The Heart of the Matter

On Thursdays, we are studying “He Speaks to Me” by Priscilla Shirir. Today we are on chapter 6 – The Heart of the Matter.

Priscilla asks some very heart provoking questions:
“Is our goal to turn eyes toward Him or toward us?”
“Lord, what things are important to you?”

The one that spurred my heart the most was “What type of worshippers is He looking for?” John 4:21 – 24 in the Living New Testament “Jesus replied, “The time is coming, when we will no longer be concerned about whether to worship the Father here or in Jerusalem. For it’s not where we worship that counts, but how we worship – is our worship spiritual and real? Do we have the Holy Spirit’s help? For God is Spirit, and we must have His help to worship as we should.”

When Greg and I first got married, he would try his hardest to buy me outfits, but they just didn’t seem to go together. Greg is color-blind, making it very difficult for him to put together outfits on his own. Now days, Greg has no problem; he simply takes Mariah along. Mariah is a girl, has terrific taste, knows her mom’s taste and is not color blind.

In this same way, we need to partner with the Holy Spirit when we are worshipping God. He knows God best and can help us to worship the Father the way He wants to be worshipped.

Ask the Holy Spirit for His help; its exactly what He is best at doing!


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  1. I really enjoyed this chapter. It made me think of the “Stepping Up” video I just viewed at Bible study. Beth Moore gives an excellent lesson on the biblical teaching of worship.

    Two other things really stood out to me. One, I so appreciated what Priscilla wrote, “When God calls us, He always calls us for a specific purpose.” The word “specific” really jumped out at me. He doesn’t lead in vague terms, but gives specific instructions. I’m so thankful for that truth.

    I also really benefited from her teaching re:freedom. Oh how I don’t want my life to nulify the work already accomplished on the cross. I loved the encouragement in her final paragraph. Oh, that I would worhsip Him with wholehearted devotion.

    May my life be my worship,

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