To Post or Not to Post


The doing.

That is what makes this girl’s heart soar. Oh, I enjoy reading the Bible, talking about the Bible, praying and spending time with those who love Him too.

But the doing … that is what sets me on fire. I want to get in there and do the things Jesus did. Care for the widows and orphans. Share the gospel with those who have never heard. See the poor and take action to alleviate their pain.

Be a difference maker.

While those are all good things, it is what happens in my mind, my heart … and eventually, in my actions, that concerns me.

What about when no one sees the things I am doing? Isn’t it important to share all this work so that others are inspired to do the same? Shouldn’t I share it?

To answer my question, I look to Jesus. I look at how He handled Himself.

At that moment, that miraculous place in time, when Jesus took His first resurrected breath, who witnessed it?

Who was there? Who saw this momentous feat? The greatest work ever performed? 

There was no crowd; not even His closest friends present.

The witness was the Father. The Father was the eye witness and the only set of eyes that mattered. The Trinity had a purpose for this; they always do. The telling would happen naturally, requiring faith as one by one, those who loved Him most would share: He is alive! Organically, the overwhelming response would outpour, but it wouldn’t all happen on that one morning.

At the most important moment in history, it was simply the three of them.

To have its full effect, this miracle didn’t have to have promotion or publicity. No public announcement in a public forum. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit followed the plan they had created since the beginning of time. Their purpose would come to past, without a single post. This was the confidence they carried.

Do you ever struggle with this dilemma? To post or not to post? 

I do.

When God does something amazing or I participate in a work that is world changing, my first thought is: I need to post this. It is as if I believe that unless my camera captures the moment, it’s not creating the impact it could.

I wonder about the wonder I miss as the lens becomes the eyes that I see the work through.

To post or not to post? I think I need to ask the question: to trust or not to trust?

Do I trust God, that He has the power to promote Himself, His way? Yes, He might prompt me to post, and share with others. But what if He doesn’t? Does it still count? Does it, do I, still matter, if no one knows?

Can I, will I, focus on being the servant He has called me to be and leave the promotion to Him?

I know we can, friend. We can fully enter into whatever good work He has given us to do, to be the difference makers He has called us to be, and trust that as we do, He is more than capable of getting the word out to give Himself the glory.

We can be confident to not have the spotlight on us because we have the Light in us.

The resurrection is our guarantee.

Oh, Jesus. Sometimes in the good works I do, Your glory isn’t my only motivation. Sometimes the motivation is my own. Change me. Empower me, Holy Spirit, to get out of the spotlight, so only You are. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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