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Sitting down to have my normal time with Jesus, I needed some “extra”. Life can be hard for us mamas. I wrote in my journal “Jesus, water me. Fill me up; I’m doing a lot of pouring!” That’s what mamas do…we pour.

 Sensing that my “normal” wasn’t going to cut it, I had the thought to listen to a sermon. I had already had three people tell me that I needed this sermon. It was the day to do it.

The preacher: Jentezen Franklin.

Title: Stacking Up Prayers for the Next Generation

Location: Elevation Church Code Orange Revival

Let me just say: I got filled.

 Be sure to listen for yourself!

 Pastor Franklin poured hope into this mom by reminding me that God listens to the prayers of a mom, not just for this generation, but for the ones to follow. Luke 1:50 reminds us “His mercy extends to those who fear him, from generation to generation.”

 I believe that you are a mom who fears him. You are a mom who wants to be a stepping stone for your child and not a stumbling block. You are a mom who wants her children to honor God because of your influence and not inspite of it.

Honoring God can be something that from this generation forward is is in our family’s genes; whether we are carrying it out or it is beginning with us.

 Don’t be discouraged, friend, if you have a prodigal or a child who is numb to God. God loves the prodigal. He hears your prayers. He sees you fasting. He is watching you living out truth in front of your family. He will not forget; he is faithful.



  1. I subscribe to your news everyday. I got a “Freebee” just now. “God hears my prayers for my prodigal…” This is one of those weeks where I just need filled, but I just seems to be giving like there is no tomorrow. I had a head cold all week and my 4 children and husband all seems to be on a different page, really…a different planet. I got a call from a crying child who had been left after a fight with one of the others and had to go get her. “that’s what a good mom does, right?” I burned my arm making breakfast for a kid who slept in until 10 on a school day off. “Why does the college have a different day off than the high school, so I the taxi-mom has no day off?” More day time cold medicine and get my paper done for this weekend’s due date. I saw Peeps in the store and rather than say, “It isn’t close to Easter, I said to myself I wont be getting a Valentine from anyone and there was only a box to show that the pre-Easter Peeps were purchased. (And this confession.)
    Yes, I need to know He is stacking up my prayers. He cares. He knows and has a plan for each of my children and even me.
    The mom with a bounty of blessings.

    1. Hang in there, Deena! I’m not sure when or how, but God will answer all of your service to “his”. May your weekend have some healing rest!

  2. We can NEVER hear this enough.

    1. Me either, Sheila! I need all the encouragement I can get in this thing called “mothering”.

  3. I say “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus… where do the time go. I am so thankful for being Mom with so many arms and GOD is continue to bless each of use. May everyone have a awesome time with GOD this weekend.’

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