Share, But Don't Scare {Video}

There are so many candid conversations we need to have with our kids.

We need to have these talks because our children have questions … they’re just not asking them.

Today, let’s touch on one of these topics.

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It’s important to be honest, but remember: share, but don’t scare.

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  1. Terri Walker says:

    Thank you for your insight with today’s message . I have become boring, predictable and comfortably numb in my walk , I was encouraged earlier this year to do a small group and out of fear I let the opportunity pass. I need to step up and find the courage to fulfill what God has in store for me. Thank you for your honesty.

    1. Nicole Anderson says:

      I was about to reply ‘go for it!’ But then I realize I should say that to myself! Haha yes today’s message to realize we are made by the creator of all things awesome, including bravery, is a well needed message! I do hope you go for it next time the opportunity presents itself:)

  2. Nicole Anderson says:

    I’m in!!! I do not have any crazy dreams:( I keep thinking about wanting to have my school debt paid before age 40. And that’s more of a goal than a dream?… Then again, I keep thinking about starting a women’s bible study here at my apartment complex. It has been on my heart and comes to mind every now and again. I can only say I’m not doing it because of the thoughts I have that go like: “no one will come” or “what am I going to say?” “They might think I’m a hypocrite! I’m sure they heard me impatiently yelling at the kids last week”…

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