Waiting Misconceptions {GIVE AWAY DAY}



  1. I am waiting for God to provide a way for me financially to be a stay at home mom to my 4 kids.

  2. I am waiting for God to relieve my chronic, widespread pain. I have had it for almost two years and it is getting worse. But I know that with each pain-filled step I take, God is with me and lives me.

  3. I am waiting for a friend and family member to truly surrender to the Lord. I have been praying for years. I need encouragement to keep persevering in prayer and to keep believing that God is working, even if it is not always visible to my eyes. I need some hope. I would like to win the gift pack which includes the Wait and See book.

  4. Nicci Ramirez says:

    I am Soooooooooooooooo in 🙂

  5. I have been waiting on a prayer request for over 20 years. It’s better than it was, but not where I want it to be. I am seeing the Lord working and have hope that He will continue.

  6. SusanKelly Garrett says:

    I am waiting on God to tell me what I must do to help my mother. She is at a stage in her life that she needs someone to help with managing her bills and making sure these bills get paid. She is a very strong headed woman, who does not want help, but needs helps because she has also gotten to the stage in her life that she is forgetting things. I have prayed about this.. but maybe I have not prayed the right prayer.

  7. We have been waiting and praying for God to give us some kind of van or large passenger vehicle for our family and our church, and he just gave us a bus. There are other areas where we are praying and waiting, but I wanted to share this one, because it was just answered, and in a dramatic way.

  8. I am currently waiting on my 12 year old daughter to heed the advice of her father and I and to truly understand who she is in Christ. Waiting is hard and at times it’s easy to think what am I doing wrong as a parent. However, my hope does come from the Lord. I will wait, I will trust, I will praise Him in the good and the bad.

  9. I am waiting for the new life God has promised my kids and I. While we are partially living it, there’s still much to come. A more peaceful journey. But in the meantime, God is proving himself faithful time and time again. He’s smoothing off more rough edges and continuing to refine me. I’ve struggled though to let go of my desire for now and realize this is just wait time. Wait time also means preparation time to me. Rest. Restoration. Training – both fun and hard. I’m seeing this time as precious now, but am struggling to not be distracted.

  10. Stephanie says:

    I’m waiting to find a new job in new city moved to.
    God is good!!

  11. Wendy G. Bronson says:

    I’m waiting as my husband deals with heart failure & our finances change.

  12. Cristi Hoakison says:

    I am waiting for my husband to accept and feel God’s love.

  13. I am waiting for the Lord to show me my priorities other than Family and Church. There’s a lot rolling around in my head, but I am waiting for His guidance instead of jumping into something He doesn’t want me to. Meanwhile, I am digging deeper into His Word, having a deeper relationship with Him. Waiting on God is sweet!

  14. Katie Rettig says:

    Waiting in God’s timing for my husband’s career to advance and for our house to sell.

  15. I am waiting on healing of an auto immune disorder as well as a spouse. I am a single mom trying to raise my kids alone with no help from their father or family and on top of that suffering from an auto immune disorder which makes it harder to be a single mom.

  16. I’m waiting on career guidance.

  17. Allyson Kohn says:

    I am waiting to find the Godly man I will marry one day and to start the family I’ve always wanted to have. It’s been hard at times to remind myself that in HIS time, my hearts desires will be given to me. But I know they wouldn’t be on my heart so strongly if it wasn’t God’s will for my life.

  18. #s 2 and 4 are interwoven for me. Thank you for the insight.

  19. Walking through a “waiting” season with my girl… this will be a welcome resource to study with her.

  20. I’m waiting for God to guide me in my writing and drawing skills. Praying for doors to be opened not just in my life,but my husband’s as well.

  21. Wating for direction from the Lord for this next season.

  22. Delores McPherson says:

    I am listening for the still small voice to say this is the way walk in it. I need direction in my life.

  23. I am waiting for God to help me understand what is his plan for our youngest son. His special needs are making it tough – how do we best guide him for life after High School?

  24. Peggy Clement says:

    I know God spoke to me for my healing, and I’ve been waiting for it. Not giviing up because i believe.

  25. Carol Shanks says:

    I am waiting for peace … in our world, in our country, in my state and in my city. I know that God has the plan, and we must be patient – patience was what I was NOT born with. I know that I must “be still and know that [HE] is God.

    1. Torrie Thompson says:

      Me too! I am a native to Charlotte, NC. Begging for healing & restoration of peace.

  26. Waiting for direction for ministry and for healing for my husband. It has been a long season of declining health. Recently we have had some positive movement, but then another setback over this past weekend has stumbled me a little again. But for God’s strength, I don’t think I could endure.

  27. I am waiting on the Lord for direction, and knowledge, mostly where my children are concerned. I struggle with doubt that I am praying the right things for my kids, and I just feel like I’m a little lost right now. I love your blog, Lynn, and I know your book would be a wonderful reference point.

    Thank you for the chance! 🙂

  28. Marian Hindall says:

    I’m waiting on God to see if my sister will talk to me. A situation where I’m in the middle between her and my mom. I’ve tried reaching out to her but to no avail. So, I’m going to wait on God for Him to do His work. Amen!

  29. Heather S. says:

    I’m waiting to see if I am to work a little during this season of transition…

  30. I am waiting for my adult son to come back to the Lord.

  31. I’m waiting for God to heal my dad.

  32. Dori Sheese says:

    I am waiting for the Lord to free me from foot pain. Also for retirement.

  33. I am waiting for relief from financial stresss due to my husband’s job loss. He also has chronic pain that makes daily tasks so very hard to do. We will continue to trust God and lean on Him.

  34. Sue Schechtman says:

    I am waiting for my oldest son 32 to let go of the belief its his fault of his birth Mom neglected him and his sister.
    He needs to let go and let God heal him.

  35. Bernadette says:

    I am waiting for God’s healing of my eyes, so that I can see clearly again. I am waiting for God to heal my daughter’s addiction. I am waiting for God to heal my daughter’s brain injury, mental illness and PTSD. I am waiting for God to free my son from his depression, ADD and suicidal thoughts that haunt him. I am waiting for You, God!

  36. Anne Lewis says:

    I am in a long season of caring for elderly parents with serious issues. I know this is what God wants me to do but it feels as though I am on hold regarding other mission work. This book sounds like a great reminder of how Hod is working behind the scenes to prepare us for other work and grow our faith.

  37. I think I relate to #1, #2 & #4 the most! But I’m sure I am guilty of all at some time! ! I do not wait well lol definitely need to rwad this 🙂

  38. My husband’s new business to get to the point of money coming in regularly and consistently.

  39. Monica Olmedo says:

    I am waiting for restoration of my family.

  40. Brenda C. says:

    I’m waiting for my disability to be approved and for some type of stable financial income.

  41. Thanks for this Lynn!
    Such an important topic for most all of us!
    I’m learning to wait ‘patiently’ to know where we are going to move next. God has proved His faithfulness time and time again to me… and it gets easier and easier to trust in Him to take care of me.
    Of course this has come with years of knowing Him and the wisdom of being older. 😉
    Blessings to you!

  42. Mary Ann Bell says:

    I can so relate to misconception#4.
    I injured myself August 16, 2016 broke two bones (one on either side of my ankle) and dislocated the ankle. (Yea apparently if I break something I have to go big, so I have been told). When it first happened, I was like it is all good God has this and even after surgery (screw and an anchor put in my foot). Still it is all good. My spirit was still God is in control. But as the time has been dragging out. I have questioned, God is my faith so small, and even what am I not learning? What have not figured out that you have not healed me. I even have had conversations with God saying I know you can heal me and why haven’t you? I must be doing something wrong!
    For over a month I have been in a splint no weight bearing on my right foot. I have to lay or sit with leg elevated and icing.
    The struggle has been real and I have been angry and then get mad at myself for feeling that way because there are people out there worse off then me!
    So need to read this book.
    Thanks for listening or reading in this case.

    1. Torrie Thompson says:

      Oh my sweet friend, I feel your pain. A year before losing my baby sister to a 9 year cancer battle, I slipped & fell on her handicap ramp. My ankle was shot. It has been a constant pain now, even after a replacement. People today are always asking about my limp. Angry? Oh yes!!! I want to do & be! I feel this disability has infected my heart. I am constantly asking God for relief & then feel guilty knowing there are others worse off. Being patient is pretty obvious where I need His strength…..and then there’s the listening & being obedient. Whew…..girlfriend life is tough! Roll up your sleeves, push through the pain, do for others as you seek his guidance has been my medicine. Hugs & prayers for you.

    2. Dora Garcia says:

      I can so relate, after a nose injury. I question myself, and my faith, and anxiety set in and really got the best of me. I couldn’t even eat. I lost 20 pounds because of it. However, God gave me this verse. I pray it encourages you. Corinthians 4;16-18 says “Therefore we do not lose heart. though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”
      God Bless you my sister, don’t lose the faith and hope!

  43. I am waiting for a healing in rejection

  44. I’m waiting on God to heal & restore my marriage. The waiting us horrible, its destroying me. I ask God for help but I get nothing. He is silent?

  45. Karen Pope says:

    I am waiting on the Lord. I am learning to trust his timing. He works all things for good…..in His time.

  46. I am waiting on the Lord to help my relationship with my son.

  47. I am waiting and praying, and waiting and praying, and waiting and praying to see 3 of our adult children come to know Jesus. We have 5 adult children, and seeing 2 of them accept Jesus as their Savior and be baptized was the best days of my life. I know these other 3 will eventually answer, but in the meantime, I pray and wait!

  48. Would love the gift set! Thanks!

  49. I am waiting and praying in expectation! We serve an awesome Savior! I ‘ m definitely in!!! Would love to have this gift set!!

    Blessings to you All!!

  50. Waiting to see where God guides my ministry. Always waiting on something, I think.

  51. I relate to #4 the most. I’m waiting to move to a new location, find a new home; to down size and simplify and meet like minded people.

  52. Yes, I have had to wait on a lot of things – one of the first big ones was was waiting for the young man who was going to be my husband. It seemed like when I finally gave up about having to be married,he was there within a few months. I finally knew I would be happy either way. I totally surrendered. We have been married for 43 years.Psalm 29:11″May the Lord give strength to His people;May the Lord bless His people with peace” as we wait for His perfect timing to answer our prayers.

  53. I am waiting for the Lord to open the door for a permanent job. I am working but it is not permanent and so it fluctuates. This has greatly affected our finances. It has been 5 years but God is faithful and I trust Him.

  54. I am waiting on the restoration and renewal in my marriage. Thank you, Lynn, for the reminders to have patience and to wait on God’s perfect timing.

  55. TallulahJane says:

    I am waiting for God to heal my physical pain. I have suffered with a disease which has no cure at the moment. It has been 15 years of suffering but I’m hopeful.

  56. Joanna Banana says:

    My purpose in life is were I’m waiting. God is preparing me for a ministry. I feel as though I am ready and willing but He’smade it clear that it isn’t the time yet. I related with the wait and see bible app plan and it really spoke to me in many ways.

  57. Cammi Hevener says:

    My mom has been battling cancer for 4 years and is just ready to throw in the towel.. it has been very hard to wait and ve patient for either healing or death.. I am asking for prayers for a positive attitude for her.. that she will realize God has a plan and will fulfill it ..

  58. I am waiting for the Lord to help us with our financial issues – He knows and I am working and trusting

  59. Melanie Wayment says:

    I have been seeking to get my health back, and wondering why things are not able to fall into place and just recently I came to the understanding that I have been looking at things the wrong way….I wasn’t being very positive at times and had become very negative so I wasn’t noticing the little tender mercies from God that he was giving me. I was doing things on my own in my own way, and without asking God or going to him. I have always felt like I was on my own, but I know that God is always there and always has been. This has helped me walk my path with more peace than before. I’m inviting God into my life more, and starting to feel like I wasn’t uninvited by him.

  60. Jen Collins says:

    I’m in! (this means I’m rushing too much, right? ?)

  61. Stared a Christian Counselling centre in Joburg which is a NPO. Waiting on God for more resources,direction and guidance for next steps. We are in a holding position till then. My personal ministry also going through the the same season of waiting on God.

  62. Lisa Fouche says:

    I’m in ?❤️

  63. Kristine Marshall says:

    I have been waiting out a season which has extended into several Minnesota autumns. Now anyone who has ever experienced autumn in Minnesota understands its awesome beauty and golden magnificence. Unfortunately, during those years that I tried to interfere with His timing throughout the long wait, my emptiest branches began to cover me with pure discouragement and loneliness. While some things I just will never understand here on earth in regards to this wait remain, there have been countless blessings as I scroll back through time and see a valid purpose even in that–especially in the most uncomfortable places where God placed me. And I conclude that through every fall and every moment I may have felt like a shaking leaf, God continued to steady and hold me securely in Jesus’ grace.
    Yes, this year may be yet another Minnesota autumn that I didn’t desire…Surely long ago I chose an autumn filled with fruit from my labors; not continued brittleness. So I pause to enjoy a few moments of a fading sunset or hike across the brilliant currant-colored woodlands. For although I secretly pray for trails to wind a different direction, I know my Lord cares about me greatly.
    I believe my anonymous situation in my life is both simple and complex. It is relatively simple when I solely trust in His plan and allow Him to work into it His grand scheme of things. It only turns complex when my control and disobedience enter in.

  64. I’m in and would also like to read the book. I’m just now actually beginning to read again and it sounds like some great material to soak in my head along with Gods word. Everyone have a good night and a blessed day.

  65. Jane Scott says:

    I’m waiting and trusting that God will save my family from a fearful lost eternity. I fully believe that the everlasting and amazing GOD can save them. So for 33yrs I have been praying for my now ex husband and my family.

  66. Mylinda Amos says:

    I am waiting for my son to come to know Christ.

  67. Torrie Thompson says:

    I’m patiently waiting for God’s daily direction. I battle putting myself last & listening to His calling. I’m in.

  68. averil bradshaw says:

    Thanks for so much truth and encouragement. I am praying for my sons salvation and for healing of the hurts he has had and for his low self esteem and shyness to be healed… and his confidence in Jesus and christians to be restored as it was at church where he was wounded when he was very young. God bless you in all you are doing

  69. I have been unwell for over a year and a recent operation has set me back. I know God is here with me and I believe that he will restore my health. But the waiting is hard. Some times I lose my focus on God and the doubts come and I need prayer to calm my mind and restore my peace. Devotionals like this are so helpful. Thank you x

  70. I’m waiting for God to open a door, a window for my husbands business. I am waiting for the home I’ve always dreamed of. I am tired of being the breadwinner and feeling so much pressure all of the time. I am tired and living in someone else’s dream home. I am waiting for God to change me for the better. Blessings

  71. I’m in! Thank you for this blog. I feel.like I’ve been in a waiting season for a.long time and I’ve been frustrated lately because I don’t see any change coming. I like what you said about we might be waiting on something we didn’t desire but that God desires for us. Whew! Light bulb went on in my head with that statement! God bless you!

  72. I’m waiting on a full marriage restoration. We are almost there and my husband and I are both learning how to be on the same team again.


  74. Anna Rice says:

    I am waiting for healing. I am asking God for healing in my physical body (tick bites have compromised my immune system) and also asking Him for healing in my mental health (I have PTSD). I know God has a plan, and will work all things for good and for His glory, so I am trusting Him in this difficult season of “wait.” My father recently passed away, and while his death has brought huge sadness it has also brought upheaval in my mother’s and my career, as we all worked together at the construction company my parents founded in 1984. My mom and I heard the Lord ask us to close the business last month, so we obeyed. Now she and I wait as the Lord unfolds the next chapter for employment for each of us. We are upholstering furniture and trusting God will continue to give us our daily bread and meet our financial and emotional needs. Blessings to my fellow sisters who wait as well.

  75. I am waiting for God to show me what work He has for me since I moved far away from home for a job that didn’t unfold as planned.

  76. I’m waiting for direction in switching churches or staying where we are during the transition to an new pastor

  77. Megan Burchett says:

    I’m waiting on the Lord to bless us with a child (children ).

  78. I am waiting on my fiancé to come back home, for the Lord to release him from prison and for a place where I can have my children with me.
    I know that through this difficult time, the Lord is teaching me the patience I never had before, endurance, love for others and that I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH HIM WHO STRENGTHENS ME.

  79. I’m waiting for God’s wisdom and guidance as I pray and contemplate on a new ministry opportunity.

  80. I am waiting on the Lord to provide a job for my husband.

  81. Tonya Flavell says:

    I have been waiting for God to bring my son out of his homosexual life style, and atheist beliefs. I’ve been praying for over 13 years.

    1. Dora Garcia says:

      Please share love with him and not hate. Just pray over him, and don’t judge him. He probably gets a lot of that already. The main thing is to love him where he is at, because you can’t change him. Only God can. I tell you this because God brought me out, into the light. The more people judged me and spread hate, the further I wanted to be from the church. However, I always felt God’s love and eventually He brought me through! God does hear your prayers, it is all in His perfect timing.

  82. Kelly Byrd says:

    Your post spoke straight to my heart today. Thanks so much for sharing!

  83. Stacy Fortenberry says:

    I’m in!!!
    Thank you for this message!!!
    Waiting, Stacy

  84. cindi bohmann says:

    I am waiting for forgiveness

  85. I’m waiting for reconciliation with my parents.

  86. Corena Hall says:

    I’m waiting on the Lord. I am waiting on my eternity in Heaven . I cannot complain for in my life He is doing it all with me, the blessings good bad big small wanted or not all change me in this waiting. And I am not alone as His Word says His rod and staff they comfort me. He is light in the darkness that overwhelms, He is peace in the midst of my nightmares, He is love that allows me to feel Holy Spirit presence. Thank you to Jesus the Name above all Names! Amen!
    I’m in!

  87. Sarah Liddy says:

    I am waiting for God’s continued plans for me as I continue to be the mom He has called me to be. I thank you Jesus for all your many blessings and know that what you have in store for me is good ?

  88. Krista Morales says:

    I’m in, what a blessing it is to know that I’m not waiting in vain!

  89. I’m in…..for so many areas of my life but also aware and thankful for
    each blessing!

  90. I am waiting for complete peace after finishing treatments for a recurrence of breast cancer. God brought me through ten years ago and just recently! Now the waiting begins again. Thanks for the reminder that God’s timing isn’t mine.

  91. My children are all grown and I feel at a loss. I am waiting for God to tell me about the next phase of my life.

  92. I’m waiting for developed friendships. My husband and I made a big move a year ago and it just takes time to develop relationships and feel connected. Thank you!

  93. I am waiting for my daughter to feel better and be able to go to school and lead a normal life.

  94. I am waiting on several things in my little world. Realizing that instead of waiting, my usual reaction is to just accept or give up when the Lord would like for me to push through and pray and wait. How gracious He is to wait for us!!

  95. I’m in! I’m waiting patiently for God for many things, I sometimes get impatient but I remember that everything will work out in God’s timing and if I have Grace, patience, wisdom and knowledge things will fall into place. What we want is not always God’s plan.

  96. We have been going through a difficult time for quite some time and although I pray constantly about it, we are still in the “waiting” phase, longing for brighter and better days. I needed to be reminded today that God’s timing is perfect and that I must trust that he will bring a resolution to our situation in his timing, not mine. Thank you for this reminder today! It is exactly what I needed!

  97. Wow, An amazing story of how much Gad loves us and how he is able to bring hope and happiness into lives where there was none before.

  98. Hi I couldn’t find where to enter from the devo on Monday. You prob picked a winner already 🙂 but I’m interested in joining in too 🙂 I feel like I’ve been in a holding pattern for years. Just can’t seem to figure out what God is trying to tell me in this waiting period.

  99. Pam Whittlesey says:

    I left my position in our family business in June when I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me. The last few months have been a time of deeply connecting with God and healing my soul. I know God has a plan for my life. The waiting and learning to be patient has been a challenge. I am trying to learn to enjoy this transition time but I’m finding it difficult.

  100. I’m waiting in my marriage. I didn’t understand why God wanted me to marry whom I married, but I knew in my heart that this was his will — that I was to marry this guy. I felt God clearly tell me, “It’s not for you I have you marrying him. It’s for him. One day, he will need you.” We married six years ago after God confirmed in my Spirit this was His will. About two years ago, things began to fall apart in my marriage. This year, we self-diagnosed him as bipolar. So, the wait is rough. Has been rough for years. I’m simply praying my husband will fall back in love with me, & that I could help him come to the saving knowledge of Christ. Please join me in prayers. Asking God to, by Christmas, have things be headed down a better road. 🙂 I’m honoring my marriage vows. In sickness & health, for better or for worse, ’til death do us part. Please pray for my husband’s salvation! I needed to hear this entry today. Thank you!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Dear Heather, my youngest daughter was diagnosed with bi-polar and OCD last year. Several things have helped us tremendously:
      1) Prayer – every day and all of us being in God’s word every day
      2) Correct medication
      3) weekly counseling
      4) NAMI’s family-to-family classes

      When we combine the power of God with the wisdom He provides through modern medicine, it is an amazing combination!

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