For Girls By Girls

HRL Chalk Board

The beautiful chalkboard artwork said it all!

The girls of Brazos Christian School had taken the “His Revolutionary Love” conference and made it their own! All over were their fingerprints from the decorations to the sessions I spoke on. This conference was for girls by girls!

The entire weekend we soaked in truth: because Jesus is crazy about us, He wants His best for us! From boys to best friends, we covered it all! And now we are more equipped than we were before to get His best!

Would you like to bring Revolutionary Love to your community? I’d love to spend a weekend investing in the girls and moms in your community! For more information, just click on my “speaking” page then contact me at [email protected]. Let’s get your community on my fall schedule! (Just in time for my new book release too!)

Be sure to check out my spring schedule to! I’d love to meet you and your girl in Minnesota or Washington!




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