Wednesday Wisdom Tip – Annoying You Again?


Barely able to get through her story, laughing and snorting, my girl relives the hilarious meeting she attended. Pushing Skittles into piles with their noses, races in the hall way with scooters; the tales went on and on… and so did her energy.

Exhausted from a summer day of running errands in the heat, I was so done with the day. The energy Madi had just seemed to drain out the energy I had left.  “Calm down” was all I said.

Squash! In one fail swoop I managed to smash her happy mood. Like a deflated balloon, the fun ended.

“Stop it; you’re annoying me.” Annoying. According to annoying means “irritatingly bothersome.” Irritating and bothersome by whose description? Mine? Yours?

The thing that I may think is annoying, another thinks is funny. What drives me  crazy may be the exact thing that draws a new friend for another. Maybe the problem isn’t theirs. Maybe the problem is in fact mine.

Proverbs says the person who is annoyed easily is the one who is really the fool. “Fools have short fuses and explode all too quickly; the prudent quietly shrug off insults” (Proverbs 12:16, The Message). The wise person, the person who really has it all together, is the one who let annoying comments go; the one who extends patience.

Show your love and maturity by ignoring the things you find annoying. If someone bugs you, let her alone. Allow her to be herself, especially if she’s young. You’re only a young girl once.

Jesus, I didn’t realize how often I cut down others with the word annoying. I’m done with this word. Help me to worry less about other’s actions and more about my own. Amen.

Pledge to remove the word annoying from your vocabulary today. I’m going to!




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  1. I love this! I know I have done this to my daughter too many times to count. After reading this I know it is something I WILL WORK ON! Thank you for sharing.

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