The Prescription Every Heart Needs

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My son, keep my words and store up my commands within you.” Proverbs 7:1 (NIV)


Constantly churning and aching, the pain in my girl’s stomach just wouldn’t go away. From the time she was small, she complained, but her doctor didn’t seem to have a permanent solution.


After too many years of discomfort, we sought another opinion. This doctor immediately pinpointed the problem: my daughter was eating foods her body was sensitive to. Foods those around her ate with no trouble, her body wouldn’t process correctly. What she was taking in and storing in her system was working against her instead of working for her. Based on the doctor’s prescription, she completely changed the foods and supplements she takes each day. She’s a new girl!


Like the supplements my daughter takes, today’s key verse instructs us to “store up” God’s commands within us. One of the meanings for the words “commands” in the original Hebrew language is “prescription”. My daughter needed a prescription; often we need one as well. Our hearts and minds have messages and thoughts stored in our system that are not working for us, but against us. We need God’s word as the prescription to be healed.


Here are just a few of His prescriptions:


For low self-worth: Take Psalm 45:11 “You are enthralling to me!” (Psalm 45:11).


For rejection:  “You are mine.” 2 times a day (Song of Solomon 6:3)


A messy life: “You are perfect to me.” At breakfast, lunch and dinner (Song of Solomon 5:2)


When we store up God’s commands within us, we can apply His prescription when our ailments appear. When we store up His Word in our mind and heart, we can access it quickly. He encourages us to not simply apply them like a quick ointment to a wound, but to “keep” his words. Cling to them and be secured by them.


I love the verse that follows our key verse, Proverbs 7:2, because therein lays the benefit to keeping His words and storing up His commands within us, “Keep my commands and you will live; guard my teachings as the apple of your eye.” He promises us that as we cling to and are secured by His word to us, we will live. We will enjoy life. He will make us alive; preserve, refresh and rebuild our soul. “Man gains life from God’s words. Life is completely related to the Word of God.” (Old Testament Lexical Aid Hebrew-Greek Bible)


Not only is God’s word a healer; it can also provide prevention for future ailments. His truth is our daily vitamin and supplement, a preventative measure against those things that come to attack our wellbeing.


Whether you need healing or preventive measures, be intentional today to take God’s word as your prescription and store it deep within your heart.


Dear Lord, I am making a choice today to take your prescription; giving my heart and body exactly what I need for my emotional and physical wellbeing today. Amen.


Do you have an ailment heavy on your heart today? I’d love to pray for you! Just share in comments below.



  1. Thank you for an uplifting post. I enjoyed my visit.
    Please pray for me as going through some tough times right now.Please pray for my work situation and that I will find a nice place to rent as my landaldy selling the house where I currently live.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Father, thank you for Linda. Thank you that you are beside her, strengthening her and giving her wisdom in her work situation. We believe you will lead her to a new place that is not just a nice place, but a true home. Thank you that you care for us so gently and tenderly. Thank you for loving us perfectly, Jesus. Amen

  2. God’s Word is often the antidote to what ails us, especially emotionally! So glad your daughter is feeling better.

  3. My heart is heavy for my marriage. I desperately want to connect with my husband and after almost 4 years of marriage we are so distant. I feel so weary at the thought of trying to repair the gaps. I feel burdened by the weight that I have piled on myself through these years by isolating. I continue to hold on to the pain and cannot find my way out. I pray and seek God yet I find myself more burdened and I do not know how to let go and just allow God to work. I feel like I need to do something and I must do something and that it is my fault. I covet your prayers as I see God for healing and try to find my voice to just begin with a conversation tonight with my husband.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, thank you for Shasta’s heart that wants to begin the healing process. Direct her to tools and people who can come along side her as she takes these difficult but much needed steps. Soften her husband’s heart to want to begin the repair work as well. God, you are a miracle working God. Shasta needs a miracle! Amen

      Shasta, Suzie Eller’s new book “The Unburdened Heart”…seems like exactly what you need!Unforgiveness is so very heavy. HE wants to set you free, friend!

  4. This was just what I needed today. I have been struggling with feeling unwanted by other believers. And had been praying for God to lead me to His Truth. Thank you for those Scriptures and the reminder that I need to spend more time focusing on His Word than on my perspectives.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh Sherry! Don’t you think rejection is one of the enemy’s most used tools? Pour His prescription over and over your heart!

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