Thursday Teen Tip: Wanted

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“I just want a boy to like me.” As I sit around my kitchen table with my small group of high school girls, I think how crazy it is that some things never change.


To be wanted. It’s what we all want. Whether you’re a girl wanting a date with the guy in math class or me wishing for an invitation to lunch with the work ladies, each one of us wants to be wanted. We want to know we matter; want to be chosen.


This need to be wanted is a good thing. It doesn’t mean we’re incredibly needy; it means we’re normal. I believe God created us with this desire for two reasons:


God created me to want to be wanted so I would want a relationship with Him!


God created each one of us for the sake of love. He has so much love to share. He wants a relationship with us that has value because it is chosen. He chose us; now we’ve chosen Him.


God created me to want to be wanted so I would want another!


He created us with the desire to have a boyfriend and then a husband one day. Our hearts were made for friendships and family too.


Here’s where this all gets a bit tricky: we easily get them out of order! Whether we want our first love, to be loved in our marriage or wanting to experience love again, when we go after looking for the one before we fall in love with the One, we can get ourselves in a world of trouble.


God didn’t intend for people to fill our hearts with love. In fact, they can’t even if they want to! God didn’t equip us as humans with what it takes to do a job this big. He never wants another to take His place!


Luke 10:27 says: “He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” See the order? Love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind. Then comes the neighbor part; the crush, the fiancé, the hubby.


It’s like that crazy thing that happens when you bring a new child home. As a mom, I thought, “I could never love another like I love this child.” But God amazingly gives us more. When child #2 comes, your heart expands, and you have more love than you had before.


When we keep God’s order in order, loving Him with all we have first, our love expands, multiplies even, and we have more love to give to others, including a guy.


When we get out of God’s order, our love source diminishes. We try to love others, but because our love gap hasn’t already been filled, we can run out of love. We begin looking to others instead of overflowing on others.


Get filled first. Spill over after!


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