Say “Yes”

4:50 a.m. Not my ideal time for waking up, but if I am going to succeed at finishing a half marathon in December, it’s what I have to do. You see, this is the time that my friends are able to run. If I’m not going to run alone, I have to get up and do what I don’t want to do.

This morning, our run started out as normal. The two fast runners ahead, with my friend and I a bit behind, but shortly into our run, my friend felt sick and needed to turn back. What was I going to do? I needed to run at least five miles. I have been feeling weaker and knew I needed to push my body. But keeping up with two fast, well-seasoned runners in the pitch black seemed beyond me. I chose to go.

My legs burned as I struggled to keep up the pace. My lungs ached as it breathed in and out the cool October air faster than normal. I so wanted to quit. My mind kept saying, “It’s ok, Lynn, you can’t keep going at this pace. You’ll be alright if you walk a bit.” Yet, I knew that Greg would never want me to be out running in the dark alone. I needed to keep up.

As I fought to keep my body going, I thought of my Jesus. How He has given me life. How He has called me to keep going. Though my thoughts fight me at times. Though those around me fall behind or quit, He calls me to push on. Push myself to follow hard after Him, even when it feels like I cannot.

I made it. I ran 5 miles in 43 minutes and 22 seconds – faster than I have ever run before. I had friends who were with me and I didn’t quit.

During my time of personal worship with the Lord this morning, I sang Him this song written by Matt Redman:

Yes and Amen

Hear your people saying yes
Hear your people saying yes to you
Yes to everything you ask
Yes to anything we’re called to do

Hear your people say amen
Hear your people say amen to you
Let your kingdom come on earth
Let it be just like we prayed to you

Yes and Amen to everything that’s in your heart
yes and amen to EVERYTHING that you have planned
We live to see your will be done
And see your perfect kingdom come on earth, on earth
Yes and Amen, we’re taking up our cross for you
Give us the strength to take these dreams and follow through
We live to see your will be done
And see your perfect kingdom come on earth, on earth

May it be so, in our lives, Sweet King!



  1. WAHOO!!! Way to go Lynn!!!! Cheering for you on the other side of the border!!!

    Paul encourages us to run the race and finish the course. So glad you kept running today – AMAZING!!!!

    The words to the song are beautiful – I had never heard it before. Thanks for sharing it.

    Saying Yes and Amen,

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