Things are Not as They Appear



I wanted to “grow up” I told Greg a couple of years ago. My car was small. Actually, that word doesn’t do it justice. It was so tiny, my husband called it the Fred Flintstone car. Boxy and low to the ground, his 6’2″ frame looked ridiculous behind the wheel.  I wanted something totally different; a car that fit my outdoorsy self.

When I brought home my obnoxious-to-you but perfect-for-me yellow truck a few years ago, I had some adjusting to do. Much bigger, I had to learn to turn corners, park in decks and back up with more care. Fortunately, my truck came mounted with some exceptionally large side mirrors with this disclaimer clearly stated:

“Things Are Not As They Appear”

My heart and mind need the same disclaimer.

I need to see see on each person I encounter ‘Things are Not as They Appear”.

That woman that I choose to feel intimated by; she’s got it so together. Things are not as they appear.

The family I know where all is in order. Things are not as they appear. 

My life when it feels nothing is in order. Things are not as they appear.

Sometimes what appears from the outside is in fact another thing altogether.

Matthew 7:1 tells me, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Don’t judge others and don’t be so quick to judge myself.

Too often, I have no clue what is happening past the front door of my neighbor, just as you have no clue what is truly happening past mine.

My place is to look on others with love and grace while sincerely praying for what I don’t see or understand. Because all too often, things are not as they appear.

Our place is to extend mercy and loving kindness. Anything other than that is up to the One who doesn’t see all things as they appear, but all things as they truly are.




  1. So true! Going to use this devotional in my classes today! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Lynn! I often find myself wishing for another’s situation just from outside appearances. Thank you for reminding me that things are not how they appear; and I should embrace my own life.

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