I humbly desire in my life in this season. In every aspect of my life. From life-choices to food choices.

  212. Debbe Jourdain Roe says:

    I’m in.
    I am an emotional time bomb.
    Holy Spirit help me to take off my boxing gloves and put on the cloak of humility.

  213. Jodi Johnsen says:

    I definitely need your guidance to help my teenage daughter realize she isn’t the product of our critical society, but she is perfect in God’s eyes!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi Jodi, hang in there friend! You might like to do a search for my Wednesday Wisdom Tip posts. They are all about raising girls and you might find them encouraging. 🙂

  214. I definitely need more gentleness towards others! Followed by at the very least by kindness and self-control. But I would just love to be made out purely out of the Fruit of the Spirit and nothing else!….oh the wishful thinking 🙂

  215. Katharine says:

    Joy. I’ve been so hurried recently, I have taken little time to find joy in my children, who are wonderful! (Also energetic where I feel tired.) thank you for the blog post today

  216. Lynn Brauet says:

    Kindness to everyone

  217. I want to walk in all the fruits daily, today I especially want to walk in JOY, im blessed…

  218. Love…I’ve been writing I Corinthians 13:4-8a to remind myself what love is and especially in how I need to respond to my husband. Yesterday, we had some miscommunication and my feelings were hurt; the Lord gently brought to my mind ‘love is not easily provoked’ and prompted me to apologize for my part. Ouch! This morning, my husband came to me and commented how our ‘hard’ times seem to be getting fewer and less intense. Thank You, Lord! Would love the gift set!

  219. Thanks for this Lynn.
    I’ve asked the Lord a few months ago to help me grow in all the fruits of the Spirit!
    I think I will choose LOVE today, because then the rest of the fruits should come out of love.
    Bless you!

  220. Please, Lord, help me with kindness. For part of the year I live in a retirement community with many of the residents being as much as 10-15 years older than myself. I want to learn to help these people in any way I can even when I’m not really feeling like it. I want my heart to be opened to their needs even before they knew they had a need. Thank you, Holy Father.

  221. Jae Runsick says:

    Working on love (understanding that love is first characterized as patient). Trying to be more patient as I love those in my life.


  223. Carolyn Rogers says:

    I would love to be patient with my family and feel the joy of the Lord. Thanks for a great reminder and devo, Lynn!

  224. Missie Smith says:

    Lynn I have a teenage daughter about to graduate and go to college. We butt heads often for the very reason your message pointed out. We both need to learn humility instead of mounting our defenses. Thank you for sharing the devotional today. It truly touched my heart.

  225. Marian Hindall says:

    I would love to have more patience in my life. My two grandchildren live with me. I just don’t have the patience like I did when I was younger. I want to be a Badaw (grandma) to them, not a disciplinary Badaw.

  226. Nancy Cole says:

    I think I would want to experience more love and kindness worked out in my life as these will automatically fulfill all the others when applying these fruits of the Spirit.

  227. I would love peace and joy, yet I know I need the rest to be able to experience those two. Praying for the Lord’s leading. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

  228. There are honestly quite a few that I need to work on. I really need to work on ALL of them but it I had to chose one, it would be patience. I always want things done right away. When people don’t do things quick enough, efficient enough, or the way I want, I tend to get very impatient. I’m so glad today’s devotional was about the fruit of the Spirit because this applies DIRECTLY to a few life situations that I’m going through right now and it really spoke to me. Thank you God for always revealing yourself when I think that I’m alone and that there’s nothing else that I can do. Thank you for guiding me when I least expect it. God you are good!

  229. I have wanted to get this book for my daughter for a couple of years now. She will be 13 in December and would be blessed by Magnetic. She is a beautiful girl inside and out and I pray daily that she will know who she is because of what Christ has done for her and walks it out with confidence.

  230. I have a sister in law and three nieces that are staying at a safe house right now. There are other moms, teenage, girls,and new Christian ladies staying there and I have been asking myself “what could I do to help them emotionally and also grow in their faith?” This book seems like a good start.

    1. Prayers for all at the safe house!

  231. I am in! I really need to work on patience & self control. I allow my emotions
    Too much control. Unfortunately my 13 year old is the witness to my fruatrated
    Meltdowns. Thank you for the reminders!

  232. Jessica sonnier says:

    I’m in! I couldn’t choose just one. I’ve been struggling for months in a custody dispute with my ex-husband, who is a Pakistani muslim man. I left him to pursue my faith in Jesus Christ and raise my son with my beliefs. He is now trying to take my son away from me. I am met daily with hostility from him, but I try to keep my cool, put my faith in God, and act in Christian manner towards him. I’m hoping he will see my peace and maybe find his way to believing in Jesus Christ.

  233. I need to work on all of the fruits! Especially choosing joy when things don’t seem to go my way and gentleness towards my children! Thank you for this great post!

  234. Self-control. When I am hurt I get defensive and attack back. In my mind not always out loud but, my actions reflect what is going on in my head.

  235. I want more humility and be able to respond as Moses and Aaron did…go to God first before I speak. Thanks for posting this.

  236. Jarri Servadio says:

    I want to work on gentleness today. So often my words toward my husband and children come across as harsh without me even realizing it.

  237. Clair Herrera says:

    Right at this moment, I really need to focus on patience and self control ?

  238. Hope Parker says:

    I need to work on all the fruits of the Spirit. Our 20 year old daughter recently had a baby. She is still living at home with us. Out of fear she has got back with the daddy of the baby. He is very verbally abusive to her and recently has been physical. She is a believer but definitely needs some encouragement. This would be a great book for us both to read. My husband and I struggle as parents as we watch her operate out of fear. Thank you for this devotion this morning!

  239. Fruit of the Spirit…I could use help with every one of them, some time or another. Thanks for your new book.

  240. Probably need to work on all of them. I have 2 teens that would love to read this book, they always could use encouragement.

  241. WHYTNEY JONES says:

    This has been my goal. Its not just one of the fruits I truly desire. Not one I favor over the rest. I want the fruits to be so evident. I want to be second. God first. I struggle with so many raw unwanted emotions.

  242. Teleatha Shepherd says:

    Peace and faithfulness

  243. I can use work in all of the fruits of the Spirit: humility and gentleness, kindness, being joyful. I understand the positiveness is a choice. I’d like to have a copy of the Magnetic book for my college age daughter.

  244. Praise The Lord!!! I need to work on being patient n to be a an example to my grandchildren. I would definitely want to read this book! I want to be a good example to my grandchildren and show them Christ Jesus so they may be a model for others as well. I m IN! AMEN!!!

  245. Love…. I need help loving people that have hurt me and loving people right where they are!!

  246. The one that I struggle the most is joy. Most likely I need help with then all but joy doesn’t come easily for me.

  247. Patience! And gentleness of tone with my children when I’m impatient. Thank the Lord for grace!

  248. Self control. Thank you, Lord!

  249. Self control and kindness

  250. Joy Even though your circumstances are not always what you want them to be,you can choose to be joyful with the Lord’s help. The word fits what brings joy to us which is putting Jesus first, then others, and yourself.

  251. I really need to choose goodness.

  252. Patience and self control!

  253. Im in. Joy no matter circumstances, faith in the midst of fear and patience with my 3 year old as well as preteen step daughter and nieces/nephews. I want to be a better role model and not seen as the grouchy mom. I want the Love of God to shine through and to be who I need to be in Him.

  254. Lindsey Parker says:

    I’m in!

    Patience and kindness would be the two I need most improvement in.

  255. Sandra Woolfolk says:

    I’m in. Patience.

  256. These words are a true source of encouragement as I navigate through difficult situations that have recently occurred. I presently have been reading about Moses. In Genesis where Moses asks God why He sent him to the Israelites when they have found fault with him. I pray I will continually have enough self-control to respond in humility. I want to know God more and do what honors Him.

  257. Patience and self-control are two I have to work on hand-in-hand currently. Thank you for this reminder to be humble. I needed to hear this this very day!

    Hoping to become magnetic,
    Heather ❤

  258. Peace, Joy, and Humility. Trying hard to have more fruit in my life, less stress and enjoy the present more so I don’t miss out.

  259. Brandy Martinex says:

    I need a dose of humility in patience with others & loving others that are hard to love & also self control at times when I let my feelings get the best of me & want to act out in anger or hostility. When I first must learn to use the presence of the holy spirit to calm my heart give me guidance. I am in & would love to get your book for my beautiful 12 year old daughter who could really use some godly wisdom & advice right now while dealing with all the changes that come with becoming a teenager. Thanks for such an heartfelt & meaningful devotional & God Bless.❤???

  260. I am in! Only God knows how much I struggle with pride, patience and loneliness but thank to you I am getting to learn and know about his abundant love for me.

  261. I need to work on being more patient and gentle with my immediate family. Sadly, they seem to get the short end of the stick, especially after a long day of being patient and kind with everyone else around me and at work.

  262. Gentleness & self-control when responding to a domineering co-worker.

  263. Zoraida Gemskie says:

    Humility, I really need the work on this so that I can be empowered to respond from a place of humility. I am having a hard place with this at work with my boss. I am also having a hard time with my mom because she is in attack mode due to unresolved issues and she hasn’t released it to God. She is know battling stage 4 ovarian cancer and it is so sad to see her so full of anger. Please keep Evangelista Crespo and me Zoraida Gemskie in your prayers that we can become the humble women God intended us to be no matter our surroundings or circumstances. God bless you and your ministry.
    Zoraida Gemskie

  264. Fay Paurillo says:

    Peace. I ask God for peace as so many things are coming my way the next few months and I need to constantly be reminded that God holds my future.

  265. I need faith, not fear or worry.

  266. Self-control to tame my heart and my tongue

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