Thursday Tip: He’ll Let You Know

Mandy has liked a guy since the beginning of this school year. They don’t hang out with the same group, have any classes together or lunch even, so there really hasn’t been much opportunity for them to talk. She has heard from some people he thinks she’s cool. For months, she’s been wondering what should she do?

A couple of weeks ago, they were both in car pool at the same time, in fact, they were both standing in the same group, but he still didn’t talk to her. Then, finally, they were in the same place at the same time – the basketball game. They spent the whole night talking and getting to know each other. Mandy was ecstatic. But, when the night ended, he never asked her for her number. The next day she asked me, “What should I do?” Her friends tell her she should get his number and text him.

Should she?

Based on my experienced: if a guy likes you he’ll let you know.

But what if he doesn’t? Shouldn’t I let him know? What if he’s just shy?”

I took a pile of girls to the mountains a few weeks ago. As I was busy making supper, their conversation drifted into the kitchen: “I always make the first move. Call him. Text him. Tell him I like him. It stinks. It always seems to blow up in my face. It is so embarrassing.” You know, I probably should have kept out of it, but I didn’t. I spoke up: “How’s that working for you?” “Not so good.” “Exactly”.

Here’s the deal: If he doesn’t come after you, one of two things is going on: he’s either just not that into you or he has issues with confidence and courage. Harsh, I know. But, really, why not learn from me? I always chased down, smothered the guy and it never, ever worked.

Here’s the advice I give to my girls: don’t put yourself in these situations; be true to yourself. Be honest with yourself. Have your own best interest in mind and give yourself some great advice: move on!

If he doesn’t like you, face it and move on. Stop stalking his Facebook page. Quit checking his tweets. Don’t Snapchat him or go out of your way to pass him in the hall. Planning to be at Starbuck’s at the same time isn’t cool either. These actions make you look desperate; I know. I did it! That is the opposite of the girl you are. You are not desperate. You are a girl who is madly loved! You are loved by the king of it all and you are loved perfectly and unconditionally. You don’t need a guy to notice you in order to feel valued. There is one who notices you so much the Bible says He knows how many hairs are on your head!

He loves you…and He’s let you know!



  1. Definitely do not be the one in pursuit – it always ends badly! God will work through any obstacles – be yourself & trust what God is working in you & wait on His timing – in all circumstances!

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