The Power of a Touch

As I spotted her coming down the airport escalator, I realized just how much I had missed my girl while on her missions trip to the Dream Center in Los Angeles. The Dream Center is a volunteer based organization that offers services and programs including residential rehabilitation programs for teens and adults, a shelter for victims of human trafficking, a transitional shelter for homeless families, mobile hunger relief and medical programs, and a foster care intervention outreach.

Seeing the brokenness of those on skid row broke Madi’s heart. Moving with her team to reach out to today’s “very least of these”, she said she heard one thing in her heart, “Touch them”. As she would bend down to pray for the homeless and hurting, she would simply lay her hand on them. “Touching them made them human and I saw that they were just like me. At the Dream Center, I saw each convict, each murderer was really just like me.”

Madi’s words cut me. As a mom, I often miss the power of touch. In a hurry to get supper on or move to the next commitment, I bypass the opportunity to hug or kiss. As a writer, I can hide behind this computer or pen, never physically touching those I hope to invest in.

Today, let’s look for that person who needs our physical touch. Like Madi, it might be a complete stranger who needs to know that someone cares. It might be your husband coming in from the long hot summer day wondering why he’s working so hard. Your child, your neighbor, your parent…who is Jesus nudging you to be His hug or kiss today.


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