When Your Relationship With God is Boring

When Your Relationship With God is Boring


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In my Encouragement for Today devotion today I admitted what we not suppose to admit … at least not on social media!

My relationship with God can get boring.

Whose fault is that?

For sure not God’s!

What’s a gal to do when the predictable life she leads day in and day out bleeds over into our relationship with Jesus and isnt’ what God calls us to; a “more and better life than they ever dreamed of”? John 10:10 (MSG)

How do we get that life – the one that is more and better than we ever dreamed of?

We jump!

To have an adventurous life, we have to step into His adventure!We need to ask God to make us brave and empower us to do what we cannot do on our own.

Once we sense His leading, we take a leap! We jump off the edge of complacency and comfort and do the exact thing, that God honoring thing, that makes our heart race, our stomach flutter and our head spin just a little bit.

We connect with a ministry going into the strip clubs in our city.

We invite over for dinner the gal at work that is nothing like us.

We connect with some teen girls, who we don’t understand, but want to make a difference with.

We go for it.

You know that picture you’ve had in your head? Yeah – that one. The one of you doing what you think you can’t do? The one ting you feel you are unqualified or unequipped for?

That may very well be the thing God is calling you to do. The thing you are incapable of doing unless He does it through you!

Ephesians 3:20 backs me up on this: “God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.” (MSG)

What are you waiting for?

Ask God to give you His power, His bravery and point you to the door. (Just be careful – it might be a door out an airplane!)



Do you know of a girl you needs a push to begin her adventure with God?

Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants, His Revolutionary Love and Devotions for a Revolutionary Year can be the resource she needs!

Know a young women who needs bravery to become the girl God's given her the potential to become? Invest in the bravery bundle for her!

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    1. Dakota bazzell says:

      My dream that I have been praying about is to study abroad in Japan next summer. It will definitely require a leap of faith as I will be out of my comfort zone.

    2. I am a mother of three. Two of my teenage children have been diagnosed bi-polar. Both ends of the spectrum have been life threatening. Mania has enabled dangerously reckless tendancies, and depression has been home to suicidal and self harming behavior. Time spent in between has been a dull hopelessness. In no way could their lives be described as “rich and satisfying” as John 10:00 describes. My faith has been shattered as a result. Luke 4:18 says that Jesus was anointed for miracles, one of which was setting the oppressed free. I want to be brave enough to take a leap of faith, and to believe that the anointing of the lord can and will set my children free. I want not only to care for my children in the physical,but also in the spiritual. I want to be a vessel for the Holy Spirit.

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        Holy Spirit, You hear. You are listening to the desperate cry of Heather’s. God, show her how to be the vessel for love and care that is supernatural. Give her rest, patience and power. Jesus – You healed the blind; raised the dead. Heal Heather’s daughters. May they reach the full potential that You have poured into them and created in them. Amen

    3. LeAnna Schreiner says:

      We are in!! My oldest daughter just left for college and she LOVED the book Magnetic! I would love for this bundle for my other daughters to enjoy as well!
      Thanks! 🙂

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        Thank you so much for the encouragement about Magnetic, LeAnna! I am so very glad your daughter liked it!

    4. I want to be brave enough to speak at My church more and write the book that I have been wanting to write.

  1. Hi Lynn, I have been the most low self esteemed individual in our office, and most of the times, we hold meetings where every leader is supposed to present the report or his or her area of lead, I have never ever spoken in the meetings because I have always known that I will be laughed at or judged harshly, so, I would ask a colleague to read my written report on my behalf, which would lead to my seniors giving me a very harsh feedback, but after praying for so long, during the last meeting, I stood up CONFIDENTLY and read my report, and also answered all the questions anyone asked, the team was dumbfounded and I felt very new, I thank God. I overcame low self esteem after praying over it for some time, any one else can. I am in Kenya.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      PRAISE THE LORD!!! I love this beautiful testimony, Violet! You keep going, girl! Keep filling your heart with the truth of who Jesus says you are! You are the head and not the tail. You are wonderfully and beautifully made. Psalm 139 You are deeply love and beautiful. Psalm 45:11 – Just watch His confidence in You grow as you fill up your mind and heart!

      1. Thanks Lynn. God bless you

  2. You jumped out of a plane???… Ok, I’m in. My spiritual life has been boring too. Like Michael W, Smith says, ‘I’m diving in’ too, then! so to speak. I’d like to have this bundle to encourage myself and to encourage others.

    1. I am in! Too long I have let my weight hold me back from adventures. I have set goals and one of my biggest loser moments is to go ziplining next summer! Down 75 lbs and working on the rest as I draw closer to God!!

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        Father – thank you that in You Laurie can do all things! I pray that she will not go at this endeavor only, but will find in You the fruit of the Spirit of self-control that she needs. Amen

  3. I am ready for that leap. Nursing school has been a dream of mine ready to make it a reality. Need the holy spirit to direct me. Would love this bundle.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, if this dream is from You, show Danielle her next step and give her the courage to go for it! Amen

  4. Amy Rardon says:

    Wow, how inspiring! You never really think that your spiritual life is all that boring until you read or see something that puts it into perspective, which is never a bad thing because it presents an opportunity for growth and change. I definitely need to shake up my spiritual life and to try new things that may seems a bit scary on the surface but will give my relationship with Jesus new perspective. I would love to have this bundle to encourage myself so that I can encourage others. Thank you do much for this encouragement to see my relationship with the Holy Spirit in a new light! I’m so excited!

  5. Wow I would love to be that brave! I’M in. My dream is to become a Christian counselor.
    People come to me all the time and I do my best through prayer and scripture reading to help out. I would love to get the knowledge and courage to counsel properly for God’s glory. God bless you for your work and encouragement.

    1. I’m in! Want to have all the my Father has for me to ve able to share Him in all of my adventures in life. May He be glorified in and thru me as He takes me “skydiving” in Him.
      Blessings, Joyce

    2. Lynn Cowell says:

      LOVE this dream, Zoraida. That is what my daughter is going to college for. God, open the doors Zoraida needs to help others with wise counsel.

  6. Good Morning! Thank you for sharing this message… I’m praying to take this step… God bless u every second!

  7. Needed this today. Working toward being a sales Director, I’m working to book more facials and interviews to recruit others, that may even feel inadequate.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Father, give Diane Your confidence in who she is and empower her with Your love. Amen

  8. I’m in! You jumped OUT of a plane! I need to trust the Holy Spirit to get me ON one tomorrow! Very scared but through God’s grace and power I will do it with His help.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, give Jen Your peace as she heads to the airport. Comfort her. Amen

  9. I’m in! Not sure what yet, but I’m in for it lol!

  10. Heather Putnal says:

    Bring on the bravery! I’m in!

  11. Melissa Manzano says:

    I really struggle with being brave and getting out of my comfort zone. I am not very spontaneous. I know I need to work on that. I have been feeling like the holy spirit is no where near me right now. Maybe this would help. Great blog.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Melissa – we know these feelings are not from God. Let’s ask for the courage to begin telling Satan to get lost!

      Holy Spirit, You are in Melissa. I ask today, that You make Yourself known to her. In a small way or big, I pray that she will hear You, see You and sense You. Draw her to Your word to fill up her heart with truth. Amen

  12. Leslie Radford says:

    I’m in.wow I just lost my job and had cancer earlier this year. I really really need to be brave right now.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Father – You know where Leslie needs to be brave. Empower her with Your courage and confidence to make the move You have for her! Amen

      1. Leslie Radford says:

        Thank you so much for you prayers

  13. Putting your faith in your instructor, whom you had probably never met, was definitely a huge leap of faith! Skydiving is on my life’s bucket list. But my true dream is to finish my degree. I keep taking a class here and there, then find an excuse to stop going for a few years. Getting into a criminology career is my dream. Such as a behavior analyst or working in the prison system. At my age, it may not be fulfilled, but it is never too late. Right???

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      That is so right, Jana! Keep going, friend!

  14. Leading women’s study. Lots to say from my heart but words get jumbled before they come out of my mouth. Prayers please! I’ve jumped and pray that these beautiful women will be blessed as the Holy Spirit leads me. Would pass these resources along to my nieces or daughter of co-worker. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Father – thank you so much for Pamela’s leap of faith. Help her to not get concerned with how her words come out, but to lean on You for the words she needs. Amen!

  15. April Cunningham says:

    OMG…your devotion on Crosswalk was for me. My daughter just turned 18 on Monday and a few weeks ago I got brave. After losing my job in August, I wallowed in what am I going to do. I have 20 years of experience in HR and just got elected as president of my local Sorority. I applied to job after job with nothing coming back that I wanted. I decided to get brave. I went to see Les Brown to get motivated…indeed I go that. I came up with an idea for a challenge to raise awareness with brest cancer and now I will be partnering with a community Oster to do the challenge in my local area next week. After doing some networking, I will be a featured Speaker at an Empowerment speaker to talk about HR and Sister. GOD is that good, I asked him to use me where he needed me and BOY did he do that. You must be willing to freely speak to him and earnestly wait for his direction and BE Brave when you hear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. Now I’ve got some butterflies but I know GOD is ordering my steps. Where he leads….I will go. Be Encouraged My Sisters.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      April – after speaking for 6 years, I still get butterflies! I think they are a good thing. They remind me to be dependent on God. Go girl go!

  16. April Cunningham says:

    Sorry a few typos….partnering with a community organization
    Featured Speaker at an Empowerment Seminar for Women. I pray that this will open doors for me…I’ve got a testimony to share.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord – April has YOUR story to share. As she gives glory to You, open more and more doors for her to share what You have done in her and through her!

  17. I’m in! I was so inspired by your devotion on P31. I have lived my life with anxiety and fear, and after giving my life to Jesus 3 years ago, I have found strength in Him. I am a new person, and I’ve stepped out in Faith in several areas of my life….doing things I never would have imagined I could do. These were all personal adventures, but the past few months God has laid it on my heart to begin a woman’s “coffee and bible study” for a group of friends who are non-believers. I have put it off because of fear, and of feeling like none of them will respond or be receptive to what I would love to have happen in our friend circle. I have been praying, asking God to give me wisdom and strength to glorify Him by ministering to others, but I know I am still held back by fear. I would love a copy of your devotional to gain inspiration for the next step. Thank you.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Dawn – I had the same fear when I started a Bible study for teen girls years ago. You know what? Only 1 came the first time. But it was still a good thing. That one grew to 6 and we have 4 amazing years together.

      You take the step – let God worry about the outcome.

  18. I’m in! I’ve actually been in a season where God is reshaping and refreshing my dreams. So it’s hard to really define them right now because it’s as if they are still in the process of being formed. But what I’m seeing so far makes me very excited! The journey hasn’t been easy because God really has to break a lot of preconceived notions and expectations of how I think my life should look like to be my “dream” life. I’m realizing that the adventure and plan He has for me is leaps and bounds better than anything I could dream up. I pray He continues to make me brave to follow Him wherever He might lead with abandon and trust in His love, grace, faithfulness and goodness.

  19. Melissa Lopez says:

    Hmm… I will be honest and say that I’m still scared about going deeper. How does real deep look? And what if I start to speak in tongues? Oh my! Lol. That really scares me. I mean in my secular life I would love to go in a shark cage with great whites. Always wanted since I was 10. Given the opportunity and if my hubby would sign off on it, I’d do it.

    In my spiritual life.. I really need to go deeper. To be dependent on Him. And be used by Him more deeply? That scares me. So yeah! But I’m in! Lol.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi friend – sometimes what we are really scared of is not so much the thing itself, but lack of control.

      In the Old Testament, David once was so full of praise for God, he danced in the street in what was essentially his underwear. His wife, Michal, cursed him for being embarrassing. He said he would become even more undignified than this to praise His God. His life was blessed. Michal’s took the other direction.

      We don’t want to become out of control for the sake of being out of control. What we want is for our lives to count, to impact others and reach our fullest potential so that others see God’s power in us. So others will want Him.

      For that purpose, let’s say, “Yes, Lord, whatever THAT looks like, do it in me!”

      1. Heather Going says:

        Beautifully put! I love this!!

  20. It sounds fun and exciting!I’m waiting to see what the Lord does!

  21. melany blinson says:

    I’m in. I want to be brave.

  22. I’m in! – I have wanted to find a home church for a few years now, but keep making excuses not to. I think it boils down to going in by myself. I have also had the idea of crocheting hats, gloves, and/or scarves for the homeless, although I don’t know how to crochet! I think an extra dose of bravery might help in both of these areas.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jennifer – I can understand the fear of going alone. When I go and speak, I am usually going alone. It can be a bit intimidating! But God gives us courage.

      I think your idea is beautiful. I can only imagine there is a wonderful women who could also become a friend who would love to teach you to crochet. Go for it, friend!

      1. Thanks for your encounter Lynn!

  23. I’m in. I was so encouraged by this! Can’t wait to read more!

  24. At this stage in my parenting (4 kids ranging 8 months to 7 years) I feel as though the challenges I face are more obvious to onlookers. Like how to keep my emotions appropriately in check when I’m not sleeping at night and still have to homeschool my kindergartener and 2nd grader while my toddler and baby demand so much from me.

    I know this phase is temporary, and I am allowing God to awaken joy in me despite the chaos. I also know that things aren’t going to get “easier” per say, but that the challenges will change. In a few short years, I will have teenagers and that is exactly when the depth of intimacy I am developing with my heavenly Father will prove an indispensable force for guiding my children through whatever they will face. In a way, I kind of wish I could stay in the abc’s of spirituality with my kids, because I know that teaching them to go deeper will require me to reach some depths I’ve been afraid to access. But I’ve resolved in my heart to do this parenting thing as well as I can, even though my failures abound daily. Afterall, He knew what he was doing when he gave me these 4 precious ones to love. So…I’M in!

    1. Oh, girl, I feel ya’! I had four under 4 at one point (3 1/2 yr-old son and 2-year-old daughter when the twins were born), and it was a struggle to just get through every day and get everyone fed and diapers changed! Now the twins are 12, and although the challenges have changed, I can say that it really is easier.

      Two things I kept saying to myself when I thought I couldn’t make it through the day: “This too shall pass,” and “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”

      People used to tell me to enjoy this time, because someday they’d be grown up and I’d miss it. That’s true, but some days it’s hard to enjoy it. If I could tell my younger self one thing, it would be to record these times (quick journal entries of the cute things they say, photos, videos of them with their cute voices) so I can relive them later without the hard work and enjoy them again!

  25. I am on a journey of faith like never before. My life was calm and predictable for the most part until my husband left me and the ministry to pursue an affair. I’ve been with my husband since I was 17 and the thought of a whole new life is terrifying, especially with two hurt and bitter teens to finish raising. The ups and downs are still powerful emotions as I pray for reconciliation. I need to be able to learn things ive never needed to do before without the comfort of my husbands guidance. I’m learning to see God as my husband and he has blessed me. My life is forever changed and as scared as I am(like never before) I want to use this to grow in Christ. Regardless of the outcome I pray victory in Jesus’ name.

  26. Heather Going says:

    Gods lead the Holy Spirit to lead me to bravery through my small group at church. It has changed my life and my marriage in ways I never thought possible. He’s constantly putting opportunities in front of me. It’s scary, but the times I’ve taken that step has been so rewarding.

  27. I have a story, an amazing story, of God’s grace and the redemptive power that can only come through a relationship with the Lord, and I want to write this story for others to hear and learn from. It’s a modern day example of why character counts more than your position in society or attaining one of the most prestigious jobs in the United States. Without securing your identity in Christ above all else, you identify with the world and try to gain what it is offering, which is destruction, sin, lack of character, and deception. Oh, I want to be brave enough to share our story and how God brought us out of what we thought was the best times of our life to the lowest point only to remold us and make us more like Him.

  28. Brittaney says:

    This post came at a great time. I seem to keep hearing in my daily devotionals and podcasts the theme of following Jesus and taking that next big leap in faith. I have been praying and thinking about what my next step is and what God wants for my life. Whatever it is I’m in!

  29. Janice Hunter says:

    Exciting/Stirring Message!

  30. I’m so in. God put it on my heart to intervene with my sisters granddaughter. She is a freshman in high school and losing her way. In with the wrong crowd, messed up in all her values, sex… Drugs… And who knows what else. I need guidance and mostly prayers to help straightener her out. Thanks!!

  31. Thank you for your encouraging post. I would love to receive your giveaway, God recently placed a lady in my life that could really use this encouragement.

  32. I’m in! I’m tired of being the ‘hidden’ woman – the one not brave enough to stand up and share my love for the Lord. I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a co-worker, a girl scout leader, etc. So many people that I should be sharing the Good News with yet I lack the courage to step out of my comfort zone.

  33. I recently have had a lot on my plate. From a ‘prodigal son’ , planning a wedding, husband having to travel a lot due to his job, to having to pick up the slack from our youth minister leaving. A lot of anxiety has set in. And to top it all off I lost my job recently. I have some bitterness and malice that I have confessed to the Lord and know that He has forgiven me but I just seem to be stuck in this lonely rut. (No matter how many people are around) I could use some adventure! I am normally “glass is half full person” but feeling seem to be taking over. I want to be brave too!

  34. Would love this set! I’m sure it will be great to have with my 3 girls!!!

  35. For a long time, I has. een researching how to make the leap from working outside the home to working from home. When you have a family to consider and financial obligations it’s not an easy shift. However. fear of the unknown has hindered me. Now, it’s getting to the point that stress is forcing me to make that decision. I pray the door will be opened to smoothly make that time-sensitive transition.

  36. Thank you for these encouraging words, perfect timing. I’ve been praying about helping women who have been in a domestic abusive relationship or marriage. Please pray with me as the Holy Spirit empowers me to do the Lord’s work in this area. This subject is not dealt with in our church as a whole, as it should be. God has been asking me to take this leap of Faith. I would love to win this bundle!!! Thank you for the chance to win.

  37. I’m so in!! Thank you for your post and for the great opportunity to win… Holy Spirit guide me today and everyday to take me on an adventure to become Magnetic!

  38. The Lord works in wonderful and mysterious ways! Just yesterday at lunch I was discussing with my husband knowing when you are being call to do something versus just a desire of something to do. I feel like this was my nudge to jump into the Spirit to guide me to his goal.

    I have felt a desire to work on a book or a school program that really helps children understand and appreciate difference and the challenges we all face for acceptance. I feel like this is a project I have been being encourage to do for quite sometime but fear has always held me back. Which is funny since I encourage my children to be brave and try new things. Thank you for today’s devotion it is encouraging me to be brave and be ready and open for what ever God has planned for me!

  39. Hi. I would love to be brave enough to DREAM. Dream for things that I am not even aware of yet, dream for courage to live every day well, courage to be me and let God be God. Thanks for sharing your encouraging words!

  40. Gretchen Scoleri says:

    I so want to be brave. I can sometimes fall into fear, but I wants creativity and adventure in my relationship with the Lord.

  41. Thank you for your post. I too feel that my relationship with God has become dull, especially in my prayer life. I feel, I know, I just keep saying the same thing over and ove every day. He must be tired of hearing from me. I so do want to be more brave. I have stepped out at my place of work and share one day a week some sort of devotion to a few of the ladies. The group is very small but has grown a little. May God help me to be more brave and adventurous to help this tiny ministry grow with leaps and bounds.

  42. I’m in! I prayed for children in my life. God is delivering.

  43. Brandie Medved says:

    I’m so in. I’m hungry for anything to get me closer to the Lord. I need and want to get brave!! Thank you for this opportunity. God Bless you!

  44. Diamond Mixon says:

    I’m in!! Thanks for the timely devotion!

  45. i am asking the Holy Spirit to empower me to leave my career of seven years to pursue motherhood for the first time and to pursue my Master’s in mental health counseling. I pray that the Lord will make me brave to know that he is my provider and not a two income household. I’m a creative woman who dreams of using the arts in mental health counseling and I pray for encourage to take that first step into the new chapter the Lord is revealing in front of me..

    1. Leayne, would you consider being a Christian mental health counselor? There aren’t nearly enough of them out there, and people who are suffering especially need Jesus. We found one who claimed to be a Christian counselor, and he said he “would let people pray if they wanted to.” We finally found another who counseled our son in a godly manner and prayed with him each time, and it was a Godsend!

  46. Oh how I want to be brave in my life and my relationship with the Lord! Thank you for the devotion and blog post.

  47. Teresa Dykes says:

    I would love to win the bundle for my 16 year old granddaughter who was bullied psychologically and physically by the other cheerleaders that she began having serious Panic Attacks. The doctor recommended she be pulled out of school and be homeschooled which has been done. The schooling if fine but her self-confidence is very low and as in Psalms she is asking, “Does God not like me either?” She is a Christian but she is suffering and this bundle of books might help her see God’s purpose for her.

    Thanks so much!

  48. I’m in. This would be awesome for my daughter!!

  49. I’m in! My husband lost his job last week and with his age of 61 there is fear that no one will hire him. We are nowhere financially ready to retire and feel like our dreams have been robbed. This is the moment for us to be brave, trust in the Lord, and take our relationship with Him to a new level.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      God – may this season be where Susan and her husband see You in a whole new way. Help them depend on You and each other!

  50. I’m so in! I’m in!! I’m in for sharing these with my precious 12 year old daughter.

  51. I don’t have a specific dream, but I pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to guide me to what God’s plan for me is.

  52. Thank you for the work you do. You and Proverbs 31 have been so meaningful to me. I need to step out of my ‘boring’ comfort zone and challenge myself to do more. I also desperately need to TRUST God more to guide me and my 13 yo daughter through this growing and changing phase of her life…whew!!

  53. I’m in! I’d love this bundle for my daughter who struggles with anxiety. I’m not sure exactly what my dream is right now, I’m taking baby steps and trying to follow where He leads me. I’ve started a moms group at my church and am just taking it day by day. I pray for wisdom and guidance.

  54. Cheryl E. says:

    i’m in!!! I’m not sure where I am being led, but pray I do something to break up the monotony! (I would even jump out of a plane!) my husband and I just signed our life away and are building a house. I pray I can use it to have bible studies and groups of teens over to help them learn more about God. (My husband doesn’t go to church so this may be a struggle) my 16 year old is struggling (and fighting) with her faith as well, so maybe this is my calling. I ask God to let it all fall into place!

  55. This is my first time to read your devotion and am so blessed by your encouraging words. This is what I need to hear. I, too, admit to boredom. Seems like my life is lived over and over on the same track. I am so thankful though for all my blessings. But I do want more. More of Jesus. More of the Holy Spirit. I want to go more for the kingdom. I want more of His love. I’m in for whatever adventure He has for me. I’d love to be able to retire and go on a mission trip. I’ve always wanted to go and help the needy. That could even be right in my little town. I look forward to spending time each day reading your devotions. God bless you!

  56. I dream of building to building we’ve been planning for our counseling center. I also dream of one day finishing a book and returning to traveling and speaking some as I’ve left this behind for almost a decade having young children at home.
    May these be in God’s hands.

  57. Erin Lynn says:

    I’m in! I’m a 34 year old mother of two. My dream – go back to school and get my masters (maybe more?) in genetics. I want to know how and why we individually respond to medications, illness, etc. I want to go everywhere and help people on a very individualistic basis and tailor healthcare based on how their body works to make it effective.

  58. Yes, I’m in! I know what God has laid on my heart to do. There are many excuses that I have allowed to keep me from it, but I know it is mostly fear. Thank you for you devotional today it was another encouragement from God to take that step and allow Him to do His work through me.

  59. Sandra M. says:

    I’m in. The thoughts of starting a blog about what’s on my heart. I’m an adoptive mother with a lot of thoughts. I feel the tugging on my heart to share, just needed the push out of the plane, so to speak. Thanks.

  60. Catherine says:

    I’m in…praying that God’s grace and the Holy Spirit’s fire and wind will yield the faith and trust to walk the next steps of the unknown path I am traversing. May I see it as a blessed adventure and not a fall into the valley. I yearn to see the sunrise and sunset from the peaks again.

  61. I’m in! I’d love this bundle, to encourage and challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and to trust God that he will see me through!

  62. I AM IN! There’s no reason for me not to be. Thank you for the reminder that we are call to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL and that the Holy Spirit gives us what we need to make this happen!

  63. I’m in! Skydiving with the instructor was the PERFECT analogy that I needed to see/understand that with Him you can do things you, just as you, cannot do. Make it extraordinary. I would consider myself brave; I have done many half Ironman triathlons but, am I brave where I SHOULD be brave? This bundle and this lesson that made me get to your blog today speaks volumes; brave. Be brave. Be thankful. I even have a swim cap with this one it. But, do I have all of this in my heart in order to be Brave in the ways HE wants me to be brave. I would LOVE to venture further into this; and, thank you so much for sharing your stories/testimony on your heart. Happy Friday!

  64. I’m in! I would love to win these three books. God is preparing me to take the leap, to reach out in love with the conviction that I will be a blessing. Thanks for today’s message. Bravely into today I go, powered by the Holy Spirit

  65. God is so special! Today I’m going to my first conference for women… alone. I don’t know anyone and I couldn’t find anyone to join me. I’m going because I felt God wants to tell me something. I’m glad He has started my day by asking me to be brave. Thank you!

  66. I love when you challenge and inspire us to move ahead. Thank you for every word you write. You honor God so completely. Ready to jump.

  67. Good morning Lynn,
    I love this post!!! I love that God designed us to want the deeper things…I’m going on my first mission trip in 5 days!!! I’ve been praying for courage and bravery for the last few months…boy, does He answer! I am so excited…please pray for my daughter(she’s almost 15) and I as we step out into God’s big adventure. Cannot wait to meet the people the Holy Spirit brings us to…thank you…and love all the responses here…

  68. Elsie Davies says:

    My prayer and dream I have been carrying for years has to do with opening and operating a shelter for the homeless and others who have had a hard time or made bad choices in life. I have a soft heart for those who have to sleep on the street, or a parent who don’t have enough food to provide for their children. I know I should be doing more, I have more excess than anybody I know as to why I can’t do it now. I am currently in school and with one semester left, I need and want to do something during my winter break. I read all about stories of young women and men my age doing great and amazing things in their life for God and I think why can’t I do that. I am praying for the Lord to help me take my want in my heart and to put it into actions for his kingdom. I know I am build for more than I limit myself to, I have the Great I AM living in me, I need to discover the power that is within me. I know we are to leave comment, but I am also asking for prayer to be strong in my faith, to be obedient to God calling on my life and to put my words into action during my winter break from school.

  69. Elizabeth says:

    We are studying the book if Acts and the coming of the Holy Spirit! I would love your resources:)

  70. Great message! I would LOVE to share this with my nieces who are beginning to chart their paths (college, high school graduation coming up…). It would be wonderful to give them a tool to help them realize God’s plans are BIG, all we have to do is say yes.

  71. Praying for bravery for my child!

  72. I’m in!!!! I’m reading them for myself before my daughter is old enough (she’s 8 1/2) I LOVE the books & wish they were made for adults!! I would give this bundle to my niece or babysitter. Thank you!!

  73. I am in! God has been stirring in my heart an “adventure” for a few months. I feel like it is writing so I am going to jump!

  74. I’m in! Thank you for this beautiful reminder today that Gods plan, although sometimes uncomfortable for me, is indeed the better plan!

  75. I’m in!!! I have been ill for many months from a chemical injury, and there are very few answers. I pray for strength and courage to live my life in service to the Lord, and not cling to fear.

  76. Ann-Marie says:

    I would love to share this with my

  77. I’m in! I need a dream, I feel so discouraged and stagnant. Before I can get brave, I need a dream!!

  78. Would love this for my daughter!

  79. Jenn zack says:

    I would love to help with the homeless in cleveland. I would like to provide a meal and some of my time to hear their stories and tell them about Jesus
    Thanks for this devotional. Holy spirit you are welcome here!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jenn – they would love to have you invest in them to. How about if you just take the first step and learn about what ministries and organizations are already doing that work and then asking the Lord, “Who would you have me to partner with?” – A first step

  80. Thank you so much for those great words.. i look forward to this special gift in the name of Jesus.. God Bless you everyday as you help us with these special blogs God gives you to share.. 😉

  81. Lynn,

    Loved today’s word!! In th past year I put my brave on and went back to work after being home raising kids for 22 years! It has been quite the adventure as now I am a pastor in a large church and never dreamed this would be where I would land. Every day I have to get a new kind of brave and it truly is the best feeling in the world as I overcome and grow!!

  82. Thank you for you honesty today! It was so refreshing and just what I needed as I too have been seeking to be braver by being fully empowered by the Holy Spirit. I would love to read your books!!!

  83. These books look great! Thanks for encouraging us to get out of our comfort zones!

  84. We’re getting ready to head back overseas to return to the mission field after a brief furlough, and this time it’s taking lots of bravery on my part!

  85. I’m in!! Loved your devo and blog today- glad I found you. Hmmm, dreams have been on the back burner for me as a busy mom-of-three. I desperately need to get quiet before the Lord- there are hidden things rolling around inside of me that I know are from Him. Pray that I don’t take the path of least resistance and instead, JUMP in (and on board) with His plans!!

  86. Okay, Lynn…I’m In! I am taking a leap of faith and actually praying for challenges unpredictability and big gestures! I love your blogs and I appreciate your wonderful message today! Thanks for reminding me how amazing the gift of the Holy Spirit is within me! IT’S IMPOWERING! =)

  87. I’m in! Trusting in the Holy Spirit to equip me for the next step. Had a double mastectomy recently…. waiting to hear the next step. Chemotherapy or no chemotherapy. Oh the waiting….

  88. I’m In! I loved your post this morning, it is so timely for me! My daughter turns 18 in April and wants the two of us to take a two or three day trip to the mountains and tour the beautiful Biltmore House. I have never done anything like that before, drive by myself for such a long distance and especially staying in a hotel with just the two of us, w/o the security of my protective husband lol, although he is very encouraging of this trip. But, I told her we are going..through much prayer, but we are going! I want her to be much more confident than I am and have been, I’m praying this trip will really help us both be the overcomers God intends for us to be!

  89. Christy Roach says:

    I’m praying about going on a mission trip, to Israel in particular. I took a step of faith and got my passport and I’m attending the interest meeting. Praying for discernment and courage to take the leap. Thank you for your encouraging devotional!

  90. Michelle ONeal says:

    I DO HAVE A DREAM – I’m waiting for the Lord to unfold the exact details, but it has to do with women and health and fitness and our body by God’s great design and laughter and balance and healthy eating and respecting our beautiful bodies whatever our age, in the name of Jesus my Savior!

    Your encouraging word on Proverbs 31 today was AWESOME. The message and scripture spoke directly to me. I try to step out into the uncomfortable daily, but love what you said. Thanks, have a beautiful day!!! Michelle

  91. What an awesome reminder that I am often the reason that I am not moving forward. God has so much more planned for me, even more than I can ever imagine. I am ready to take a step into that life of adventure. I am feeling “bored” with my “empty nest” life and God has been challenging me to move forward. Thank you for confirmation of this today.

  92. So ready. Soooo needed this. I am in and choosing to strap myself to Holy Spirit today to do what only He can do through me!!!!!

  93. I’m definitely in! I, too, have become so bored with my routine that–I’m ashamed to admit–I’ve just stopped. We have so much going on in our lives, like most folks. But I miss my time reading God’s word, seeking the Holy Spirit and learning how to go and do like Jesus. Personally, my mom and my friends have always said I’m brave. I have hesitations, but I’m also stubborn! And, before giving my life to Christ, that wasn’t always a good thing! ?

    However, my 11 year old son and 9 year old daughter are timid. I want to learn how to partner with the Holy Spirit to use discernment and direct my children to Him for their own courage. I pray they learn how to stand up for themselves and others through the power He gives them. I want them to remember they are Gods children and that lacking money doesn’t mean they are less.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  94. melissa jarman says:

    Im in!! I really want to live my life following the Holy Spirit. I dont really know what that is to look like in my life. I know the biggest fear I have is speaking in front of people!! I would love to lead a womans study, but I dont want to speak in front of them. If fear wasnt an issue i know that God could do great things with me. Thats what I want…I just dont know where to start. I want to be fully surrendered to Him and not afraid of what He may ask me to do

  95. Love this! I want to be brave!

  96. I’m in!
    Thank you Lynn, this meets me where I am at today. Everything I have been reading lately is on the power of the Holy Spirit and what God can do through willing souls. I really feel he wants me to trust in much bigger ways as he is big and has big kingdom plans. Trying to remember I am here on mission and that I have the same power that raised Jesus from the dead living in me. Humbly willing to serve our King today and bring him Glory!!

  97. Julie Andrews says:

    What a wake up call! I loved “If we’re only doing the things we are capable of, there is no need for divine power or the Holy Spirit in our lives. We need to intentionally invite the Holy Spirit into our lives every day and experience God’s adventure!” I do need to step out of my everyday, comfort zone – both in my prayer life and my personal life!!!
    Thank you!!!

  98. Your post really inspired me to take a step and be brave. Go out and do something a little uncomfortable and out of my comfort zone. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  99. I have been toying around for years about having a blog. I even started one years ago before blogging really took off. Didn’t do much with it. Now, it seems so intimidating. I don’t even know what KIND I want to do. ( Eg lifestyle, cooking, design, Christian etc). Thank you for this giveaway.

  100. Thanks. I’ve felt prompted to reach out more to neighbors and to plan (gulp) and carry out ideas for building community.

  101. Susan Odom says:

    I’m IN! So grateful for women who shared your page and resources with me. My husband and I are experiencing a “life change” and were impacted by a company lay off. Prayers for the 255 families who find themselves out of work and in need of support. Hopeful that the Holy Spirit will build in us strength and wisdom to use this experience to glorify God.
    I am a teacher and hope to incorporate several projects in the classroom to help others and show students the power of 1. Can not do it with out the Holy Spirit’s strength, the obstcles are many.

  102. My dream is to live fully in God’s intended mindset for me. To be able to do anything He ask & know it Is Him speaking to my heart.

  103. i’m in!!! I need to move over and let God direct my path. I need to trust God to guide me in my business and stop feeling paralyzed with fear. I need to be BRAVE and fearless and continue to grow my business of serving aging adults with visual impairments. Thank you!!!

  104. I am retired from teaching after a 37 year career. Since retirement, I have been caring for my mother-in-law who has dementia. While that takes time, I know that there are other talents and gifts that are lying dormant. I am praying that I will have wisdom and be brave enough to move out of my comfort zone.

  105. I’m in!
    The Lord has taken me on a journey this past year! I am so much further than I was but know I still have a journey ahead!

  106. Im in! thank you for your devotionals, God just started to speak to me through them and i am so thankful. 🙂

  107. Emily Barton says:

    Thank you for your encouragement as a mom. I have two beautiful daughters ages 11 and 6.
    I grew up being told in many ways that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough and just in general not enough. It has taken years and I am still with God’s love and power breaking these lies. My dream and goal is to teach my daughters that in Christ they are enough, for them to not have to wade thru the emotional garbage lije I have. I am learning that Jesus’ acceptance and thoughts of me are the only ones that matter. I believe that God can use what I have walked thru to help others do the same. You see after 17 yrs my husband is following thru on the call to ministry that God has placed on his life. He is almost done with school and while I am excited about this I struggle with the old pattern of not being enough. Daily I am giving these thoughts and worries to God. Because I know my God is faithful.

  108. I’m in…because I want to help me and my daughter live more bravely for Jesus!

  109. I am a stay-at-home mom and wife. My dream is to be an example of confidence and bravery to my two kids (6 and 3). I was bullied as a child, all through school, and my self-esteem was at an all-time low when I got married to my wonderful husband 12 years ago. God is slowly helping me learn how great He is and to depend on him for what I need daily. I am struggling with a few other obstacles related to my self-esteem also, and desperately want to be an example of a mom and woman who trusts God, steps out in faith and loves herself for who God made her to be. My motto right now is “fake it ’til you make it”! I pray that my kids see who God is transforming me into instead of who I am right now, so they never struggle with these issues of self-love and stepping out in faith. Lynn, thank you so much for your encouragement through these devotions! I love reading them.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      You can do it, Krista! Our kids are watching us and taking their que.

  110. Thank you for the devotional! Only with the LORD can we really be brave!

  111. I have many dreams, but my biggest one is to get my PhD in clinical psychology and travel teaching leaders about mental health and spiritual warfare. I see the two as being inexplicably intertwined and I desire for leaders to experience freedom and healing. I want leaders to lead out of wholeness and freedom and not from the bondage of their past or their wounds. I want to educate and empower leaders to I’ve a life to the fullest and to walk in freedom and healing.

  112. Mary-Ann Kurucz says:

    All of my life I have had obstacles along the way. Some have been big and some small. As a child I was made fun of in school because I was so small. I was bullied, teased, and tormented. Despite all of that I was determined to do well in school and worked as hard as I could to get good grades. I went into my adult life and made many mistakes. I felt inadequate in life, useless and ashamed of so many mistakes. I was a single mom of two for many year, working full time. I went from working at a video store for many years to working at a helicopter company in the parts department, to eventually becoming the front office manager. The job didn’t come without a price. I was belittled, told how inadequate my work was, and made to feel like I was worthless. I worked as hard as I could regardless of how I was made to feel. In 2009 my life changed drastically. I went from working and being independent, to health issues and having my colon removed, and unable to work. A few months before the surgery, I started a friendship with a kind, gentle, caring man…who eventually became my husband. God provided me with a husband, a step father for my children, and someone who would be amazing support through all my health issues. I am blessed! I do struggle with anxiety, and worry a lot. Although I cannot work, I want to feel like I have some sort of purpose and direction. I want God to give me the ability to feel courageous…no matter what the obstacle, and to be able to trust Him no matter how impossible the situation may seem. I want to a deeper walk with God!

  113. Brenda pisco says:

    I want so much to be brave and a new person with the Holy Spirit
    Thank you for the great message I needed it more than you know God bless

  114. I’m in! Holy Spirit speak.

  115. I’m ready to write that Bible study I’ve been thinking about for months now. 🙂 Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

  116. Wow, what a great post! Being a fairly disciplined person can lead to…boredom, stagnancy and a rote relationship. I know God isn’t boring or stagnant and I know He calls us to a life of adventure for Him. Thanks for the wonderful reminder!

  117. I’m in!!! Been looking for these devotional a again. Gave mine away! Thanks

  118. I’m in!
    I’ve prayed for my sister in laws salvation for years. She has read the Bible. She researches everything, including religion. She LOVES to debate and I absolutely do not. In fact I tend to shut right down, get tongue tied and crawl in my own little hole. She knows her stuff and can quote the Bible, it leaves me baffled. I THINK her biggest issue is Gods authority over her.
    In praying for someone to come into her life that would bring about her salvation, God answered me. As clear as if He were face to face with me, He told me He has, ME! That I am to do this job.
    Fear over this is practically paralyzing!
    I know God is able, I do. I just feel I must prepare myself as much as possible just to help me to move. A good dose of Christs boldness just might be the answer.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord – bring your Spirit-led boldness.

  119. Aimee Gernatt says:

    I’m in! I often have these day dreams of what I would like to do. They kind of bounce around from getting more involved with my church to writing down/sharing my faith’s journey. But I just never follow through. My defeated attitude always gets in the way. I pray for bravery to break what is holding me back. I do not want to just live a boring day to day faith. I want to challenge myself to grow and share my love for Jesus.
    Thank you for the devotion today. I would love the bravery bundle!

  120. Taking the leap . . . thank you for the encouragement to go for it. If God is on my side, who can be against me. I am in!

  121. Bridget Pavelec says:

    I’d love for my walk of faith to become more exciting. Sometimes I feel I’m just going through the motions with myself and my kids. After a recent car accident I find myself praying more to calm my nerves and asking God for help, your devotion about letting the holy spirit in really resonated with me, I can only hope to set my daily life on fire with HIM.

  122. I have never felt brave. I have always been afraid to take risks and just do things that are comfortable to me. I want to make an impact and do something that will break the monotony in my life. I am fearful and I know I should not be with God on my side. I have been praying about it and am becoming stronger and more courageous but there are still times where I want to run and hide in my own little bubble. I am ready to shine and to be brave! I want to show the world how awesome our God is and what an impact He can make on your life.

    Thank you for this message and the sweet gift some lucky woman will receive. This message definitely came at the right moment in my life when I needed, but isn’t that how it usually works? God puts things in our life when we need it! What an awesome God He is!

  123. I’m in. This devotion today was sent specifically by the Holy Spirit for me. I dream of leaving my 9-5 job, starting my own business and spending more time with my husband and kids. Every time I think about it, I almost start hyper ventilating our of fear. I have prayed for faith and for a push from the Holy Spirit and here you are Lynn! You and the uncountable ways God has said; “Its Time!” Everything around me and in me says its time to step out and fly. I am so excited! Gotta go! Time to take a leap.

  124. I’m in!
    God has put on my heart for years to help homeless people – I don’t know how or where or what – but I need to at least make the first step somewhere, somehow. I might not leap – but baby steps would be better than nothing 🙂

  125. Thank you for the word. Trying to look at redefining the dream as life changes around me. The joy of the Lord is renewed daily and I know He will show me where to dive next.

  126. I’m diving in, for sure!

  127. Aimee Richards says:

    It’s time for me to be brave and share my story, to take alongside me a young woman who is going through what I did.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yes Aimee! Young women need us so much to invest in them!

  128. The Lord has been nudging me to write….
    I need prayer to follow through because I do feel unqualified!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lori – check out Proverbs 31’s COMPEL Training and She Speaks Conference to help you get started!

  129. We have three teen daughters I would love to share this bundle with!!

  130. Dena Sharpe says:

    I need a little push. I haven’t really stepped out since I did mission work in my early 20’s. With a husband and growing kids it has never seemed like the right time. Maybe it is time to step out so my family can see his power.

  131. The dream that is on my heart is to win an Oscar for acting. I want to give God all the glory in front of everyone because He would be the reason that I would be there accepting that award.

  132. I’m in. You jumped out of a plane. WOW!! I cannot imagine doing that. My mother did it for her 70th birthday. That’s all she wanted. AMAZING
    I am growing in my faith and with God. I am finishing a season of teaching which has been my life for 45 years. What is next? I don’t know and I am asking God to lead me.

  133. I’ve been praying for God to change me and use me and that my weaknesses and strongholds will no longer hold me back from doing His work and living life to the fullest. It’s time for me to be brave and move on for the past person I was defined as. I am a daughter of God and He wants to use me! Thanks for your post, it was just another way God is sending me this message to no longer stay complacent in life!

  134. Charlotte says:

    I’m in too. My dream is to write a book. Or two. Thinking I’ll have more time when I retire in a few years. but I feel like I need a push now.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Charlotte – check out Proverbs 31 Ministries tools to help you get started – COMPEL training and She Speaks Conference!

  135. Stacey Constantine says:

    Oh Lord, I’m in…..my dream is to own a pizza restraunt….for ministering to the community…and an heritage for my children…but also recently I’ve had a spark to become a therapist for families, couples, and children…a biblical therapist…to help people know the truth…to have them know that Jesus offers salvation and through knowing Him, the love and healing He gives for them….Well I guess I’m just gonna have to step out and get schooling done…thank you

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, give Stacey your direction!

  136. I’m in! I want to be braver when I sense the Holy Spirit inviting me to step out and pray for someone. I want to be a more adventurous, Holy Spirit led mom!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I think others would be so encouraged if we stepped up and prayed for them more often! Love this, Becky!

  137. I’m believing for God to work through our small, busy, diverse group of Christian teachers at our elementary school as we meet once a week to pray for our staff and students. It makes going to work more of an adventure to see what God is going to do…

  138. Sara McPeek says:

    Saying I’m bored in my walk with God is a sad testimony to all He has done for me. I lead a ladies Bible study, serve on the Altar Ministry team and play keyboard on the worship team. And yet I know there has to be so much more. I want a deeper more fulfilling walk with God. Thanks for the encouragement to “jump “! Now to figure out just what that is for me.

  139. I am so ready for that leap! I have been praying for years for God to show me his will for my life. Day in and day out I plug along doing what I believe is expected of me. I went back to college, I work full time, I care for my family and I do my best to keep God centered. I am now challenged with the opportunity to make a huge change in my life, but it will require so many things to fall into place at once, it is hard to imagine that it will ever happen. But, I am ready for that leap if this is God’s will for me and my family! Thank you for your gift of generosity of spirit and the tools you are offering.

  140. I’m in! Would love to share your insights with my girls

  141. I’m in! Would love to share your insights with my girls!

  142. Inspiring devotion! I think of so many things I want to do…start a prayer group with mom’s of adult children, write my story, mentor a young girl. Sometimes my mind gets carried away; I get anxious. I pray to hone in on what God wants me to do, and be BRAVE. Thank you, Lynn!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Pray for the Lord to give you clarity for your next step. Not a bunch of direction where we don’t know where to go from here … just that next step and then … do it! He will honor your obedience as you step out, Pam!

  143. I am an artist. I’ve always wanted to start a nonprofit that supports ministry with my art. Praying for Jesus to guide me as I step out!!!

  144. This would really bless my teenage daughters!

  145. Cathy Hughes says:

    This past year I have been serving as an intern with the Baptist Campus Ministries. Come December I can either step down or continue as a volunteer with the organization. Very soon I have to make a decision, and I am feeling that God is impressing on me that I need to step down instead of continuing as a volunteer. That will be hard because this is the same group that I’ve been worshiping and studying with for several years. There will be a hole in my heart, but I must be faithful to God. So my situation is not so much a jump into something (or maybe I just don’t know what God will direct me what to jump into yet) as it is a jump out of something into the unknown. Sort of like skydiving, I will be leaving the safety of the place I have known and jumping into the open sky with the faith that God will catch me and give me the directions I need as I need them.

  146. Amber Crist says:

    I am in!!

    When I was 18, I made the decision to quit nursing school and take a full time job at a local orthopedic office so I could be with my newborn daughter more. I worked there for 13 years and in June took a big leap and a pay cut to come to an accounting firm. It was the best decision I have ever made. And now, with the help of my new employer I am enrolled to go back to college next year and get my degree and CPA license. The beautiful thing about this journey is I had been praying for 3 years about my job situation before God brought this wonderful opportunity to me. It is just a reminder that His timing is always best.

  147. Jaime Boudreaux says:

    I think God is calling me to speak to women about His design for marital intimacy. I’ve been learning a lot the past few years and I have a strong desire to share with others. The only problem is I’m terrified. I get so nervous speaking in front of others. That doesn’t fit my personality at all. I’m very outspoken in every other area of my life. Lord please make me brave!

  148. I’m in!!!! I need some adventure and bravery in my life right now.

  149. Shana Bialas says:

    I am in!! I have had this burning deep in my soul to do something bigger, more important with my life… to further the Kingdom of God, but I can’t figure out what it is! I am being patient knowing the Lord will reveal it to me when He is ready!

  150. Giving my first message at church for the first time was so scarey. but I remembered what one of my favorite ministers said, “Deb its time to Step Out of the Boat and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Just ask and the Spirit will be with you and flood your soul. It is amazing how prayer gets answered!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you Jesus for this testimony!

  151. Jan Hooker says:

    Exactly what I needed to read this morning! I need to be so much braver! You see, for a long time now, and I mean for several years, I’ve had a desire to serve at the homeless shelter in the large city about an hour and a half from our home. It’s an emergency shelter, and every time I get on the interstate to drive home, there it is, directly beside the on-ramp! So this is on my heart often. And it terrifies me! I want to be braver and step out in faith and serve these dear people….please pray for me.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jan, You are placing this desire, the desire to love others in Your name inside of Jan. Father, help her to just take one step. A small one. To just stop by. Say “hello” and meet the volunteers and staff. Fill her with the courage she needs to just take one small step. Amen

  152. Michelle Strommen says:

    My daughter is going away to college next year and I need to brave and let her go.

  153. Thank you, Lynn, for your sharing. I took the leap of faith 4 years ago to change my vocation which required the return to college for further studies. It was a challenging season but God’s hand was never too short to provide all that I needed! Indeed, He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine! I am now in education, working flexible hours and enjoying more times with my 2 daughters. I’m really thankful for the Lord’s guidance and re-direction. I now have more time being available for my girls as they learn to be brave to dream and seek God’s will; that their faith and lifestyle may be in congruence spiritually & culturally. I prayerfully and humbly hope to guide them to understand how to apply spiritual knowledge to relevant issues, socially and ethically. They can then be confident in making moral decisions and living out lives in faithfulness as “salt and light” in the world. Your “Magnetic-Becoming the girl He wants” would be a lovely addition to our discussions on becoming a Godly woman. Thank you for your ministry to us, women around the world! God Bless!

  154. Alexandra says:

    What a great reminder to not get in a rut, but to live bravely for God even in our everyday lives!

  155. Amy Thornton says:

    I’m in so my daughter will see me being brave and she will learn to be brave, too.

  156. Lonetta Daugherty says:

    I all in for going deeper with the Holy Spirit!! Thank you for a great devotion.

  157. I’m in! I need the bravery of the Holy Spirit!

  158. Linda Smith says:

    My biggest struggle is fear!! It keeps me in a “so-called” comfortable life. I’m in!!

  159. I love that the Holy Spirit will embolden us! I live dependent on that fact, due to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The simplest things sometimes cause debilitating fear. Living an exciting life with 3 children requires dying daily to be sure. If I don’t depend on the Lord to just help me LEAVE THE HOUSE, I am in a heap-load of trouble! When I made the decision to trust in the Lord as a child, I really had no clue. ; ) As an adult, I have re-committed my life to Him, knowing full well what I’m in for. ; ) ( Or at least half of what I’m in for….) ; ) I can do all things through Christ who give me strength.

  160. Kim Fergerson says:

    I’m in! I NEED a physical and spiritual adventure!!! Complacency has me trapped.

  161. Ann Marie says:

    I’m definitely in! The LORD has been speaking to my heart to “have courage”. My life is too predictable & everyone around me knows it! I need a dream for my life but when I ask God for one, I “run & hide” because I know He’ll answer…. I’m afraid to hear His answer. Even as I write this, I realize I’m opening myself up to His unknown. Thank you for your encouragement in helping me take my next step. 🙂

  162. Darlene Abreu says:

    I am totally in!! I need to go bungee jumping with the Holy Spirit! I need the Holy Spirit to work with my fears and insecurities. For some time I have allowed the Holy Spirit to work with me in these areas when I received the calling to Worship God through Worship Ministry, but I feel that I have allowed HIM to work partially. There is still more I need to let go and haven’t allowed God to touch. I felt connected when you talked about the picture we’ve had in our heads and how we see ourselves doing what we think we can’t do. I have felt God calling me to not only worship and praise, but also Preach. The problem I have is that I always say that I am unqualified or unequipped to do that. I could picture myself preaching in front of many people and giving a powerful message but when I try to do it, I just can’t deliver the message properly or effectively or as powerful as it should be. So, I could definitely use this bundle so that God could equip me with His power and His bravery.

  163. My dream is to help women know that they are beautiful and help them realize that God sees them as beautiful!

  164. Rachel Cox says:

    Hi Lynne, I need the courage of the Holy Spirit every day. The dream he has been placing in my heart is to lead a project for the regeneration of a listed building in a rural community to be a community space. I know that God has put me in this place (as Chair person of the Traill Hall Community Trust) but I have no idea what I need to do and how to do this. I need to be brave and embrace this but feel so ill equipped. We need to raise over 1 million pounds which is a massive mountain but I know God has a plan. I just don’t know what it is so I am trusting in Him.

  165. Justine Newett says:

    I’m in Lynn!

    Thank you for this article, it’s exactly what I needed to hear today for encouragement! I’ve been praying for the last year or so for God to show me His plan for me. So many opportunities arise & I always freeze & feel like I have to wait for some “sign” from the Lord telling me “yes”, this is an assignment I want you to take. And honestly most of the time I end up missing out on opportunities. Big or small, there are so many ways God can use us, and if there’s no good reason why God wouldn’t want me to do something, I should try! So lately, I’ve been pondering leading a women’s small group. I’ve never “pictured’ myself doing something like this, I consider myself a little shy & on the quiet side, but yet I feel like this is something I’d really like to try. I love small groups & connecting with other people. So, I’m thinking I need to take your advice and grab the Lords hand & jump into this! What is there lose! Nothing! Only gaining more confidence to be brave in Gods plan for my walk! Thank you!

  166. Belinda Jividen says:

    I’m in…I’ve been taking piano lessons for 5 years & my dream is to play in church. We just recently lost our pianist & have someone who can play but she has other duties. Now I feel the need to pick up the pace but am not sure I’m ready…have to stay strong in the Holy Spirit.

  167. So true! I also think when we step out of our routines on faith, we really have to trust In God more than when we are just sticking to our daily life. I recently bought a new bike where my daughter can ride along. I spent time in prayer over this bike. It was a big decision and daily I have to trust in God’s plan for my life and the skills he put in me to stay safe and keep my child safe. God wants us to lean on him, even in our daily “work, home, work, home” life. We NEED him whether we know it or not.

  168. Michaela Mahue says:

    Bravery as I seek to begin a new career in EMS! Guidance and wisdoms as I take my licensing exam and apply for jobs.

  169. My dream is to go back to school and be a teacher, or work with youth and children, helping them like an outreach program. I have a full time job but I feel like this is not where I want to be forever, I feel like I should be doing something else, something different. And teaching, helping children, teenagers is what comes to mind. I just don’t know where or how to get there. I definitely need the Holy Spirit’s guidance and direction.

  170. I’m in, too. Dreaming of going to graduate school and keeping an open mind to the future!

  171. Nancy Mackel says:

    For quite awhile now, I have been wanting to retire, even though I’m only 61 years old. However, the work I do is very stressful and I have a lot of family issues that I need to attend to quite often. After talking for hours with my husband last weekend, I decided to take the plunge and just do it at the end of this year! I feel like a burden has been lifted from me and I know we can work it out!

  172. Hannah W. says:

    I’m in! Very, very recently I have been seeing so much on foster care. I’m a young (24 year old) single woman and don’t see how I could be used or considered to be a foster mom. The idea of it all absolutely, 120% scares the heck out of me!! I haven’t mentioned this to anyone because as I said before the idea and whisper is only a few days old. This would be something I definitely couldn’t do without God by my side!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh Hannah! What a beautiful heart! God – You can do anything with a heart that loves others. Blow Hannah away with the doors you will open for her to show this amazing love! Amen

  173. I’m in. I need the Holy Spirit’s guidance to do what is in my heart.

  174. I’m in. I would love these for my granddaughter.

  175. Karen Alexander says:

    I have a dream to hv my event management business. I already hv a name and I really want to see this passion fulfilled. I’m in. Thank u for this word of encouragement I hv been going thru alot emotionally over the past 3 months in this area and this week especially has been the most challenging. God bless you.

  176. My biggest dream in life is to adopt and also be a foster parent. It seems impossible some days, I’m not married, or really old enough or established in life to provide a stable environment for children.

    But in Isaiah 54:14 I learned: You will be firmly established in righteousness.You will stay far from oppression because you won’t fear, far from terror because it won’t come near you. I know God gives us dreams and desires for a reason, and right now I am in the season of preparation. I bravely wait for His perfect timing

  177. Thank you for the encouragement to step out in faith with God! God is so good. He knew exactly the words I needed to hear this morning. What a beautiful answer to my prayers.

  178. Jennifer Cranton says:

    I’m in! I have a dream to one day minister to women, and in doing this, the Lord would use the trials I have faced to help speak his heart to other women.

  179. Wanda Muckleroy says:

    I’m in! Thank you for sharing. This post truly touched my heart today. Our last child left for college this year and I am left with a lot of time on my hands. I have been feeling like my life is boring and without purpose. I know God has so much more for me. I’m ready!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      ME too, Wanda! (The last child leaving home part!)

      As you start praying and asking God to give you your first step – He will!

  180. Janice Wark says:

    I want to write books, both children and am desiring to write a women’s devotional and/inspirational book.
    I’m all in!
    Janice W.

  181. Lindsay McLevaine says:

    I’ve recently met two Burmese teenage girls, 14 and 15, who are Buddhist. They live in the neighborhood where our church is. I want so desperately to build a relationship with them and pour truth into their lives. When we were having our first conversation, one of them looked at me and said, “You are so happy.” I am happy because of CHRIST IN ME and I want that for these girls. It’s going to take a lot of bravery and a lot of prayer and a lot of assistance from the Spirit for these relationships to blossom and eventually become fruitful discipleship relationships. Especially because of the age difference…I’m 26! I knocked on their doors yesterday to see if I could take them to get ice cream but no luck. Praying for continued perseverance in reaching these girls! I must be brave.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Go Lindsay Go!!!! This is so exciting. Building relationship is the perfect way to start!

      Jesus, open doors for Lindsay that are nothing short of miraculous. Create in them a desire to discover her “happiness”. Draw them to Yourself, Oh Jesus! Amen

  182. Dawn Parks says:

    This is so awesome! I have been reading your emails for quite some time now and am always encouraged!! Would love to win this bundle!! God bless!!

  183. I have always had a dream to open up my own care housing center for people with down syndrome. I have worked taking care of some people who have downs and let me tell you they are so godly. Their pure love for everyone even strangers and their pure innocence made me realize hey that’s how I should be. They will forever change your perspective on life. They are full of joy; hope; and love.

  184. Barbara Hood says:

    I have said “YES” to be the Children’s Ministry/Sunday School Director. I am scared to death!! I don’t know how to do this, but it’s a God thing……I know I was supposed to say yes. Our church numbers are going down, we hardly have any children attend Sunday School. How do I become that Sunday School teacher that leads little hearts to God? How do I relate God’s stories so they become alive in children? How do I help the children become excited for Jesus? How do I get other people to volunteer to help? I’m not a teacher. I do love kids, they are my passion…..but I am not equipped for this job. Now God, what do I do?

  185. It is wonderful when I die to self and embrace the life of Christ to lead me into His paths to honor and glorify the Father. I am encouraged by this message and anticipate that God will do above what I ask or think. This is the adventure of a lifetime to live by His Spirit. I’m writing a book about transformation in a young girl’s life. Subconsciously, I must be writing about the change that I’ve experienced in my walk with the Lord. I am excited about the possibilities of God’s writing within my heart to reveal His will in all I do, say and write. I’m IN!

  186. Holy Spirit, make us brave to do Your work!

  187. Lynn,
    As always, I am so inspired by your words. I think it is so easy to just treat our relationship with God as a checklist of things we do to worship him. I always feel sad when I realize I am doing this because it reduces God to something so small in my life. So, I appreciate your reminder that God is always calling me on adventure when I look for my purpose and partner with Him in fulfilling His plan. May I be looking each place God puts me for the adventure he has for me!

  188. My dream is to be in the best shape of my life and do a triathlon for my 40th birthday next year.

  189. My life was boring until a few weeks ago when my I finally decided not to be a lukewarm Christian. I am so happy to realize life without God has not meaning 🙂

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Awesome, Grace!!

  190. Jennifer F. says:

    All my life I’ve said I’m going to write a novel some day. I’m going to attempt to be brave this November for National Novel Writing Month and get out the novel that is bubbling up inside me. 🙂

  191. I own a business that was a huge leap of faith to start! But there is another idea that I’ve had in the back of my mind for years and I’m just staring to explore making it happen. It would allow my husband and I to work together, but the most exciting part is to help others. I really want our processional life to support our ability to give back.

  192. Going through life changes this past year has inspired me to become more brave! I love the thought of becoming brave through the Holy Spirit and ask Him to guide me everyday to help others in the way God intends me to help them. What a blessing this package will be to whomever receives it! Thanks.

  193. TallulahJane says:

    I really want to get involved in fighting the major human traffickking issues that are making their way into the US. I had a family member almost become a victim due to this and her vulnerability. I need prayers on how to make a difference and make people aware that this is really a problem here not just in other countries.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Tallulahjane – check out A21 Campaign for ideas on how to get started. Begin with organizations that are already in place. They will help you so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, friend.

  194. The holy spirit has been speaking to me about doing a Bible study for our young women in our church. It is scary for me. Will they come? What is the right study? My pastor said pray about it. Let the Lord lead me to the right book. Pray and depend on the Lord to send the right women. Weather it is 2 or 20. The size is important but God knows who needs to be there. Let God build this Bible study. So I want the holy spirit to lead me on this. Your book looks like a great possibility. The holy spirit led. Get on Lynn’s blog and enter. So I’ve gotten on your blog. If this is what the holy spirit wants me to do I win. It would be amazing because I never win anything. It would be holy spirit ordained. My new adventure.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi Kathy – I am so excited for this prompting you are experiencing. You can find all kinds of free resources to help you get started on my website under “freebies”. Be sure to get the “His Revolutionary Love” leadership guide. The first half of it gives you step by step on how to start a Bible study.

  195. nancys1128 says:

    Wow! Today’s post really hit me. I can so relate to its every word. I need to brave in so many ways and situations that I can’t pinpoint just one. Some are relational in nature others are more “what am I here for” type things. Thanks for ministering to me through this post.

  196. I suffer from a serious and chronic heart condition. I’ve had one heart attack that almost killed, thankfully I was in a major medical center when it happened! This event has kept me at home afraid to venture out and be open to the possibilities. I’m so thankful I’ve found Proverbs 31Ministries !

  197. Stephanie says:

    I am considering home school my youngest daughter. It would be a huge leap of faith that I would be able to maneuver through the process.

  198. Kathy P. Smith says:

    I’m all in! I have been seeking the Lord for what all He wants for me. This year I stepped out to be an e-mail res ponder for the Billy Graham Ministry called Search for Jesus. I get e-mails from many people that are searching for answers to questions they feel they may not be able to ask anyone else. Some just need prayer. When I started I got some very hard questions to answer and didn’t feel like I could do this. I was afraid when I clicked on a question that I wouldn’t be able to answer. This ministry has caused me to dig for answers. It has helped my growth in the Lord. In the middle of all this my friend committed suicide and it was devastating, but because of what the Lord had me doing at the time, I had the resources to help me get through this time and made me more aware of people around me and how to encourage. I thank the Lord for stretching my faith to be involved in this ministry. I have passed answering 100 questions and I am not afraid to click on a question now. God gives me what to say as I seek Him.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Kathy – this is wonderful!!! I love this ministry and way to share HIS love!

  199. Thank you sweet woman of God! I have been aware of the leading of the HOly Spirit in my life over the last few months and I praying to let go and follow Him. My prayer is that I would love the Lord more deeply and be open the the leading of the Holy Spirit….thank you for the encouragement. I have 3 beautiful grand-daughters who are very young but not raised in a christian home. My daily prayer for all my loved ones is Jesus’ gift of salvation. My prayer is for these young ladies to know the true beauty and strength of our Lord as well.
    God is amazing!! God Bless…..In Christ Kathy

  200. I’m in! I want a brave adventure!

  201. The Lord has lifted me out of the miry clay and has set my feet upon a rock!… Dear Lord, you have made be brave show me what I am to do and make be bold. I want to praise you always!

  202. Danelle Wyckoff says:

    I’m in! Thank you for the word of encouragement to all of us. God bless you, your family, and your ministry.

  203. Lynn,
    I have a dream, a prayer, and a promise of my own ministry. The website link is for my Great News page which is what is slowly, by the grace of God, being turned into that ministry. A big part of this ministry is going to be public speaking. Going out and teaching the Word in person to groups of people everywhere. This isn’t something that makes me super comfortable. In fact when I was able to speak to the First Priority group at my school I would be shaking terribly but God helped me speak boldly anyway. There are steps that need to be taken that I am afraid to take, I’m afraid I’ll mess it all up, or fail miserably. I know this is my calling. I just don’t know how to take the next step to start being able to speak at places.

    Please pray with me if you would through this journey, and if you wouldn’t mind giving some tips as a person of ministry I would love to hear them:) I’M IN!! =D

    In Christ,

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi friend, I am so happy you are following the calling you sense for ministry. I highly recommend attending Proverbs 31 Ministries She Speaks Conference as well as becoming a part of the COMPEL Training program we have. These two are FILLED with coaching!

  204. Another great message for all of us – and especially for me! 🙂 This is what I am experiencing – an adventure with God’s guidance – with a new move in sight. My husband said this very word yesterday – adventure – as we are contemplating an exploring trip to another state!
    Being a Christian is anything but boring! If we are lead by the Spirit, He takes us through so many ‘daily adventures’, one can hardly believe them all!
    Just what I needed today!
    Thanks for hearing Him Lynn!
    May you be abundantly blessed!

  205. Would love to win and give this bundle to a struggling young lady I know. Thanks for the giveaway!

  206. Cathi Nichols says:

    My dream in life is to write Christian books – be it fiction or devotion – the problem my life is so “busy” that I feel like I don’t have time. I have many excuses and some are actually legitimate but when I actually have a moment where I am not working or trying to clean or spend time with my daughter my mind just shuts down. People say to me I don’t know how you do it and I’m like if you came to my house you would know that I do all my busy stuff and then shut down when I am done being busy and my house so loudly proclaims how lazy I can be. I really just need a kick in the pants to say stop the madness and stop being lazy.

  207. Shantelle says:

    My dream is to find myself and my purpose in life. I just need a little nudge in the right direction. Hopefully this bundle can help. 🙂 Thanks for an inspiring post!

  208. I’m in! I am still waiting for God to point me to whatever door I am supposed to open next, but I know I am on the cusp of transition. I want to be ready to take that step of faith when the opportunity comes!

  209. Although this isn’t a proud time in my life…after 5 plus years of back surgeries, treatments, and endless chronic pain…I have realized I am dependent on opiates and benzodiazapenes. Pain has changed me and I’ve lost myself. My brave moment is first realizing I have a problem and now the biggest step is yet to come…the bravery to leave my family for 4-6 weeks to seek treatment! I have turned all this over to God! I ask for prayers to help keep my brave face on because deep down I am scared out of my mind! ??

    1. God works good out of all things for those who love him. Romans 8:28. Hang on to this promise! I’m praying for you dear sister!

  210. Lynn,

    Thank you for your challenging and encouraging devo!

    You’ve inspired me and reminded me of my dreams to lead a young gal’s Bible study, pursue the calling into women’s ministry that God has been preparing me for, and to pray about (and act on) how to encourage my cousin who seems unsure of what she wants to do in life. She’s in her 20s and needs direction and purpose perhaps, and I’m not sure if she’s a believer. Anyway, I’m thankful to the Lord for you and what He’s stirring in my heart because of you! God bless you with the desires of His heart and yours!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yahooo, Jadie! I am so happy you want to start a Bible study for young women! Please check out my free resources on my website – just click on “freebies”. They go along with my books to help make it as easy as possible!

  211. Laura DeBrabander says:

    My dream is to sew blankets for children who are sick with cancer or any other disease. I am so grateful and blessed to have two beautiful, healthy children that God has given me with that I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to have a child with a life threatening disease and how hard that is for the parent and child. I like to get together with my sister in my spare time and sew but I’ve always wanted to do more with it. I’ve always dreamed of going to a hospital or working with a charitable group and giving a child a warm blanket where he/she can surround themselves in God’s love and hope. I always sew at my sister’s house because I am a beginner and she is intermediate but I know the more I did it would allow me to sew from my house and do it at night on my own time. I come up with the excuse like I don’t have any time and I’m so busy but I just need to start doing it.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Just one at a time, Laura! You don’t need to have a lot of blankets to get started. It is such a beautiful idea – especially with the holidays around the corner – such a hard time for people to be in the hospital.

  212. Tina Cheng says:

    I think God may be calling me to start writing a blog, but I’m scared, feel inadequate and don’t have a lot of time. I’m in 🙂

  213. I’m in! Thanks for the great devotional!

  214. I’m a chicken in just about everything…do I’M IN!

  215. Krystella Mari says:

    I’ve always had this part of me that likes helping people. In 2008, after my high school graduation, I went on to college with a major in Social Work. I studied for two whole years before the cost got to expensive for me. After coming to the Lord I learned that I want to be a Christian Therapist. In order for that to happen I need to get back into school. In 2013 I tried going back to college for Social Work when I was told I couldn’t get FAFSA at the community college because I owed a university money. In 2014 I attempted to go to school again and was turned away again. I can’t afford to go to school right now so I want to find another way to help people until I can afford it.

    I have this strong desire to help people younger than me. I have a desire that wants to give people who are younger than me the word of God. I have a desire that wants to see people happy and succeeding in life. I have a desire to listen to someone, give Godly counsel, and point someone to God. I have a strong desire to use my spiritual gift in different ways.

    I have this part of me that is telling me I can’t do it because of my depression, another part telling me I can’t because I don’t have a degree, and another part of me telling me that I don’t need a degree to help someone. I have many parts that are pulling me in the opposite direction. But I need to be concerned about one thing. What does God want me to do? He’s given me the gift of helps so how will I use it?

    So I figure, while I wait on God to answer and open doors, I will find another way to serve him and use my gift to help people around me. My main focus is on those younger than me.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi Krystella, you have the same heart as me – for young people! I started by simply asking a few high school girls to hang out with me each week. After school, we would talk about their day, eat snacks and learn God’s word together. This is why I wrote my three books – for young women.

      Start doing what you can, friend! Through church or an organization, find a few girls and show them Jesus!

  216. I’m in… There are things holding me back… most of my life I’ve had depression, anxiety, had thyroid cancer – thyroid taken out 2006… since then I’ve felt very tired, shaky at time, trouble with focus and concentration, overwhelmed at doing the littlest of things… have really negative self defeating thoughts… Will be trying a new thyroid medicine in a few weeks… I pray to God that I really hope that will help, and if not, that I will be able to find what will help me get and feel better… for so many years now I have been struggling to feel God in my life… I do have so much to be so grateful for… and I know that all the good things are because of God… I just wish I could feel better, and really be able to live my life again… feeling strong, focused, and confident on all levels… Thank you…

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi Jane – thank you for sharing! How hard things have been! You might really like to read my daughter’s posts on depression. Just go to the search bar and type in “depression”. They will come up!

      1. ~Thank you so much 🙂

  217. Nicole Allen says:

    I’m in ☺️

  218. carolyn rogers says:

    Thank you, Lynn! I’m just a tad risk averse, ahem. So, I need the Holy Spirit’s help in raising girls who are brave.

  219. Rebecca Sirevaag says:

    Your devotion fit exactly what God is doing in me right now. Isn’t he sweet like that?

  220. Adaris Pickett says:

    Thank you for your beautiful blog Lynn.:) I would love to win your book and share it with my young client’s at my Christian practice. I have a dream of working on my Ph.D. seeking wisdom and bravery. Please pick me. Blessings, Adaris

  221. I’m being led to start a Christian mom’s group on Facebook, recruit a couple other moms to help keep it going, and invite members to meet once/twice a month (sometimes with our kids) to develop friendships and support one another in marriage and parenting. I’m in!! 🙂

  222. I’m in! I’m looking forward to starting my freelance editing business in the new year, and I’m focusing primarily on Christian fiction. I need God to make me brave for that!

  223. To become a (single) foster parent.

  224. Elayne Thompson says:

    I’m in a brand new Season in my walk with the Lord & it is requiring me to face all my deepest fears and I just keep telling Him, “Lord, I’m pressing in…”. But rest assured, new level, new
    devil! And I have to fight every single day to overcome my insecurities and wanting to just quit. I know God placed me here, no doubt but it has been quite a struggle. But I’m “pressing in”. I’m learning more & more. I’m praying for new ways to trust Him! Release this crazy fear once and for all! I want to be BRAVE 24/7 & 7/24!! I also want to start (and feeling like the Lord is speaking to me) a group for PK Girls! I need all your Ministry tools! You & Madi have blessed me SO SO much these past few weeks!! Thank you! 🙂

  225. I’m in… not sure of what direction…. only God does! Thanks for a inspiring post.

  226. I’m in!

    This was my first time to read your work and I feel like you may be been watching me the past two weeks. You wrote just what I needed to hear just when I needed it. Thank you!

  227. Elaine Segstro says:

    I want to be on an adventure. My faith journey has been predictable.
    I’m in!

  228. I am in need of the Holy Spirit and much bravery. I think God is calling me to write a book!?!? Please pray for me!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord – give Tricia the power to start writing the book you are laying on her heart!

  229. I’m in. For years I have wanted the courage to pray with my husband, but fear has always held me back. I am obviously only depending on my own ability and not the power of the holy spirit. I loved this story comparing you sky dive experience to our connection with the Holy Spirit. Such a great visual and it encourages me to leap in faith.

  230. I have a dream of being a teacher! Happy to say I took the jump with God’s nudge. I left my corporate job, started school, and with a year left in school I am blessed t be working alongside an amazing teacher and mentor. I won’t lie, it scared me to make the jump but it has been an amazing blessing. I have more dreams (teach Sunday schoo, sing in the worship group). I’m praying about it! I ask that you pray that I feel the nudge and take the leap if that is our Lord’s desire. 🙂

  231. I keep praying for a new release in ministry for my husband and myself, along with our kids. I feel He has something far greater than we can imagine on the horizon but not sure what it looks like. In a very stale environment right now but feel like we are in a holding pattern as our oldest son finishes his senior year on the basketball team. We need a Holy Spirit Adventure!

  232. I would love to start an afternoon program for youth in our community – homework help, a step/dance team, and teach basic sewing skills, car care, guitar, etc.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I think this is so awesome, Kathy! I have applied to be a volunteer at a place like this. I hope they say “yes”!

  233. Jade Oxley says:

    Im 20 years old and a fulltime dancer training in melbourne and I’ve been having a feeling that God is calling me to move to canada and open a dance school over there. Ive been praying about it all week whether to stay here and continue training next year? or go! Thats such a long way from family and I don’t even know how to go about something so big like this! But when I was reading this I just had such a presence of God around me and a peace and I couldn’t stop crying and I’m still crying writing this! haha I just want to thankyou so much for your words of inspiration! and the reminder to trust God for bravery and empowerment in this scary/exciting adventure!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      How beautiful, Jade! I know He will give you clarity and direction as your heart is open to hear from Him!

  234. I’m in! 100% Both feet, head first, for whatever the Lord has in store for me. I don’t just have one dream I have many! I want to go on a missions trip to Uganda or Haiti, and spread the love and gospel of Christ, I want to start a refuge for sex trade survivors, I want to lead a small group with a big heart for the city we live in and be a light in the ever growing darkness. I want to do big things for God! But I am a Mama and a wife and an RN and these responsibilities can not be cast aside. So, what’s a gal to do? Pray for leading and guidance and do big things where I am in my journey right now.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Sonjia – Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give you one small step; something you can do now. Sometimes, we let all the things we have ideas and desires for hold us back from getting started. All you need right now is your one, next step.

  235. Wow! I am in. Just yesterday my husband was sharing with me some thoughts he was having about a possible idea that I thought was just ridiculously impossible. However we all know that with God anything is possible. Maybe I need to put aside my preconceived notions of how things should be done, be brave and allow God’s Spirit to do the work. I would love this awesome chance to have this bundle and step out in faith and be brave with whatever God puts my way.

  236. Theresa eatough says:

    I’m in. Enjoyed your devotion and site today. First time

  237. My husband and I recently volunteered to be high school youth group leaders at our church – something I never thought I would do in a million years, but I felt God’s calling when the need arose. I’m exciting to see how God will use me in the lives of these high schoolers and the girls in my small group. I’m in!

  238. I am going back to grad school to get a degree in Christian counseling. The Lord showed me that there is a great need in the body of Christ to help those believers who are hurting. I am going to have to exercise my faith as well as some effort and discipline since I have not been in school for a very long time. But I definitely need the power of the Holy Spirit to help me through this endeavor because this is an area which is totally foreign to me. I have no background in this field so there is nothing in my flesh that I can rely on. I thank God and praise Him for His faithfulness in providing what is necessary.

  239. I’m in….my prayers are for my son’s and their father to lead their families in God’s truth. That our Lord will empower them, transform them and use them for his honor and glory.

  240. I have always had the idea/ thoughts about fostering, but don’t feel I am quite there yet!

  241. Thanks for sharing this message. It spoke to me as I have been pondering why in this season of life I am not brave. I feel God calling me to write and I am not being brave/obedient. I feel unqualified and like who would want to hear what I have to say. Holy Spirit help me to be brave and accept what God is calling me to do.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Luz – I can guarantee you that the voice you are hearing that says, “who would want to hear what you have to say” is not the voice of Jesus. Don’t give those voices of discouragement any room in your mind and heart. Pour in God’s truth – He is giving you a message to share. Let Him worry about who He wants to hear it!

  242. Pamela =) says:

    I’m in! Thank you!

  243. 1 of my dreams that is always pushed back because it’s bigger than me and makes me feel like I am very unqualified and not knowing where to start…. is to grow in my craft of Poetry/Writing and Art, and hopefully grow with others as I start a non-profit org for at-risk youth. I’m still figuring out if I will narrow down at-risk youth to specific conditions, but I do have a heart of healing through the Arts for children/youth and ultimately that is what I long to see–them healed & set free to be confident in who they are and whose they are as they express themselves artistically.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh friend! How very beautiful!

  244. Suzanne-Jean Malenga says:

    My dream has been to write books and magazines, 1 christian and 1 professional. I have written a number on a number of topics for a book but I feel inadequate to take off. I know God wants me to do this but I have been putting it off for 7years now. Life has become boring because I’m stuck at this idea. I need to move.

  245. My husband and I have the dream to move to Oregon. He is disabled, so this dream requires me to find a new job, in a new state, with all the benefits I have at my current job. It is a risky proposition, but we have definitely felt God pulling us in that direction.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      What a gorgeous state, Teressa! We took our family spring break there and were stunned at God’s beauty!

  246. Writing my first ever book has been a challenge and at times I’m tempted to quit. It’s hard work, but I keep on writing despite my inexperience and blunders. Fortunately I have a group of four women who help critique my work each week. That group has educated me in how to write in a concise way. The Lord knows how to lead me onward into the adventure of finishing this story. I also have a dream of purchasing vacation property to be near my grandchildren who live 200 miles away. It seems daunting to have such a dream, but I am assured that the Lord will open the way for this realization. Life is an adventure when the Lord is our guide and person. Thanks for such encourage to continue to dream!

  247. We were ‘suppose’ to be done having kids after our second (born in February). But God is calling us to a third. I got that. but we’re now feeling the calling to adopt. And that I’m not so sure about. Me, with 4 (or more) kids…..but God is faithful and wonderful!

  248. I would love this for my granddaughter.

  249. I’m in….for me and my shy quiet anxious daughter

  250. I would like to write someday to encourage women in the Word.

  251. Kassandra says:

    I’m in with all the ladies above, but would just love to give this book to my prima (cousin) she is a sweet young girl who joins all these clubs at school. She definitely wants t do make a difference and impact for Christ.

  252. This talks to my heart, I have been asked to teach a woman’s Bible study, which I have never done! I am going to have to be extremely brave to do this! I’m 100% in! If this is what God wants me to do, then please pray for me to have bravery and go for it! Thank you so much for your blog, you are a blessing!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Dear Father, thank you so much for this opportunity opening for Rebecca. Please give her Your courage; Your confidence. May she learn, through this experience, to hear Your voice like never before! Amen

  253. I’m in!
    I’m super shy, quiet, anxious, depressed, and obsessive. However, I’m taking a leap of faith to THE HOLY LAND with my mom to discover more about God, and specfcally about Jesus’ life ???

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Rachael – I have heard a trip to the Holy Land is life changing! I pray it is all you are hoping for and more!

  254. Lisa Flegel says:

    I am in!! We all need to get brave, God is rounding up his warriors and pulling us together. I have seen more Christians speaking out than ever before! I want to live in the spirit with God in control and leading my path! I need to repent for some strongholds in my life and its hard. I know if I’m brave through Christ He will help me become who he wants me to be. I have spiritual gifts and God wants to use them to edify The Church but he won’t work through me unless I give in and let him take the lead. I’m scared and worried I will fail. I can only pray that I can be strong enough and BRAVE enough to give my ways up and let the Spirit lead. I want to be a spirit filled fruit bearing woman of God!

  255. Frances Quigley says:

    What terrific timing this is… I have been wondering n praying to be taught about the Holy Spirit. I don’t fully understand the role of the Holy Spirit and have been reading a lot on the subject. I really hope I win.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      How exciting, Frances! He is a great thing person to study!

  256. I am at a place in my life where I feel “stuck” by fear. I have lost the motivation I use to have. I look at myself and do not have the true confidence that allows me to dream anymore. I find myself doubting that my circumstance will change.
    Thank you for your post. My true desire is to be used by God to the best of my abilities. I know that I am not there, but want to continue to search Him to find my way back to all He is calling me to be.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jody, He can restore to our hearts what we have lost. It is never too late to dream and to follow what God has for us yet in this life. I have been reading Genesis and it has really encouraged me – it make take a long time – but God is faithful!

  257. Glenda campbell says:

    I’m not a young mother anymore. But I desire to always honor God in my relationships with my grown children. I an thankful for the devotions that are on the Internet and sometimes share then with others as they speak to me. And”I’m in”.

  258. Sharon Henry says:

    I have an unspoken request for bravery in my marriage. I’ve taken a few steps, but I need to hear the Holy Spirit speak and trust the next step. I thank God for where He has me, and I pray (and ask for prayers) to hear the call and leap forward! Thank you for this devotion:-)

  259. So many obligations in my life right now are keeping me from being able to do something I believe The Lord has placed on my heart… To begin a ladies Bible Study. Just had my 58th birthday this week so I’m not getting any younger! Lol! Please help me to pray that if this is truly from The Lord that He will help me to one day make it a reality.

  260. Melody Savoie says:

    I’m in!!! I’m a new mom of a beautiful almost 7 months old girl. This experience is undeniably the hardest thing of I’ve done! I’m actually living my childhood dream as a wife and stay at home mom, but sonetimes it gets predictable and mundane. Your devotional on Proverbs31 was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for your ministry!

  261. I’m in!! Thanks for the reminder that the Holy Spirit is about adventure. I love adventures! 🙂 this will help me change the way I pray. Many adventurous blessings to you!

  262. Since i was 13 i have been called to be a writer. i struggled with this calling as i feel i am not suited to write, i came from a broken abusive home. my father was married to my mother for 23 years and they had 6 children. he was controlling and angry . all he did was put us down and he made sure we would have no chance at doing anything unless he let us do it. we were home schooled English and math were my worst subjects. so when i was called to write i felt it was the wrong calling how could i someone so broken and unimportant have anything to say that would be of value? and my writing skills are not what a writer would need. thankfully it has been 12 years now. i am 25 married to a good man of god and a mother of 2. i see myself they way God sees me and i am far away from the man that was so damaging. i cant run from my heavenly father anymore i now run to him, i have come so far in my spiritual life and can see that anything is possible with God. this year i decided to take a leap and have given myself deadlines to start sharing my writing journey by starting a blog in January 2016 even if i fail i will try again. i am praying for God to work through me this is my leap of faith.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I am so excited for your leap, Karen! Go girl go!

  263. I’m older, a care giver to my husband for past 2 years. Yes my life is day to day just about the same. Often I feel so useless for anyone other than my husband. I know God has something very special for me. I’m excited with anticipation to see how and when my Heavenly Father will ignite my holy fire.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Joy – You are brave! You are doing the work – the work of being faithful and He sees you! Jesus, help Joy to see her life the way You see her life. Show her what she can do to rely on the Holy Spirit in new ways and begin to expect the impossible in her life in You!

  264. I’m in, I need that Holy Ghost bravery.

  265. I’m in!! These last few days God also has thought me to not be afraid, for He has huge and greater plan for my future. I’m 18 and I moved to a new city 2 months ago to continue my school in university. Recently I feel lonely, insecure, and afraid about things ahead since everything seems changed and I have to adapt and survive alone in this environment. I used to involve in youth and girls ministry in my old church, but now I have to find my community here and start everything from the beginning, which is not easy for me. I lost my vision, and I feel like I have nowhere to go…

    But when I read about this post, it convinces me more that God wants me to step forward according to His calling for my life. I always figured out what God’s calling in my life. But instead of trying to question it, God wants me to just fix my eyes on him and obey him..

  266. Alexius Imhoff says:

    I am in! I am ready for my adventure with God and the transformation he is doing in my life. I can’t wait to see where he will take me as I grow closer to him!

  267. Amanda Magyar says:

    As a youth director I would LOVE to have this bundle to share with the young ladies in my group! Thank you for your devotion this morning it was something I personally needed to hear! God Bless!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Keep investing, Amanda! Thank you so much for the work you are doing!

  268. I am always amazed by the difference of an intentional day walking in and led by the Holy Spirit, or a day just doing it without the Spirit’s empowerment – the dramatic level of power is a complete difference. Thankful that His Spirit brings power – thank you for the reminder. My bravery need is a daily empowerment to do the right thing as a wife and mom when my flesh wants me to do otherwise. My big bravery need is for the courage to do the ministry He is calling me to do when my insufficiency, doubt and lack seem like perfect reasons to not do it. But I’ve waited long enough. So my prayer is that deutomus (spelling?)) power, dynamite power that only His Spirit brings to make room in my life to do what He has called me to do and not make excuses anymore. Thanks Lynn!

  269. My husband & I founded a youth center more than 15 yrs ago that impacted thousands of teens. 6 yrs. ago we had to close down because there was no support from our community to keep it going. I do believe that God was giving us a time of rest. I feel our time of rest is over and it’s time to start again. But it’s scary to bring that huge dream back to life. My prayer is that we will do what God wants us to do and not be afraid to ask him.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lynn – I am so very glad God is resurrecting this dream in you! If He gives you an assignment, He will give you what you need to complete it!

  270. Kathy Easterday says:

    I’m in. I have the calling to help at the local Womens resource center to help young women with unwanted pregnancies. I would love these books to help these young ladies get in touch with the Lord and grow in their faith. I hope to be an inspiration to them in the life they are facing full of fear and the unknown and uncertainty. God bless you all. ?

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so much for the work you are doing, Kathy! You are making a difference!

  271. THANK YOU!!!! I have never looked at my ‘boring’ relationship from the perspective you presented. Thank you for presenting a different view AND a solution. I was ashamed to admit where my relationship with God is right now. I am so tired of living in the shame of the ruts I sometimes find myself in as it relates to me and God. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

  272. Liz Markley says:

    I lift up my 12 yr old daughter, Mela, who struggles with social anxiety and attachment disorder. What a beautiful gift from God she is to our family. Out of an orphanage in China at the age of 16 mos and into our lives entrusted by God to raise his child for him. So blessed yet so difficult to see such a amazing girl struggles with self esteem and fear of living. Dear God, I pray that you wrap your loving arms around this child of yours and keep her safe. Let her feel your presence and your embrace never let her go! Guide us as parents as to how to help her. We trust you’ve got this. Thank you God for all of these blessings and trials. In Jesus name I pray…..

  273. Margaret Kennett says:

    In the last year I have been through a divorce, taken on full custody of my great-nephew and was finally baptized! I said this was my year of yes! I have always wanted to go on a mission trip but am so afraid to leave the US. I may have a chance to go to Haiti and help children. I’m praying for the money and the courage to go. I think this would be amazing! I’m in!!

  274. Sharon C. says:

    I’m in! I have two things that I have had on my mind for a long time. I have a daughter, daughter-in-law and granddaughter We have never been close like I would love to be. I would love to be able to take a trip or retreat with all my girls and really get to be close to each other. The other thing I need to be brave about is I’ve always wanted to be able to swim. The only thing is I’m afraid of water. Knowing how to swim looks like so much fun. I’ve took several swim lessons and have had friends go with me that was afraid of water too. Some of them learned to swim but not me. It would take all of the Holy Spirit to give me enough courage to conquer this fear. I have always grew up having so many fears that I would ask the Holy Spirit to give me the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ to conquer this fears and rise above them. If I could do this I would truly enjoy life in all its wonder. Thanks.

  275. Stephanie says:

    So – I’m in! I was reading the encouragement for today and was led to check out the blog – which led to reviewing a sample of the journal and book (Revolutionary year). I so wish I had been exposed to a resource like this one in my formative years, and I would love to figure out a way to share this with my daughter (still only seven years old). The truth is – situations in adulthood can leave you shaken to the core – doubting all that you know or think you know. Had my faith foundation been stronger – I wonder would I have made the same mistakes. I am praying for God’s wisdom and guidance – and courage to step out – and be BRAVE where my life situation is concerned. I can’t continue where I am – and I am praying for God’s discernment and wisdom as I face these challenges.

    Thank you for the encouraging word and the resource materials!

  276. This message is very similar to the one at my church’s Beautiful You Night. I am believing God for using me to witness to young ladies in college. I would also like to use my past
    Career experience to academically coach college
    Students, since freshman retention is low at many colleges. College years are such a challenge for so many students.

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