The Gift of a Confidence

Each time I walked into the room I could feel it. This group of women were different. Yes; they were comfortable with each other. Yes; they seemed very accepting of each other. But…it was still more powerful than that. At lunch on one of the days of this three day conference, I mentioned how special the women of the Church of the Ephiphany were. That’s when I heard the secret, “No one at this church gossips.” That explained it all. Each woman who attended this conference knew that she was in a safe place and made that all the difference in the world. I truly saw that as they opened up to each other and prayed for each other on Saturday night.

It was a beautiful weekend in a beautiful place…

After returning from my weekend, I caught up with my friend Katheen. She and I are doing Lysa TerKeurst’s new study, “Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl“. Before we got started, I was telling her about the truly special women I had met while speaking at Camp Wabanna and how they refused to allow gossip to be part of their make-up. Guess what Lysa talked about when I turned the DVD on? Let’s just say that the chapter is called “Cross My Heart and Close My Mouth”!

Here is the part that is life transforming:

“One day Holly gave me a unique gift that made my hearat feel forever safe with her. Thought it wasn’t costly to her, it became priceless to me. It was more than just a commitment to me; it was a covenant promise she’d made to God. I can’t even express what peace this brought my heart.”

Wow…the power of the gift of a confidence. Gals, do we have that type of friend? Are we that type of friend? I know that this chapter sure got me thinking. I went to teach the women at the Church of the Epiphany, but in reality, they taught me.

Be that type of friend today!


PS If you want to see some of the crazy things I do when I speak at conferences, check out this video! Click here.

Lynn and the Big Swing! I learned to trust them too!



  1. My heart dropped when one of the cables holding your swing fell, until I realized that's what it was supposed to do! lol

    Wow… if all of our groups and churches could have this truth in our heart to NOT gossip, there's no telling where God will take us!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love these women. I was a guest to the retreat and I always felt included and comfortable. Trust never once crossed my mind. I guess it was just present. Thank you all for a very uplifting and reverent weekend.

    Lynn, I loved all the visuals and would like to use the broken vase/shining light one for a bible study. With your permission. Thank you. Cheryl Boyd

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