Proverbs 31 Woman Magazine – May Issue

Dear Friends,

I hope you had an amazing Mother’s Day! Mariah and I had a wonderful time speaking at the Mother/Daughter retreat at The Tuscarora Conference Center in Pennsylvania. The country side was so peaceful and the women precious!

Speaking of daughters, this month I have the honor of being on the cover of the Proverbs 31 Magazine with my daughters, Mariah and Madison. I thought I would share the article I wrote for this issue with you.

I was desperate. Instead of heading to the altar, I headed into heartache. A serious relationship ended, leaving me empty and alone. My heart was scared and scarred. Elevating that man to such a lofty place in my heart was a serious mistake. The cavity he left shocked me.

What could fill a hole that size? It had to be bigger than a man, or a career. Could Jesus offer that? Growing up, I knew Him as my shepherd, friend and Savior. But I felt I needed something more.

While moving boxes in my warehouse job, I cried out to God, asking Him to fill the cavern in my heart. I knew He could, I just didn’t know how or what that would look like. His Word promised that if I sought Him with all my heart, I would find Him. So I began my pursuit.

During my quest a verse changed my perspective on God and life: “I will betroth you to me forever; I will betroth you in righteousness and justice, in love and compassion. I will betroth you in faithfulness, and you will acknowledge the LORD” (Hosea 2:19-20). For more, click here….

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Do you have a young women in your life who needs to know the power of Jesus’ love to empower her with confidence to make wise decisions? Share this love with her through “His Revolutionary Love”.

Today I’m giving away a free one year subscription to the Proverbs 31 Magazine! Just comment below and share who was the first person to share Jesus’ radical love with you! Be sure to check back on Wednesday morning when I will post our winner!



  1. The first person who shared Jesus' love with me was my friend in high school who had just recently rededicated her life to Christ.

    1. Carol C Conroy says:

      Hey There! I was only a little girl — maybe??- at a sunday church service i believed and accepted Chirst. My Mom was there with me.

  2. My grandmother was the first one to share Gods love with me. Even as a little girl, I remember her heart towards our sweet savior. As I grew older and walked away from the Lord, she was always there to remind me of His love for me! I am who I am because of her! Even in her death, her love for God was undeniable to all who had the blessing to watch her life!

    [email protected]

  3. The first person who shared God's love for me was my great-grandma. His love was a light through her to not only her family, but also the people around her.

  4. The first person who told me about Jesus was my friend Julie. I was a young single mom and she and her husband lived across the country from me and ministered to me long distance and even flew me from one coast to the other to pour Jesus' love into me and answer any questions I had. To me, that was radical love that can only be experienced through God. Thank you, Lynn.

    [email protected]

  5. My parents ALWAYS took me to church so I remember being told about Jesus all the time. but the first time I really remember someone taking an interest and telling me about him one-on-one was in 4th grade. We had a 4th grade girl Wednesday evening class….and afterwards our moms had choir practice. She really let me know that Jesus loved me and that night I accepted Him into my heart on the way to Wal-Mart when my mom got out of choir practice!!! No one can tell me that kids can't make a difference!!!!

    [email protected]

  6. My first Sunday school teacher, who has been more like a surrogate grandma to me, was the first person to share God's love for me. She has been a constant in my life and she's one of the most outstanding Christians I have ever known!

  7. The first person who shared Jesus with me was my mommy. We would all go to church every Sunday with her. I love that from the very beginning of my childhood I was surrounded with the stories of Jesus and I knew that He died for me!

  8. I believe my parents were the first to share with me God's love and the plan of salvation. They have been such a powerful force in my journey of faith in Christ. While I continued to hear from friends and other family, they were the beginning of showing me God's unconditional love and forgiveness. I accepted Christ at 11 years old during VBS, one reason why I love VBS so much!

  9. My family (Mom, Dad, Grandparents) taught me about the love Jesus has for me. My Daddy led me to the Lord!

  10. Growing up in church in the South, my momma took me to church every week. My first Sunday School teacher was Mrs. West in Kingsport, TN and she was great with us as kids. Mr. Dunn gave the "invitation" in Children's Church on spring Sunday morning in 1983 and I prayed asking Jesus to come into my heart. Later that summer I was baptized in the Holston River. Church in South is great!

  11. My parents were probably the first, but I was raised in the church from birth (literally) I was only days old the first time I was taken to church. But through much heartache and growing it wasn't until I was 18 that I truly gave my life to the Lord in sweet surrender. I was blessed (even though I didn't know it at the time) because God constantly put people in my life who always pointed to Him. So once I surrendered my life, I was changed completely. Not to say I didn't fall, we all do. But I was a different person. The old was gone. Thanks for allowing us to share!

  12. My dear parents introduced me to Jesus at a very young age. I feel so blessed to have had parents that taught me that from a very early age!

    Hope you liked Pennsylvania! I am sad to hear you were not too far from me…and I didn't know! 🙂


  13. My parents shared Jesus' love for me since I was born. I wasn't saved until I was a teenager though. Once I felt his peace and love and joy wash over me I knew that he was real and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. I am so thankful for Godly parents who took me to church and let me hear about how to be saved and how you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are saved.

  14. My dad was the first to share Jesus' love with me. He was just like Jesus; He didn't force it on me. He loving shared God's love without forcing it on me. I'll be forever grateful to my Dad.

  15. I would say that my dad was probably the first one who shared the plan of salvation with me, when I was 13, he became a Christian and then my mom and then me and my brother.

  16. I was never went to church but God himself started to deal with me when I was 23 years old. I started watching preachers on T.V. and then my mom came around and asked me to go to church with her. I finally gave in and gave my life to Christ the exact same day. The pastor was so loving and assured me that there was more to my life than my outer being.

  17. beautiful! thank you for sharing your story ~
    interesting and apropos to the day, it was my mom who introduced me to Jesus. bless her! now a resident alzheimer patient in a care home, she's totally with it when asked to pray for anything! amazing goodness of God ~
    thanks for your offer and this opp to enter!

  18. We grew up in church…went to every service, so I knew about Jesus at an early age. But the moment that really stands out to me most is @ youth camp when I was around 8-9 years old. My mom was my Dorm counselor and every evening there was an altar call after service. She encouraged all of us girls to accept Jesus in our hearts and to go up to the altar if we felt lead to do so. I went up one evening and my mother prayed with me. It was such a great feeling. <3

  19. My Mom was the first to share God's love with me – through books, songs and the way she lived her life. My grandmother was also a wonderful woman of faith and often sang and talked about that love when I was at her house

  20. Loved reading it the first time in the Mag and again on here!

    You are a precious woman, Lynn and I love ya!!!

  21. My grandfather gave me my first real Bible at the age of 16 and he always talked about the Lord and encouraged us to read/hear the teachings of Rev. Billy Graham. My grandmother also lived a beautiful servants life & showed me what it was to really love people. I am ETERNALLY grateful to them both! Their names were Roy Calvin McLain & Loretta Michael. I'm looking forward to the future when I can see them again. For now, I know that they live on through me as I try & live their example to my children & grandchildren. : )

  22. The first person who shared Jesus love with me was a sweet friend Kelley . She talked to me and mentor me to be the strong Christian I am today. She and her husband are now missonaries now. I'm getting ready to celebrate my 7th spiritual birthday next month and they will be returning to the states.

  23. It was my sweet husband who shared with me the love of Jesus. I had been raised in a home where all we were taught was to fear God, hellfire and brimstone was the topic. I never heard how much Jesus loved us. I knew about the crucifiction…….but never KNEW what it entailed. My husband shared Jesus with me. We have been married 25 yrs now. We finally found a church family almost 4 yrs ago where the word is taught line by line… embellishment and no leaving out the parts that are scary or just plain hard. My husband was just made the church's first elder. He loves sharing Jesus with others and helping people understand the Bible and what Jesus did for all of us. Thank you for the chance to win a subscription…..I would love the chance to share it with my sisters in Christ.

  24. My parents- not only through their words, but in their daily actions.

  25. My husband (boyfriend at the time) was the first one to share Jesus with me and let me know that I needed a relationship with Him, not just a religion!

  26. Anonymous says:

    My neighbors took me to church during my middle school years and they were the first people to introduce me to the Lord.

    [email protected]

  27. Rita Leavesley says:

    I was lead to the Lord by my father. I am so very thankful for him. I remember it just like it was yesterday, and I remember the tears in his eyes as we prayed. I have been reading books by Mrs. Lysa Terkeurst and Mrs. Francis Chan. These two authors have opened my heart to a real daily walk with Christ in all areas of my life.

    God Bless your ministry

    Rita Leavesley
    [email protected]

  28. Although I grew up in church I didn't really see the radical love of Jesus until I was adult and I saw how He could truly make a difference in someone's life. That someone was my ladies Sunday School teacher Glenda Darby. When I met her, I knew something was different about her life and I wanted that difference.

  29. Cissi Hansen says:

    My 15 year old daughter was the one who opened my eyes. She has been a part of a youth group for several years and she shared her experiences with God with me and I realized I needed to have that experience. Thanks to her, I was saved 4 months ago and am starting my beautiful journey with God. My daughter and I have become closer and we bond on a much deeper level. She is an amazing inspiration!!

  30. Jennifer R says:

    I don't really remember who "first" shared God's love with me but in the last few years my friends Shannon and Tammy have really opened my eyes to the kind of relationship we can have with Christ.

  31. My best friend in high school shared Jesus' love with me, but I was too scared to make the next move. Several wrong turns later at the age of 26 sitting in church, after being away from church for 8 years, I heard God tell me "now" and fortunately I was obedient and went to the altar and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. But I have told my friend "thank you" for never giving up on me…everyday she prayed for my salvation and she was faithful. Thanks for allowing me to share, April Mixon

  32. The first person or should I say persons, I would have to say some dear neighbors down the road from us. R & C. They willl always be dear in my heart for that reason!

  33. My Great grandmother used to read the bible every single night at bed time, often falling asleep with it in her lap. Frequently I would stay the night at my grandma's where Nanny was living at the time because my dad worked and went to school full time. Night after night, she'd read to me, and tell me the stories of Jesus during the day. She was the most dynamic person I've ever known, devoted to our Lord like no one I've met to this day. She didn't just talk the talk, she walked the walk. So much so that our Lord took her home at sunrise one Easter morning. She was one of the greatest blessings God ever afforded me, and I am to this day so very grateful for her presence in my life and her service to Him.

  34. The my Grandma Travis, very strong Christian woman, I miss her dearly.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I've been a christian all of my life so I suppose it was my parents who first shared His love with me. However, it wasn't until I was around 25 that I REALLY understood it more – I was reading a book by Max Lucado and just was halted in my thoughts and started singing "Hallelujah!"

    Kristen – [email protected]

  36. My parents were the first to show and share Christ love for me. The ultimate display was their love for me. It was totally unconditional! They made sure that I always knew to put Christ first in my life. When I wasa teen my parents has a falling out with church and each other. Through what they had taught me I was able to stay True to Christ love and not drowned in my sorrows. Ultimently I was able to turn around and remind my parents of the love of Christ and return them to where they needed to be.
    I credit God first and my parents second for the women I am today.

  37. Thanks for the encouragement!!!! I so appreciate P31 ministries! I am currently moving into a new stage of life…empty nest at 41…so a free subscription to your wonderful magazine could be just what this mom needs!

    Who was the 1st person to share the amazingness of Christ with me? Hmmmm…I don't recall their name, but the very first was my teacher. I asked Jesus into my heart at a very young age. Since then, God has blessed my life with many godly women who hold me close & I hold even closer.

  38. The person to first show me God's love and the love of Jesus was my youth pastor in the 9th grade. Wow, how my life changed. So glad to have Jesus!!

  39. The first person who shared with me would probably be my current pastor. I was not raised regularly attending any church and it wasn't until I started attending and became a member at my current church that I actually felt that connection.

  40. Anonymous says:

    My parents were the first to share God's love with me. So thankful for a christian upbringing because I know that it is what has helped keep me strong in all the difficult times of my life. At times I wasn't as faithful but God always has been and has continued to show me in ways I never imagined possible how much He truly does love me!

  41. The first person to share Jesus with me was my parents

  42. My mother-in-law showed me the love of Christ with her life. She encouraged and loved me unconditionally, something I had never had in my young life.

  43. Anonymous says:

    My parents were the first to share the love of Christ with me, verbally and by their actions.

    [email protected]

  44. My pastor while I was in high school was Mark Rutland, who is now president of Oral Roberts University. He shared God in such a real and unforgettable way that I accepted Christ while kneeling in the living room of his parsonage. I thank God for the fire that this wonderful man of God lit in my life that day. Even in the difficult times when my faith begins to waiver, Jesus pursues me and reminds me of the fire that I felt on that day. Glory to God for his saving grace! P.S. I just purchased your book on Amazon for my beautiful daughter who is about to leave for college this summer. I pray that she will read it and find how madly in love God is with her! Thank you.

  45. My little girl friends from our neighborhood. I wouldn't come to Christ till many years later but they planted the seed.

  46. It is so excitingn to see how many of us came to know Jesus through the influence of our Moms and Grandmothers.

    THIS is why we need to start a love revolution. As moms, we can share with our daughters the truth that no man can ever fill the love gap in our hearts…only Jesus. Just as the women in our lives lead us to the savior, so can we!

    Let's do it ladies!


  47. Anonymous says:

    My parents shared Jesus' love with me by taking me to Sunday School and bringing me up in a home where Christian values were taught.

  48. My grandma was the first one to tell me about Jesus.

  49. The first person to share is hard for me to pin point as it was a process and a list of people who shared by their actions and love for me. However, I did not realize their significance in me becoming a Christian until, I became a Christian. :0)

  50. I recived the gift of the Lord's amazing work from my dear friend Haley. She knew that I was going through a hard time and needed help. When she offered me a ticket to the Feminar that was later in the month, I thought "oh well, I guess". When I got there, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I needed God in my life. I never knew the Lord before that. I never had a relationship with him and was searching for something greater in my life but would always come up empty handed.

    I have since joined her church and Sunday school. I love learning about the Lords word! It is a great challeng because my husband is still a non believer. I am destined to make him see the light that has shined so brightly in my life!!! I would love your magazine to keep me inspired.

    Thanks a ton,
    Miranda Allbright

  51. The first person to share God's amazing love with me was my Grandmother. She would draw promises for any family member she felt needed God's attention and claim that promise for them. I truly believe that her prayers were heard and feel that though I turned my face from God, she asked for his protection for me and that is why I am here today. Thank you MawMaw.

  52. Andrea Stanley says:

    My mother was the first person to a share the love Jesus has for me. I thank her everyday for that!!!

  53. It was my grandmother and i loved hearing her talk of this remarkable Savior and listening to HIS stories out of the big book. I loved the thought of being SAVED!….what a time she is having in heaven sitting at HIS side…

  54. I would love to win this subscription. My husband recently lost his job, and I wisdom and guidance to get me through this difficult time.

  55. I would LOVE to win this magazine subscription! The first person who shared Jesus' love with me, that I actually listened to and believed was my Pastor Mary @ my new church home. Blessed are my daughters and myself since we came to our new church and our One True Man, Jesus Christ our Savior!

  56. This is for/from my wife: My family growing up were the first to share Jesus with me! I SO wanted and needed Him in my life! and still do!

  57. I am lucky enough that my parents were the ones who shared Jesus' love with me.

  58. Hi,

    I would love too receive that.
    The first person(s) in my life…
    Very blessed to say my parents and due to an argument with my mother that shook me up I gave my heart to Jesus at age 14!

    Praying too be just that to my kids too!



  59. The first person who shared Jesus with me was my moms best friend growing up. I was about 13-14 and she is actually the one who led me into a relationship with the Lord. I cannot emphasize HOW huge her life and our conversation had an impact in my life. I am so TRULY grateful for her and for her taking the time to have those conversations with me, answer questions, and just be there! 🙂

  60. Cindi Wiggins says:

    My mom took me to church a lot when I was little, but the first time I really got an inkling of God's unbelievable love for me was via my Christian Counselor who I was seeing for anger issues. He gave me a great example of how my true worth was not defined by what others thought of me, but that Jesus died to redeem me!!!

    Cindi Wiggins
    [email protected]

  61. My mother was the first to share God's love with me as she continues to do on a daily basis.

  62. My mother was the first and has continued to do. It is her consistent dedication to God that is my example.

  63. My cousin shared the Lord with me, time and time again. Unfortunately I refused to hear what she shared though thinking I was a good person and didn't need to drink the koolaid she was trying to give me. Many years later who daughter, along with some missionaries were coming into town and we offered to house them all. While at yhe house Julie wanted to go to church. So, just like we would do when her mom came to visit, we suggested she go to church with my best friend. Of course we had no intention of going with her, just planned on sending her with my friend. During the couple of days she was at our house though cause something in me to stir. The joy that emanated from her caught my attention and I wanted to know what it was and where I could get it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm generally a happy person but this was not just normal happiness, it was pure joy, as though she glowed with it. She asked if we would please go to church with her rather then sending her with a off to church we went with her and the peace I felt when I stepped inside the church is unexplainable. I could now see where her joy came from and the glow she had was from the light of Jesus shining bright in her life. That was four and a half years ago and I have been in love with Jesus since. Apparently His joy is infectious because several of my kids have since accepted Christ as well as my father. Praise God for bringing His light into my life and opening my heart to accept His Son Jesus as my Savior. The funny thing is that before Julie and her missionary friends drove down to stay with us, her mom and them prayed for me to accept Christ. His love, His Mercy and His timing is perfect. Thank You Jesus!

  64. A small group of women who prayed and loved me through separation and reconcillation with my husband

  65. My Dad was. He would take us to church–my Mom went to a different church–but my dad would take all 5 kids!!! Thanks Lynne,BarbWall

  66. My mother was the first to share God's love with me. She has always been so caring and selfless and she has modeled for me the kind of mother I want to be for my child. I love talking to my mother about God and faith more than anyone else. She was diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer just days before I gave birth to my first child earlier this year. Her faith is stronger and more inspiring today than ever before.

  67. The first person to share Jesus' radical love with me was my Mother, who gave her life to the Lord when I was 11 years old. I saw such an amazing change in her personality and choices that it drew me into wanting to know the Lord too.

  68. My mom was the first person to share Jesus' love with me. I was 7 years old. I'm 46 now. I can't imagine life without Christ. That's why I share my faith with others as often as I can. I want them to see Jesus in me. I want to be that light in this dark world (Matthew 5:16).

  69. The first person to share Jesus'love to me were the people who brought Bibles to our school. I went to school in a little town on the tip of Georgian Bay in Canada.
    These men were from the Gideon Bible Society, it was 1973. I still keep that Bible with me to this day.

  70. My parents and grandparents shared it from birth, but it wasn't until I had been away from church (and God) in college when I heard "Come back to me" through my cooperating teacher, while I was student teaching in her classroom. It truly was meant to be that I was there that semester. That started my renewed faith journey!

  71. My mother-in-law never gave up on me. She was always sharing with me about the power of Christ and his redeeming love during my 9 year battle with infertility. I was angry at God and she kept reassuring me that God knew that I was angry with Him, but that he was still with me and loving me every step of the way…

    I am a Mommy now because of the wonderful blessing of domestic adoption. We go to a wonderful church and we were baptized the year after our son was born.

    I am so thankful to God an my mother in law…neither one of them gave up on me.

  72. I always grew up knowing there was more to God but couldn't find answers. My husband became my God and when he left me I was devastated which caused me to cry out to God and search more until I found a bible study where I heard the truth and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. That is the short version which happened almost 25 years ago. Through much prayer and healing My husband and I will be celebrating out 33 years of marriage next month. Thank you Lord.

  73. I've been going to church since I was born, so there was exactly one person that I remember first sharing Jesus with me. There was however one person I remember being a big influence on my relationship with Jesus, that was my G.A. leader.

  74. I had a teacher that took us on an FCA camping trip. Then, he continued to mentor me and get me involved in ministries that strengthened me and helped me tremendously through my teenage years. I am so thankful to Him and most of all to the Lord for sending him 🙂

  75. says:

    The first person I remember telling me about JESUS was the assistant attorney general on UNC-CH's campus. I went to a freshman pre=orientation camp the weekend before school started, and he was a counselor there. He took the time with me, and helped me sort through a lot of issues. My thanks goes out to Philip Floyd.

    [email protected]

  76. The first person to share Jesus with me was a Pastor I met when I worked at Walmart in Florida – I had made some really bad choices in my life and he took the time to talk to me. He told me God still loved me inspire of the bad things I had done. He came in at least once a week to talk to me – when no one else cared what I was going through he did and he told me God did. It meant the world to me.

  77. Anonymous says:

    I was adopted! I was blessed to be raised with three older sisters that I adored! I have three biological sisters that I met when I was 13! We all grew up in same town! My younger one was not adopted out and we grew close over the years. I was raised going to church and she really wasn't. She came through for me on my darkest of days when I lost my older sister to a car accident! I told her I was never going back to church. She came with me to funeral on a saturday and I went to church with her on sunday and the pastors wife had me down front praying over me!!! I will never forget that blessed day! I left with a peacefulness and forever grateful that I went!!! God is there in bad times!!!!! I could write a book on my big family!!!!! Missy

  78. My next door neighbor shared Jesus with me by loving me & spending time playing games with me. She was older than my great grandmother and was so full of Gods love that it flowed out of her and into me. 🙂
    Stephanie Walker

  79. The first person to share the love of Jesus with me was my mom.

  80. The first person who shared Jesus with me was my mom. She taught me from a very early age about Jesus and his love.

  81. I have been a Christian for many years now, but never felt that I was truly loved… I didn't accept Christs love. What amazing joy I have found now that I know Jesus truly loves me for me, that He has my best interests in mind, He wants me to be happy! There is nothing that can compare to feeling truly loved 🙂

  82. The first person to share Gods love with me was my next door neighbor when I was 9 years old. She and her husband drove the church bus every Sunday to pick up all the neighborhood kids to transport them to the church! It is now 35 years later, I have just recently given my life to the Lord. After all these years,her memory and her love for God still stands out the most.
    [email protected]

  83. I had this friend that was "really nice" and her name was Jan. She shared Jesus with me at the age of 19.

  84. The first people to share Gods love for me was my neighbors. My family was new to the area and they were there to make sure me and my siblings attended church and VBS. Gods love just flowed out of this sweet couple. I honestly believe that if it werent for them I would not be where I am today.

  85. Miss Jenkins! She was my Sunday School teacher!

  86. My grandma spoke life into me as young as I can remember!

  87. I was suffering from panic attacks. I had just moved to a big city, started a corporate job, and was lonely. I went to a psychologist. She asked me what my greatest fear was. I said dying, because I was too imperfect to ever get into heaven. The Jewish woman remained silent for a minute or two then said, "I wouldn't want to go to heaven. If only perfect people go, then it sure must be lonely up there." What a new way to look at things! A few years later I was flying on business. Since I am not in control of the plane, I always get apprehensive during take off and turbulance. I warn the person next to me that I will hold their hand during these "rough" times. Circumstances were such that a minister was sitting next to me. He held my hand as needed, then proceeded to talk to me once the plane leveled off. He asked me about my fear. I mentioned my concerns about death, and the psychologist's comments. The minister talked to me about God's love for me just as I am, about loving me enough to have Jesus die for my sins. Wow! What a totally different view of "religion". I professed my love for Jesus during that flight. I remember getting off the plane practically dancing in happiness.

  88. the first person who shared Jesus love with me was my mom and family…i was raised under the benches at church since i can remeber…and my mom has been an inspiring person in my life as of now..God bless her…

  89. i was actually raised under the benches at church but i can say my mom has been a role model for me…she is always there telling me not to lose faith because God is always with me…God bless her

  90. No one shared Jesus with me, after 9/11 I just knew I needed to get right with God. I was going to church but I was going through the motions. On November 17, 2001 I went to my pastor and told him I wanted Jesus in my heart. He led me in the sinners prayer and since then I have been a believer in Jesus Christ!!

    In 2003 I started attending a new church and God really started changing and healing me. Then in 2004 God brought a dear family to our church to be a worship pastor, his wife and I became friends we have been through it all together and been a strength to each other in faith. I had moved away in 2008 to another state but our friendship remains strong. She is such a blessing to me, and I miss her dearly.

  91. debi camp says:

    A sunday school teacher Barb, from my church……I'll never forget the day I gave my heart to Jesus

  92. The first person to share Jesus love with me were my parents when they took me to be baptized as an infant. I was blessed to grow up surrounded by Jesus love, through them.

  93. Tony and Richie, the first people to share Jesus with me, were band members who played at a bar I used to go to. At every break, and then all through the night, we talked about Jesus. God truly met me where I was at.

  94. Honestly? The first person to share God's love with me were my parents. Church wasn't an option, it was an expectation and I honestly enjoyed it as a kid. They are awesome examples of unconditional love as well.

  95. Carol C Conroy says:

    Hi There! I was only a little girl at a Sunday Church service when I first heard about Chirst.

  96. Deb Bishop says:

    The one that I remember the most was Mrs. Erb who held Joy Club in her home every Saturday morning. Looking back I really appreciate the time she gave us, the neighbor children.

  97. Kimberly Brown says:

    Good Morning! I would just like to know how to get a subscription to this magazine. (Actually 2, one for me and one for my lifelong friend at a different address than mine.)

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi Kimberly, Proverbs 31 Ministries stopped printing the magazine several years ago and replaced it with many online free resources! Learn about all of them at

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